Why I Always Keep My Freezer Stocked

Friday, June 30, 2017
This post was sponsored by Tai Pei as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

I absolutely love cooking up a big meal and I always have.
For as long as I can remember, I've enjoyed making up my own recipes and trying out new ingredients in the kitchen.
However, there are two instances where cooking just isn't in the cards for me.
Usually when it's hot outside, aka all summer, I really struggle cooking. 
Does anyone like standing in a hot kitchen in the dead of summer?
Didn't think so...
The other times are when I have something important going on that I need to take care of.
You never know when something will come up and cooking is just the last thing you have time for.
Sometimes it's a family emergency, a crying baby, sickness, helping a friend, the list goes on and on!
During those moments, I love being able to reach in the freezer and grab a convenient and great tasting meal.

Many of you know, we had one of those moments where something was just far more important this week.
My sweet Oaklyn had to get eye surgery and I knew I wanted to be able to spend as much undistracted time with her as possible before and after.
The day before her surgery I figured I would give her a fun summer day since after surgery she wouldn't be able to do many of her favorite activities.
I wanted so badly to get out the door quickly and have her spend as much time at the splash pad as possible but the thought of preparing lunch was stressing me out.
I just wanted to be with her instead of slaving over a hot stove.
Thanks to Tai Pei, our freezer was stocked and I was able to spend much needed time with her instead of preparing and making my own lunch

One of my favorite meals to stay stocked up on are the all-new Tai Pei single serve line of Asian inspired frozen entrees.
These meals are made with real, quality ingredients. None of the bad stuff, just pure and delicious goodness.
Hunter recently had the General Tso's Spicy Chicken, and I had Beef and Broccoli.
We both absolutely loved them and Oaklyn decided to snag a few bites herself ;)
Those are just two of their great tasting entrees, but we can't wait to try all of them!
One thing Hunter kept saying is how much he loved the chicken in his.
We're both pretty picky about meat in frozen meals, and this one exceeded his expectations.
That's because all entrees are made with real, pure ingredients, and no preservatives or artificial ingredients.
Beef and Broccoli is one of my all time favorite Asian dishes and Tai Pei hit the nail on the head with this one.
I loved that each entree features infused rice for great flavor.
I love a good tasting rice!
The coolest part about these entrees was the new packaging that makes Tai Pei quick and simple to prepare in just minutes in the microwave.
Seriously all I did was remove the plastic seal, popped it in the microwave with the lid on, and ta-da! It was done!
Not sure where to find Tai Pei entrees?
It's easy! Just click here to use their store locator and find the closest store that carries it.
You can also click here for a coupon so you can save $1.00 on ONE (1) Tai Pei® Entrée (7.9 oz. or larger) or Appetizer.

I have been so thankful to have my freezer stocked as Oaklyn is recovering from surgery.
It is making my life so much easier during meal times because I get to give her the much needed attention she deserves.
When is a time you could really use Tai Pei entrees?

All my love,
Aleigh Joy


Things You Should Never Say To A Pregnant Lady

Monday, June 26, 2017

Oh pregnancy, it's the best of times and the worst of times haha.
The swelling, the heartburn, the clothes that don't fit... it's all worth it to grow and bring new life into the world, but man is it challenging at times.
Just about every day I look at Hunter and say something along the lines of how done I am with being pregnant.
My pregnancy with Oaklyn had its ups and downs but mainly was a breeze, this time has just been harder all around.
The funny thing is, pregnant women are already going through so many emotional and physical changes, yet people still have the nerve to say some really well... dumb things. To put it politely ;)
I've decided to compile a list of all these rather annoying remarks to maybe shed some light on the topic, because really, just think before you speak people! 

"You must be due any day now!"
Okay people, just don't bring up a due date you know nothing about unless you are asking when someone is due. And when they tell you, just say something kind like "oh how fun!" When a 7 month along pregnant lady is walking through the grocery store, the last thing they want to hear is that they look like they are going to pop at any minute. It's a long process and every single body grows differently. Just let the body do its thing. Commenting on weight during pregnancy is a danger zone at all times. 

Just wait... 
Okay, ANY form of just wait comment is actually the worst. Just because something may have been harder for you does not mean it will be for the pregnant lady and even if it will be, they surely don't want to hear about it! "Just wait til the baby comes, you'll never sleep!" "Just wait until you have two to chase around, then you'll know how hard it is!" Just wait until you are in your third trimester, it's so much worse!" "Just wait until you're in labor, you'll be wishing you never got pregnant!" You guys, I'm not kidding I've had all of these said to me and I just wanna pull my hair out. It's just not kind to talk to someone like they are naive in the first place, but let's not freak out other moms either. Just let them be them and you do you.

You must want a *insert opposite gender here* so bad!
We're having our second girl. And guess what?? We are SO excited! This second baby being a girl could not be better for us. With Hunter still in school for a few more months, it is such a blessing that we can just reuse everything we had from Oaklyn. Also, it is so much fun having girls and Hunter is actually happy with having two girls! When someone is pregnant with another one of the same gender, it is actually possible that they are happy about it. And if they aren't it's probably best not to bring it up unless they do first...

Don't let your hands do the talking...
Some people could care less that random strangers come up and touch their belly... but most find it really really odd. I know I do. "Oh, is she kicking??" Uhm no, and even if she was I don't know you... It's just best to move along and keep your hands in your pockets people.

Opinions on labor choices
Here's the deal, we have several different choices and options when it comes to labor nowadays. There is no "right" way and that is a-okay. If you bring up labor, just keep your opinions to yourself. Your natural birth may have gone really awesome, but some just aren't about that. Your epidural may have been heaven sent, but some women just don't want one. Either way is just fine.

Asking baby's name
Okay, while it's not a bad thing to ask if they have a name picked out, don't pry if they don't want to talk about it. And if they do feel okay offering the name, you may not like it... but don't show it or say it. Our daughter has a "different" name, but we absolutely love it. I hated telling people her name because the reactions were all over the place. If the only names you like are the ones you named your children, it's best just not to ask this question...

Okay, that about covers it for now haha.
I'm sure I can think of more, but we'll leave it at that ;)
Pregnancy hormones are no joke, so let's just not mess with them.

Since pregnancy is such a difficult time for a lot of women it's always a plus to feel comfortable in your clothes.
I have been living in dresses and looser fitting clothes in general and PinkBlush Maternity has been heaven sent!
If you're pregnant and searching for something comfortable to wear, there is an amazing selection of cute maternity clothes on their website. 
I'm obsessed with this black lace up maternity shift dress because it is sooo comfortable and trendy!
I also will be able to wear it after the baby comes and that is always a plus in my book.
You are bound to find something you love from PinkBlush!

All my love,
Aleigh Joy

*Thank you to PinkBlush Maternity for sponsoring this post!


God Gave Us Families

Sunday, June 25, 2017

When we moved into this little apartment, I had the itch to just start from scratch in the home decor department.
The walls here are white, like I've always wanted, and I felt like it gave me a clean slate to decorate how I've always wanted to.
It has been so fun working on different DIY projects and getting rid of decor that never really was my style, but fit with where we were living. 
I'll be sharing a few of those projects here and there as I finish them, but today I'm so beyond excited to share my personal favorite piece of new decor.

We had two open walls that I didn't have anything for. 
I stared at them for about a month just trying to figure out what I wanted to do.
One thing that kept coming to mind for the front room wall was an oversized print of The Family: A Proclamation To The World. 
I kept coming back to that idea so I began searching for prints on Etsy.
My search took me to Sincerely Us Shop where I literally fell in love with everything I saw. 
Seriously you guys, I want every single thing in their shop!
When I came across their canvas prints of The Proclamation, The Living Christ, and The Articles of Faith I about died because I loved them so much!
It was exactly what my front wall was missing.
I was blown away by the quality and just how gorgeous they are in person.
I mean that grey washed wood, the twine to hang them, and the cutest fonts... yeah they're amazing!
I can't wait to have a place with even bigger walls soon enough because I can only imagine how amazing they'll look!

On top of the fact that these signs are gorgeous and every single one of you needs them... I also absolutely love the reminder they give to my family each day.
Today Hunter said "I love those signs, every day it reminds me that family is the most important thing in life."
I couldn't agree more.
They are the first thing I see when I come in the door, the last thing I see when I walk out, and everything I want to teach Oaklyn and baby C.
The Proclamation gives so much guidance in such a short message. 
Family helps us to progress and develop and each family member is placed together for a reason.
It makes me think of the primary song and the line "God gave us families, to help us become what he wants us to be."
I couldn't agree more.
I know that my family is shaping me into everything I need to be.
The Proclamation is just a simple reminder of how God designed families and how following the design He has for families can bless our lives.
I'm so thankful for my own family and that I have these three pieces hanging on my wall as constant reminders of what we believe, love, and cherish.

So seriously guys, your wall is totally missing these... just trust me ;)
Click here to purchase them for yourself!

All my love,
Aleigh Joy

DIY Coconut Oil Face Mask

Sunday, June 18, 2017
This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #CreateWithOil #CollectiveBias

I've been using coconut oil for a while now in my cooking. 
I love the benefits of using it as well as the taste!
Coconut Oil is the freshest take on cooking! That’s because coconut oil is one of the most versatile cooking oils, perfect for sautéing, drizzling and even pan frying!
A few of my favorite dishes to use it in are stir fry, roasted sweet potato, and pan seared chicken.
I've tried a few different brands but have definitely loved LouAna Coconut Oil the best!
LouAna was born in Opelousas, Louisiana in 1820, a place where the food is an elemental expression of love, flavor, and family. 
With over 14 different types of cooking oil, LouAna has the perfect oil for all of your cooking needs.
Whether its sautéing, deep frying or baking, LouAna helps every type of cook put the best dish on the table each and every time.
So, If you’re looking for a mildly delicious coconut taste and aroma, then LouAna Unrefined Coconut Oil is perfect!

Not only do I love cooking with coconut oil, but I absolutely love using it for beauty benefits!
There are several different ways to use it for beauty purposes, but my favorite way I have found so far is to make a mask/cleanser out of it!
This mask is incredibly easy and has many benefits for your skin. 

So, what are those benefits you ask?
Here ya go!

1) Gets Rid of Acne: Baking soda and coconut oil scrub will help you easily fight acne without using harsh products from the drugstore. The antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties of the two miracle ingredients together help treat the cause as well as reduce symptoms of acne and other breakouts. It also helps balance the skin’s pH which in turn will help prevent reoccurring breakouts.

2) SOFT skin! Using this mask/cleanser will gently wash away the rough outer layer of skin on your face revealing fresh and soft new skin. In turn, you'll notice your skin has a healthy glow to it.

3) Acts as GOOD oil: This acts as an absorbing agent to control excess oil. Controlled oil on your face decreases breakouts! 

It also helps even your skin tone, get rid of blackheads, get rid of dark spots, can help with sunburns, and can even be used in your hair to remove product build up on your scalp! 
Seriously, soo many benefits!

So, how do you make this miracle mask?
It's incredibly easy!

What you'll need:
-A medium bowl
-LouAna Liquid coconut oil
-Baking Soda
-Container to store in

-Add 1 tbsp of coconut oil to medium bowl
-Add 1 tsp baking soda to bowl
-Stir until evenly mixed and white in color
-Massage about a tsp (more or less) of mixture in circular motions on your skin for 5-10 minutes focusing on trouble areas
-Rinse off with cold water and pat your face dry with a towel

Can you believe that is it?
It is so easy and so insanely good for your face!
But what do you do with all the leftover since you only use about a tsp each time??
I like to store mine in an air tight container so I can easily access it for each use!
I got my container at a craft store and I'm sure you can find one similar several other places.
I then used my vinyl cutter to make a little blue label for the front. 
I wrote on the words "scrub a dub dub" in hopes to keep my husband from throwing it away ;)
Since it looks like milky water, it's best to be safe haha.
I just attached that to the jar and had myself a cute little way to store my mask!

I highly suggest using LouAna Liquid Coconut oil for best results because LouAna is always the start of something good!
I purchased mine at My local Kroger Banner Store where they had several in stock and it was easy to find.
To easily find where you can purchase LouAna Coconut Oil click here!

Now tell me, what are your favorite uses for LouAna Coconut Oil??
You can also click here to save $1.00 on any LouAna Coconut Oil purchase!

All my love,
Aleigh Joy


An Afternoon at SeaWorld, San Diego!

Friday, June 16, 2017
This post is in partnership with SeaWorld San Diego. All opinions are mine alone. 

I had been talking about taking a trip back home for a bit because I wanted one last fun trip with both grandparents for Oaklyn before she becomes a big sister. 
When Hunter finally agreed to the idea and said he would try to get work off, I got so excited and started planning fun things to do!
We decided to take one of the days we were there to visit SeaWorld San Diego.
Growing up in San Diego, I never really took advantage of all it had to offer.
I went to SeaWorld on a field trip when I was a lot younger and again with family when I was still pretty young.
So, while this trip was definitely for Oaklyn... I was just as excited to go to SeaWorld for myself ;)

Most amusement parks are kind of out of the question for us right now because I'm in my third trimester of pregnancy and Oaklyn is just a few inches shy of riding most rides. 
From what I had remembered, SeaWorld seemed like the perfect place for our family at this stage of life.
Boy was I right!
Me, Hunter, Oaklyn, and Hunter's mom all went and that is a very wide range of ages... yet we all had lots of fun!
There was something entertaining and fun for all of us and Oaklyn got to see animals she had never seen before.

When we entered the park we honestly had no idea where to go, haha.
We had a map but just kind of decided to aimlessly explore and stop at the attractions that appealed to us.
The first thing we found was the Dolphin Encounter.
Other than Oaklyn's major meltdown (ohhh toddlers) I thought it was so cool!
You can see the dolphins above water doing all their fun tricks and below water by the glass!
I think dolphins just look so friendly and fun.
They always appear to be smiling and I just love that.
There was also someone over the loudspeaker explaining facts and details about dolphins I didn't know.
I loved that it was fun and educational for all ages. 

After that we tried to map out where we went based off show times.
The first show we saw was Sea Lions Live and it was the cutest thing ever!
I was so impressed with how well they were trained for the show and how clever the script was.
Oaklyn was fascinated by these animals she had never seen before and us adults were cracking up at the hilarious jokes.
That was by far my favorite show and my top recommendation for anyone who visits Seaworld.
We had planned on doing two other shows but ended up just going to the dolphin show and it was awesome!
One thing we all loved is how they personally introduced each dolphin and said how many children they had haha.
I also loved the fun and playful interactions between the trainers and dolphins.
I loved the upbeat and positive vibe of the show.
The dolphins did so many cool tricks and Oaklyn sat pretty still through the whole thing which I would say is a win!
Hunter said he now wants to be a dolphin trainer haha ;)

Okay, let's talk about the other things you can see while at SeaWorld...
There are so many different areas dedicated to specific animals. 
We loved seeing the penguins, sting rays, dolphins, and there are so many others!
This is a perfect teaching moment with little ones to help make the trip a little educational too.
There are always plaques with info on all the animals so I was learning quite a bit as well.
I love how happy all the animals look and how playful they all were!

Now let's talk rides...
Hunter loves rides and I may even love them more than him haha.
Clearly I wasn't able to go on any rides but Hunter had a blast on the two he went on!
He rode Manta and Journey to Atlantis and absolutely loved both!
He rode Journey to Atlantis twice because the line was super short and he thought it was so much fun.
It is a coaster and a water ride combined together. 
You get a little wet going down a big drop and then do the roller coaster part. 
Manta is a roller coaster that soars dives and twists just as a sting ray would.
Oaklyn discovered a new found love for rides this trip to San Diego and kept asking to go on them at SeaWorld.
They have two places for your littles to ride some rides...
The first place is Sesame Street Bay of Play with so many fun things for your toddler to do.
They also just opened a new area called Ocean Explorer and we spent a good chunk of time there letting oaks go on the rides.
She LOVED them!
They were the perfect size and speed for her and it was so fun watching her smile through each ride.

We had such a great afternoon at SeaWorld San Diego and can't wait to go back again!
I can't believe we'll have a second kid the next time we go!
Overall, SeaWorld gets two thumbs up from our family because we loved that there was something for everyone!
What is your favorite thing to do there?

All my love,
Aleigh Joy

It's Time To Think About Dad With Jord Watches

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Hunter has been excited to become a father for as long as I've known him.
Back in our high school days we dreamed of having 10 kids running around our house.
Then we had one... Ha!
Even though our ideas of how many kids we are wanting have changed, Hunter's love for being a father hasn't.
Oaklyn will do the littlest things and Hunter can't stop talking about how perfect she is and how much he loves being her dad.
I never doubted whether or not he'd be a "good" dad, but I will say he has exceeded my expectations!

The day Oaklyn was born, I saw a new side of Hunter and it made me fall in love with him even more than I already had.
I wish you all could've seen his face the first time he laid eyes on her, it was like he had fallen in love all over again.
He was so natural holding her and taking care of her right from the start and even during the sleepless nights, he loved her more than she'll ever understand.
As Oaklyn gets older it is so fun for me to see their relationship.
She is the bossiest little girl with her daddy, but she also has the most special bond with him. 
She follows him around everywhere and is in full blown tears when he has to leave for work. 
Hunter cherishes every bit of time he gets to spend with her and loves looking back on memories.
It is beyond cute to see him get emotional about his little girl.
Since being a father is one of his biggest passions in life, I've been thinking about how I can make Father's Day special for him this year.
I want him to know how much we appreciate and value all he does as a father.

Thanks to Jord Wood Watches, I think we found the perfect gift!
Hunter was so excited to pick out his favorite watch and put some serious thought into which one he should get. 
He ended up picking a men's watch from the Dover series in Olive and Acacia.
When the package arrived, we liked it even better in person than online!
It really is such a unique watch and Jord has made it possible to engrave a personalized message or saying into the watch as well!
We engraved "Forever Moore" into the inside of Hunter's wedding ring and love it!
I think it's an awesome idea to engrave a message into a Jord watch as well.

We gave Hunter his watch early so I could let you all know about this awesome Father's Day gift idea ahead of time, but it was just as special doing it early.
It was so fun for me to watch Oaklyn bring her daddy his Father's Day gift.
She kept oohing and ahhing over it and was so sweet to Hunter.
I always love pictures of the two of them together because it captures how much they love each other.
This is the first Father's Day that Oaklyn understands a little better so it was so fun having her be involved in the gift giving.

This Father's day gift was a huge hit and I know it will be with the father in your life too!
There are so many stylish options that can be dressed up or down and the option to customize it with engraving!
I love how on Jord's website it says: " The value of a watch is not in being able to tell how much time has passed, but in being aware of the need to make that time count. Moments are bigger than minutes and your watch should tell more than time."
So, it's "time" to think about dad, and give him a gift that he'll really love!
Jord Wood Watches are perfect for dad's everywhere!
Because we've loved Hunter's new watch so much I've teamed up with them for a giveaway!
The winner will receive a $100 gift card to Jord!
Click Here to enter the giveaway!

I hope you all will love this company as much as we do!

All my love,
Aleigh Joy

Luxury Wooden Watch

Thank you to Jord for sponsoring this post!

Preparing for Baby C With Dreft Purtouch!

Thursday, June 1, 2017
Thank you to Dreft for sponsoring this post!

When I was pregnant with Oaklyn, I had a list of a million things to do before she came. My whole pregnancy I was preparing for her arrival and making sure we were set for the big day she entered into the world. This time around, I have felt so much more relaxed about the preparation side of things because we already have everything we need for baby girl! It has been so nice to just take out all the things we already have so they can be used for our second little girl. However, I stumbled across the list I made for Oaklyn's arrival the other day and saw "wash all baby clothes." I remember so vividly doing a few loads of laundry with just little baby clothes and getting so excited as I folded them. Right after finding that list I pulled out the boxes of baby clothes and sorted them into piles based off size. Next up, to wash them!

When it came to picking a detergent for washing all the baby clothes, the choice was simple. I went with Dreft purtouch for several different reasons. Dreft is already known as the #1 pediatrician recommended baby detergent brand but they recently came out with the new Dreft purtouch formula which is 65% plant based, hypoallergenic, and made with naturally-derived ingredients so it is gentle on baby's skin. Oaklyn and I both have sensitive skin so I don't want to take a chance with this little girl! Dirt, excess dyes, and processing chemicals can linger on baby's clothes so pre-washing can help protect your new little bundle's skin. Nine out of ten dermatologists recommend making sure to wash baby's clothes before using them. 

Washing baby C's clothes and hanging them up makes her coming feel so much more real! Since she is getting mostly hand-me-downs of baby products, it feels so fun to do something to prepare for her. I can't believe how itty bitty the newborn clothes are and it made me remember how sensitive fresh, little babies are. That's why I'm making sure to use the #1 pediatrician recommended detergent.

The bottle is also 100% recyclable! I love that Dreft is creating another option for parents who are seeking products with natural based ingredients!

Do you love Dreft purtouch as much as we do??

All my love,
Aleigh Joy