The Perfect Christmas Card + Our 2016 Family Photos

Friday, December 16, 2016
We take pictures of our little family often, but about once a year we actually get all dolled up with coordinating outfits and have a photographer take our photos rather than using a tripod ;)
Since living in Utah, our good friend Kiely has taken them and I love them all!
Kiely started her business not too long ago but it's super easy to tell she should've started a while ago!
She has such an eye for capturing perfect moments that you will want to remember years later.
Oaklyn was a complete stink this year while taking our family photos and Kiely still managed to capture pictures I love!
I remember getting in the car and thinking, "there has to be at least one I'll like... hopefully."
Turns out there were so many "favorites" I couldn't even decide which ones to put on here!
But here are a few that will definitely be framed :)
Check out more of Kiely's work (and her new little baby!!!) on her instagram and book a session with her by going to her website!

 Just had to include this one haha!

 We also love that family photos mean updated pictures of hunter and I!

When it came time to pick out a Christmas card, I knew it would have to fit a ton of our family photos since I seriously couldn't just choose one!
I've always made my own card because it's so fun for me to design... but as my days just get busier I realized it was time to let someone else do the work for me ;)
The choice of which company to choose was so easy for me!
I've always loved every card I've seen from Tiny Prints!
Their designs are always the cutest and there are so many options it's insane!

You can customize just about anything over at Tiny Prints and it made sending my Christmas cards this year an absolute breeze!
Seriously, with everything I already have going on, just thinking about addressing envelopes stressed me out.
I couldn't believe how easy the process was getting my cards from Tiny Prints.
I found my favorite card from their digital catalog within a matter of minutes.
It stood out to me the most and I knew it would be perfect with the color scheme of our photos this year.
Some of my other favorites included gold foil and glitter! 
I loved that this card had a ton of space to fit all of my photos I loved and the tri fold gave it so much dimension and personality. 

We have gotten so many compliments on this card, but all credit goes to Tiny Prints for making it a breeze on me!

We also opted to have all addresses and return addresses printed on the envelope which saved me SO much time!
Not only that, but we even got personalized stamps!
You guys, how awesome is that?
We chose these stamps and they turned out sooo cute!
Our order came so quickly and I was able to get our cards out in record time! 

Seriously, I cannot say enough good things about Tiny Prints.
We will definitely be using them in years to come and I just can't wait to design another card :)
If you still need to order you have til Sunday to get THIRTY percent off your entire order with the code HOLLYJOLLY so RUN, don't walk ;)

All my love,
Aleigh Joy


Holiday Gift Guide For The Man In Your Life!

Monday, December 12, 2016
Does anyone else struggle shopping for their husband every year??
Hunter is actually fairly easy because he's pretty low maintenance, but he can never think of anything he actually wants and it drives me crazy! haha!
He never needs clothes because he works for BYU football and gets everything he needs from them.
He also isn't home much with school and work, so fun at home gadgets wouldn't do much good just yet.
I usually just end up getting a few things so there's something under the tree for him haha.
I'm hoping this gift guide helps some of you out that are in the same boat as me!

Just as the women's gift guide, I'll be sharing small shop products first and at the bottom include shoppable links for your convenience!
Every brand on this list is tried and true :)

1) Thread Wallets: Thread Wallets are the slimmest wallets around. They are able to hold all of your cards and cash without taking up a ton of room in your pocket and they are safe! I remember watching a video where they took one on a rollercoaster and it didn't budge. I love all their designs and the convenience of these wallets. 

2) JoTotes Camera Bag: Yes, this was on my women's list as well... but their backpacks are totally gender neutral! Hunter takes all my blog photos for me and feels totally comfortable lugging around this bag. It's stylish but not too feminine and helps the photographer in your family carry all their equipment. 

3) An Arvo Watch: You've heard me rave about Arvo time and time again but seriously, these are our absolute favorite! hunter has the all black one and I just love how it looks on him. He's tried the brown band as well and liked it! There's so many options for these watches and your lover will be thanking you endlessly!

4) Kortni Jeane Men's bottoms: YES Kortni Jeane really does have men's suits! How cool is that?? She even has prints that match her mini and regular sized suits so the whole fam can match! These bottoms are stylish and comfortable and you are guaranteed to love them!

5) Dazi Tie: I bought Hunter a ton of ties while he was on his mission and I regret every purchase because all he really wears now are his Dazi ties! We absolutely love these ties. They are slim but not too skinny and look awesome on everyone. They have prints no one else does and every one of them is designed to please. Seriously, these are our favorite!

6) Blenders Eyewear: Hunter complains about the sun being in his eyes often and I'm always wondering why he doesn't just wear sunglasses! Now that he has a pair of these, he finally does ;) We love these sunglasses! They have so many styles and designs and are awesome quality!

And now on to a few shoppable links!
I hope this helped you find a few things for the man in your life!

All my love,
Aleigh Joy


Holiday Gift Guide For the Woman In Your Life!

Every single year, my husband and mom ask me what I want for Christmas and I can't think of anything!
I don't know why it's so hard for me, but I truly can't think of anything I really need or desperately want.
Then I end up asking for things I really don't even love because I can't think of anything I love. Anyone else?
While I think it must be a piece of cake shopping for a woman, my husband says otherwise... ha!
So ladies, I've put together a big 'ol list of things you are going to love to have waiting for you under the tree this year!
The first section is my picks from small shops and at the bottom are a few clickable things from larger retail stores :)
Happy Shopping, and Merry Christmas!

Alright, let's start off with those small shops! I can assure you, that I love every single one of these shops and will be a continuing customer with them! I have tried all their products several times and love them! You can be assured you're getting a quality gift if you pick from any of these shops :)

1) JoTotes Camera Bag: Jo Totes has the cutest camera bags of all time! I have a backpack version for all my equipment and a smaller brown bag that fits my camera body and smaller lens. Also doubles as a super cute purse ;)

2) Chatbooks custom book or giftcard: If you haven't heard of Chatbooks... you're missing out! They take your instagram, facebook, or camera roll photos and turn them into a soft or hard cover book! Get this gift for the memory keeper in your family or the mom that doesn't want to forget a thing!

3) Truly Kustom Hand Stamped Jewelry: Have I ever mentioned how much I love Hand Stamped Jewelry?? It is so personal and always has a story/meaning behind it. Your girlfriend, mom, fiance, wife, or sister would love this gift! Cover all your bases ;) Truly Kustom makes the best of the best!

4) Pine Design Beanies: It's kinda freezing in Utah currently... I seriously need something to keep my head warm but everything is so itchy! These beanies however are not! I was so excited to find that they are super comfortable and cute! Comes in mini sizes too ;)

5) Arvo Watch: I could go on and on about Arvo but I'll keep it short... I loveee this company! Between the awesome new designs they keep releasing to the fact that you can interchange the bands as often as you want... you need one of these in your life! Hunter and I wear ours all.the.time.

6) Coco and Kiwi Diaper Bag/Travel Bag: Coco and Kiwi makes super cute and high quality bags that I can't get enough of! I have two different ones and have nothing bad to say about either! They carry everything I need, hold up great, and are super cute! The mama with young kids in your life needs this! Or, use it as a travel bag!

7) Rad Swim Suit or Gift Card: I'm obsessed with Rad Swim! I have been from the very beginning and just can't get enough of their cute suits! I have quite a few from them and can't stop the addiction! They are all modest and cute and make me feel comfortable in my skin! Also comes in mini sizes ;)

8) Kiki Lu Designs Diaper Bag/Travel Bag: I would recommend this bag to anybody! It is not only super cute but also amazingly well made and super functional! There is literally a pocket for everything! Also has the convenience of a backpack or messenger style. Mine hasn't left my side since I got it! This would be great for hands free traveling with the backpack feature!

9) Wuko Gals Dress or Gift Card: Obsessed doesn't even begin to cover it with these dresses! I absolutely love every dress I have from them. The fit is perfect and flatters every body type. There are so many fun styles and colors to choose from there's no way you can go wrong. The quality is the best and is a purchase that is seriously worth it!

10) Kortni Jeane Swimmer or Gift Card: The designs of Kortni suits are so cute it's insane! The high waisted bottoms and peplum tops will never go out of style! People wait in super long lines to get their hands on these at warehouse sales (hi, I was one of them!) and once you try them, you'll know why! So well made with prints no one else has! Guaranteed to love these suits! Also comes in mini sizes!

11) Ruthie Grace Clothes or Gift Card: Ruthie Grace is one of the cutest boutiques out there! They are always so up to date with trends and carry styles I don't see in other boutiques. The clothes are always top quality and they have such an awesome selection. I can always find at least 10 things I have to have on their site! You really can't go wrong here ;)

12) Dainty Jewells Dress or Gift Card: Another favorite dress company! This is where you will find all your timeless classics. Every time I scroll through their website, I want to get all dressed up and head out with my love. Their dresses are so unique and fit all different shapes and sizes of bodies. There are soo many cute options and variations! Comes in kid sizes too!

Seriously guys, I wouldn't recommend these shops if I didn't love every single one of them! Your wife, girlfriend, mom, and any other women in your life are guaranteed to love them too!

Here's a few more shoppable links if you're still wanting ideas!

All my love,
Aleigh Joy


Tasty Tuesday: My Favorite Crockpot Meal

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

I'd like to start off by saying, pardon my absence!
I've kind of been in a blogging rut lately.
Bloggers block is a thing right? Like writers block?
Also, I'm doing the 12 days of giveaways over on instagram and it's pretty time consuming ha!
But, I couldn't let Tuesday go by without posting a recipe!
This is actually on oldie but definitely a goodie.
I LOVE these seasoning packets!
I'm sure they are wonderful for the grill... but they are so perfect to use in the crockpot.
There are so many different flavor options and they are on sale so often!
Even when they aren't on sale, they're still super cheap!
Switch up the meats and veggies you put in and the possibilities are endless.
I've done smoky applewood with shredded pork, Brown Sugar Bourbon with little steaks, Island wood fire grill with pork chops, Baja Citrus with chicken... seriously there are so many ways to use these handy things.

This time I'm going to show you what I did with the Zesty herb packet (my favorite one), russet potatoes, and green beans.
No matter which packet I use, I do the same thing, just with different veggies and meats to keep it interesting ;)


1) 1 packet of McCormick Grill Mates Seasoning
2) Your choice of meat (this time I did 5 frozen chicken tenders. I also add in 3-4 breasts and guesstimate other meats.)
3) Veggies of your choice (I did the frozen green beans from costco and added potatoes as a starch because I LOVE potatoes in the crockpot!)
4) Water
5) Vegetable, canola, or olive oil


1) Place your meat in first, then layer whatever veggies or starch you want on top. Only add the veggies at this step if they are frozen. When using fresh add at like the last hour or so on top.

2) Mix together seasoning packet, about 1/4 cup oil, then fill the rest to the 1 cup line with water.
(make sure to mix it good, I also add a shake or two of salt and pepper)

3) Pour mixture evenly over the top of everything in crockpot

5) Cook on high for at least 4 hours or low for 5-6. I like letting it go a little longer so the flavors really soak into everything. I stir it a few times periodically while it's cooking so nothing burns on the sides and it all has it's turn to soak in the seasoning. Yum!
And that's all! 
Seriously... it's that easy!
Serve it up and enjoy!
I realize that's not the most flattering photo but... just trust me on this, the stuff is yummy!

All my love,
Aleigh Joy