This is Halloween: Moore Style

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Halloween this year was so fun!
I truly believe that just about everything is 10 times more fun with a child.
Especially holidays!
Oaklyn isn't even quite old enough to understand what is going on yet, she just stares and observes and takes it all in. So, I can only imagine how much more fun it will be in years to come!
I'm so excited to carry on traditions our little family has started and have Oaklyn get all excited every year for them!
It has definitely been hard to do everything we've wanted with Hunter in school full time, working, and on intramural sports teams but we managed to do lots of fun things leading up to Halloween and on Halloween that we'll never forget.

Though Provo isn't my absolute favorite place, it is totally growing on me!
There are seriously SO many family friendly activities for every occasion you could think of and we've had such a blast experiencing them together.
Hunter's future possible career would mean we would have to live in Utah, and that thought is slowly growing on me... (more on that later though)

This year I made all of our costumes!
I was SO proud of myself and really loved how they turned out!
We were the Flinstones and I put a little modest spin on all of them and just loved having a family themed costume.
Not to mention, I only had to do a sock bun in my hair... easiest prep ever!
I may or may not already be thinking about next year's costume ;)
This year Hunter and I did a little fall cleaning while Oaklyn took her morning nap while listening to Christmas music... HA!
When Oaklyn woke up we made our way to a local pumpkin patch and took some pictures and played around
We had already gotten a pumpkin from the grocery store earlier that week but we had some fun just playing around the patch!
After that we went to downtown Provo to find a cute little Halloween fair with pumpkin decorating, trick or treating around the stores, and other little craft booths. So cute! I'm so excited to bring Oaks there next year when she actually cares ha.
As we were walking back I saw a guy in a scary costume walk by a church.
Suddenly he disappeared.
We walked past the building and I turned my head to see if I could figure out where he went.
I look in the window and he's standing right there staring at us with the creepiest mask.
I got so scared!
After a little while we made our way home and Oaklyn went down for another nap while I got ready for our trunk or treat.
I got so excited when Hunter and I put out costumes on!
Our little Pebbles woke up and we went to our trunk or treat to have some candy, chili, talk to friends, and ride in the train!
I also got to try out a hover board and I want one for Christmas now!
We finished the night with Little Caesars pizza and football.

This post turned out a whole lot longer than I intended, oops!
But one more thing before posting all the pictures which I'm sure is all most of you will really look at anyways ;)
Halloween was never a favorite holiday of mine.
I'm not a fan of spooky and creepy and it was always just a blah holiday giving boys excuses to be scary and girls excuses to be... uh I mean wear less clothes ;)
Well it dawned on me this year that I want my children to look forward to holidays as a time to be with family and do their favorite traditions all together no matter what the holiday.
So, I'm going to try my best to make any and every holiday fun for our family so that my kids want to be with us instead of having them out and about worrying me while they are away.
I have a few ideas up my sleeve but I would love to hear more suggestions!

What are your favorite Halloween traditions?

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