The Ninth Month

Monday, November 23, 2015

We have a nine month old baby. How did this happen?
Time is seriously flying!
My little girl definitely isn't so little anymore and it's equally so exciting watching her learn and grow as it is completely breaking my heart.
I've been wanting to go back to her newborn days more and more lately.
I wish I would have taken more pictures and videos and really lived in the moment when she was such a tiny squishy thing.
I was always in such a rush and trying to speed up her growth.
Most of that was out of excitement but a little part of it was out of selfishness... Her independence meant more freedom for me.
Now that she doesn't need me quite as much (but still a whole lot!) it's hard for me to believe I ever wished away her newborn days.
This month was a little tougher than the last because she was quite a bit more fussy and ya know... mobile! But so much fun and nonetheless, amazing :)

What is little miss Oaklyn up to these days?
The better question is, what isn't she up to? And in to...

Oaklyn is a good little crawler these days! She's figured out that she can go fast or slow and just about anywhere she wants! She takes frequent breaks to stop and smell the roses, but she sure is mobile!
She learned how to stand up when holding on to things! It can be a little frustrating on both ends but has caused some serious excitement and laughter as well! She gets such a big smile when she stands up and realizes she did it. Strong little one.
Speaking of standing up, she's got us all figured out. For a while she would just lay in her crib and cry til we came in to feed her. Now she stands up and yells at the door. If we don't come fast enough she throws her pacifiers at the door! Haha she's so crazy! Almost every morning I come in to her room to see her standing up with her long hairs completely covering her eyes and her paci's all over the floor!
She is eating WAY more foods that aren't pureed! She loves corn and olives. She also loves pasta and veggie straws! She's not so sure about scrambled eggs and could definitely do without green beans.
She loves trash much more than her toys. Give her a wrapper or piece of paper and she'll be entertained for a long time! 
She figured out how to transport her toys to the next place she wants to go and it kills me! She sticks the toy in her mouth and crawls to her destination. She then sits down, takes it out, and continues to play. She is so much like a puppy.
Speaking of animals, she definitely thinks she's a dinosaur of some sort... She makes tiny dino noises all day every day and can open her mouth wider than I can! She also growls... a cross between a grizzly bear and a baby raptor...
In her mind, hair brushes are for eating. Not getting tangles out.
She got a big girl high chair because the smartie pants figured out how to get out of her bumbo.
Sippy cups are toys at this point but we're working on it!
She says dada pretty clear and very often but she has also now said mama a few times! She gets it confused with nah nah quite a bit but at least I exist to her now ;)
She's much too busy for pictures lately and will not sit still. 
Cords are her toy of choice. Of course it's always my laptop or pump cord so we are constantly taking them away from her. She is never very pleased about that... So she figured out how to throw a nice big baby tantrum.
She's not a huge fan of the cold but she got some super cute clothes out of the colder weather!
She's obsessed with boys. She has more boyfriends than I can count! They're all married and I think she'll be devastated when she finds out ;) 
Her little tooth is the cutest and funniest looking thing ever. She has no clue what to do with it and feels it with her tongue non stop. According to the pediatrician she has four more coming on the top! What?! I guess there's an explanation for the fussiness...
This kid has been sick more times than I can count and it's driving me nuts! Friends, if you or your children are sick please stay away! We've lost much more sleep than we've needed to because Oaks has caught your colds!
Bath time is suddenly even more fun now that she can sit! And of course tries to stand ha.
She's still in size three diapers and is really thinning out!
I swear we keep Gerber in business because the girl could live off of puffs still. 
She understands how to dance and jump and it is the cutest thing in the world!
I would say she's more of a mama's girl but she definitely loves her dada too.
She's our little BFF and we love her more than we knew we could!
We feel so lucky to be able to call this spunky little girl ours :)

As for this mama, I'm loving motherhood more and more!
I'm still pumping and decided I will continue to until I'm completely dry. My supply has taken a huge dive and we are now supplementing but as long as I have some left, I'm going to continue pumping, why not?
Motherhood has been the craziest and most amazing journey and I'm so thankful I get to experience it with my Oaklyn girl.
She has quite the little personality and I'm constantly looking at her in amazement. I still can't believe that I made her.
I'm hoping her sassy little self will make the next one seem like a breeze haha!
I seriously cannot believe there is only three months until her first birthday!
Here's to the ninth month and many many Moore! :)

All my love,
Aleigh Joy

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