The Moores in Real Life: Why Me?

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

My Monday last week was comedic.
Like, something straight out of a movie that you can't stop laughing at because man, that character has some bad luck!
Only this time I was the character, and I was not laughing.
Most of my posts I try ot keep on the happier side but guys, there was nothing happy about this! 
Ha, enjoy my ridiculous Monday ;)

I had possibly the hardest time falling asleep the night before.
 I think I may have fallen asleep sometime around 2:30am after plotting ways to terrorize our insane upstairs neighbor that can't seem to get a clue that we can hear her every move. 
Even at 2am.
After getting SO close to standing on our bed and banging on the ceiling to let her know that I was at this point, furious, there was finally silence.
Ahhh sweet silence.

Around 5am Oaklyn started screaming.
Of course.
I fed her, unwillingly, but I fed her.

I crawled back in bed and fell asleep so fast only to be woken up by our neighbor. Again. At 6:30 am.
What on earth are you doing?
She continued to stomp around for about an hour.
I fall back asleep.
I hear Oaklyn screaming.
Look at phone, it's 8am.
Here we go, happy Monday!

I bring Oaklyn in bed with me in hopes that maybe, just maybe she'll actually snuggle.
HA! Just the opposite. She starts scratching my face, crawling all over me, trying to fly off the bed, etc...

Okay fine let's go eat breakfast.
Oaklyn grabs her bowl of oatmeal while I had walked over to the fridge and dumps the whole bowl on herself. Perfect.
I grab my baby caked in Oatmeal and grab a bottle from the fridge. I close the door and it snags my big toe.
It hurt SO bad I fell to the floor crying, with Oaklyn in my arms.
I look down and there was already a pool of blood on the floor.
Oaklyn is now crying and smells like poop.

I go change her and get ready to put her down for a nap with a bloody toe that is killing me.
I put her in her crib after she had practically rubbed her eyes off.
"Oh good, she must be exhausted!"
I walk out the door. Cue screams.

She finally falls asleep and I just lay on my bed.
"It's only 11am. Is the day over yet?"
I get ready for the day and try to fit in some blogging work.
Oaklyn wakes up at 11:45...
"You have got to be kidding me!"
She wouldn't stop crying so I go in to see if she's still hungry only to hear stomping from above.
Of course, our neighbor woke her up.
She wouldn't go back down so I gave up and take her to the kitchen.
She was fussing over EVERYTHING and I just wanted to curl up and sleep.

I set Oaklyn near some toys and text my mom, "Sometimes I really wish we lived closer to you."
She of course let me know she would've taken Oaks in a heartbeat and I just wanted to buy a plane ticket right then and there.

The rest of the day was filled with me tripping over the stroller in the grocery store parking lot, a whole lot of crying from Oaklyn, a swollen toe, a bloody nose for Oaklyn, a big stain of baby food on my white shirt, and a HUGE sigh of relief when Hunter came home.

Days like last Monday make me want to wish these young married, young parenting, condo living days away.
Thank goodness the rest of the week was much better and I was able to remember that this life I'm living is in fact much more joyful than that one Monday was.
Some days are the worst, some days aren't anything to remember, but most days I really do feel so blessed to be alive.
So even though this post was not my happiest, let's all get a laugh out of my "real life" Monday.

All my love,
Aleigh Joy

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