A Family Movie Afternoon In

Tuesday, December 29, 2015
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We've been loving our time in San Diego with Family and Friends!
We've enjoyed plenty of time talking and playing games, but this afternoon we decided to spend our afternoon snuggled up on the couches watching a great family movie with a wonderful message.
We watched the new release movie at WalMart, War Room, and enjoyed the family time spent together. 
We also very much enjoyed the simple and yummy treats that only took about 5 minutes to prepare!

Hunter has a very close knit family. 
We have a group text constantly going to tell each other everything new that is happening in our lives so we all are up to date.
We enjoy sharing pictures and stories but we also understand that the power of prayer is real and ask each other to pray when we need it.
I love that we are always there for each other in those moments and I also love that we all celebrate with one another when our prayers have been answered.

War Room is all about the power of prayer and how it can change our lives if we let it.
It had such a wonderful message and has really helped me understand that I need to be more prayerful in my everyday life.
The hustle and bustle of life can easily get hectic and doesn't leave much room for alone time.
I loved that this movie showed that if we make time, there will be time to spend communicating and pleading with our Father in Heaven.
We need to have a personal relationship with Him.
One thing that I have decided on after watching this movie is that I need to spend more time alone to have personal scripture study and to talk to my Heavenly Father.
As a young wife and mother that also does all the cooking, cleaning, shopping, and works from home... this can sound like just another task to add to my to-do list.
That is where I want to change. 
My New Year's Resolution for the year of 2016 is to strengthen my relationship with Heavenly Father through daily prayer and scripture study.
I'm so happy that we watched this movie, it really did remind me how important and empowering prayer is.

While watching the movie we enjoyed a super yummy and simple treat.
A salty and sweet combo made with Orville Redenbacher popcorn, Peanut M&M’S® chocolate candies, pretzels, and a chocolate drizzle.
We also enjoyed sipping on Coca-Cola's Sprite throughout the movie.
All of these products were easily found at my local Wal-Mart.

To make the Movie Mix here is a printable recipe:

We really enjoyed this new release movie at WalMart and I know all of you will too!
Use this free printable to make your own pop corn holders and #MakeItAMovieNight with your friends or family!
Now is the perfect time to have a Movie night because you can take advantage of the VUDO offer by following these simple steps:

-Buy all 4 participating products in one transaction at Walmart between 12/22/15 and 2/2/16
-Snap a picture of your receipt and visit uploadreceipt.com/movienight to submit your receipt by 2/9/16 
-Get a $10 Vudu movie code* by email
 *While supplies last. Limit 1 per person.

Make sure to come back and let me know what your favorite part of the movie was once you've watched it!

All my love,
Aleigh Joy


Couples Cookie Exchange 2015

Wednesday, December 16, 2015
This post is gonna be short cause I really should go to bed...
Who am I kidding? My posts are never short.
Here's to trying!

We had a super fun Christmas party with our friends last weekend!
I've seriously been dreaming up this party since we got married and we finally made it happen!
I really loved the idea of doing a cookie exchange because I looked forward to my mom coming home from cookie exchanges every year.
She would bring home a giant plate of all kinds of cookies and we would get to taste them all!
It's usually a "girl's only" type of event, but I wanted it to be a couples thing!
So, I planned some games, thought up the menu, and got to planning.
We hardly spent anything because our home was already decorated for Christmas.
I just threw in a few more pretty touches, bought some food, set up a photo booth, and of course got some paper goods.

I set up a pasta bar because it was easy to feed a big group and, who doesn't like pasta?
We visited and chatted with each other, laughed at Oaklyn, took home plates of delicious homemade cookies, and played minute to win it games!
The games were hilarious and it was shocking how good some of the couples were at the games!
I wish I would've taken a picture of Hunter scooting a cookie down his face, Audrey and Josh stacking ornaments on a yard stick, me and brooke trying to get a pom pom to stick to our vaseline covered noses, Jordyn and Cody putting ornaments between their lips and trying to hang them between chairs, and Chels sucking up marshmallows with a straw!
Seriously, they were so fun!
I didn't want to be "that host" just taking pictures the whole time so we all just lived in the moment but here's the few I did get :)
This party is definitely going to be an annual thing from here on out!

All my love,
Aleigh Joy

A few couples had to leave before pictures were taken but here's some of us!

And the invite! Sorry guys, I didn't want you all to see our address but that was in the blacked out middle ;)


Tree Decorating Tips and Tricks

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Merry Christmas everybody!
I'm guilty of having my tree up since the middle of November... but hey, that's still later than last year!
We like to put up our decor early so we can get the most out of it since we will be heading home to our parent's houses for Christmas!
Also, it's just extra fun and I can't wait much longer than mid November ;)

I've seen quite a few trees in my time and not to be a tree snob or anything but... I just cringe at tinsel and want to take down all those random ornaments that you got in the Bahamas!
While I'm no pro, like not even a little bit, I do like the way our tree turned out and have gotten a few questions from friends on how it all came together!
So, here's my tree decorating 101

1) Lights. Obviously.

This one is simple. The more the merrier.
A tip: buy the net lights and wrap them around your tree!

2) Garland (or the not so secret treasure: deco mesh)

Last year was our first married Christmas and while I liked our tree... I didn't love it.
It was glittery, gold. and pretty but I just wanted more.
I love Christmas trees with tons going on and I especially love gold!
It glitters so nicely and I love the different variations of it.
So I kept my ornaments and stuck with an all gold (and some white) tree.
I started looking on good 'ol pinterest for more ideas and was drawn to all of the deco mesh trees.
I loved that it took up so much room and made the tree look more full.
I went to my local hobby lobby and found out it was ridiculously cheap for a roll that covered a whole lot of tree.
It was much cheaper than all the ornaments and even ended up being cheaper than lots of ribbon.
So, I went with it!
And I must say, I'm really loving how it turned out.
If you aren't into the "tumors" as Hunter calls them (he just doesn't understand) then stick with traditional ribbon and remember, the thicker, the better!
Or, do both! That's what I did this year.
Put your ribbon on first (well after the lights of course) 

3) The Stuffing (aka statement pieces)

No, not the kind you eat on Thanksgiving. I mean the fun things you use to stuff your tree with other than ornaments. Ornaments are great, but add some flowers, leaves, picks, etc... and you've got a way cooler tree than your neighbor. These are your statement pieces that just add more fun and excitement. You know, like a statement necklace. I could use some more of these, but this'll do for now. Stuff away my friends! It'll add the depth you want!

4) Ornaments (the bigger the better)

Last year I had several different kinds of ornaments on my tree but they were all around the same size. This year I decided to get a few new ornaments that were different sizes! I went with big and Bigger and love how much fuller my tree looks! There is so much more dimension to it and the bigger ornaments are definitely a great statement piece. These have become more and more popular so they can be found almost everywhere but the cheapest places to go are hobby lobby and wal mart.

5) The tree skirt

I actually don't have a picture of just my tree skirt but it is burlap and it is from hobby lobby. It matches our stockings and I'm a fan of it. However, I'm not sure how much longer I'm going to love it because my style preference changes very often! If you're anything like me, then take my advice on this one, DO NOT splurge on the tree skirt! They're lovely but they just get covered by presents anyways and they can be crazy expensive. Since I bought mine early and I had a coupon, it was fairly cheap. Next time around though, I'll just be bunching up some fabric or a blanket around the tree. It looks wonderful, costs much less, and you'll get the pattern you want.

6) The topper

Angels and stars are lovely so if you want to continue using yours, have at it! However, I'm a fan of a statement piece when it comes to the topper. I've seen several different things but my favorite is oversize bows and flowers. You can bunch up a ton of different flowers at the top or do what I did and add a large bow to the top! I also got those sparkly curly stick like things at Hobby lobby and added them around the bow. 

7) Shop Smart

So you're walking around an expensive store and they have the dreamiest tree on display. All of the ornaments they used are down below and you start to fill your cart. You get to the checkout and it's over $200. HOW?! Guys, ornaments are expensive! You want your tree to look good but you really don't want the cost to come out to some crazy number. When shopping look for items that will fill more space with less money. If you stick with little ornaments it'll cost you a fortune to cover the whole space. So, look for things like bigger ornaments, flowers, deco mesh, etc... Of course if you have all the money in the world just go for it! Then again, you probably won't be reading this. You'll probably be hiring someone to do it for you... So, where are my favorite places to shop? Hobby lobby before December. Yep, Merry Halloween! I started purchasing things for our tree as soon as they put the Christmas stuff out. At that point everything is around 50% off and you can download the app to get their coupon to make things dirt cheap. The dollar store. You'd be shocked at what you can find there! There are some steals! Wal Mart. They have 3 packs of large ornaments for around $6.

8) Plan, plan, plan

Have a plan before attacking your tree. Why? Because otherwise you'll get overwhelmed and  frustrated and probably give up and say "the dream tree will happen next year." If you plan a color scheme, a budget, look on pinterest for inspiration, and start decorating when you have plenty of time, you'll be sure to get the tree you want!

So there ya have it! Those are a few tips and tricks to get the tree you want!
If you have any more questions feel free to email me at ajoy94(at)gmail(dot)com and we can discuss putting together your dream tree!

What are your favorite tips and tricks when it comes to tree decorating?
Let me know in the comments!

All my love,
Aleigh Joy

Men's Holiday Gift Guide

Friday, December 11, 2015

You've now seen my gift guide for women... so what's next? 
A Men's Gift Guide!
The readership of my blog naturally, is more women... so why am I posting a men's gift guide?
Because, if you're anything like me, every single year you struggle trying figure out what to get your husband/boyfriend, brother, father, or any other male in your life.
Why are men SO hard to shop for?
I think it's because they're actually quite simple and just don't really need/want anything unless it costs way more than a Christmas budget...
So this year I thought about what Hunter really uses/could use and did some research on smaller companies so I knew I would get the best bang for my buck.
And... Here is what I came up with!

1. Thread Wallets | These are the coolest, most convenient, and stylish wallets I have found. So many men's wallets are bulky and can be easily seen in the pocket of jeans. Especially since skinny jeans are now all the rage. This wallet allows you to carry everything you need, yet still have room for your phone and anything else you need in your pocket. I'm loving ALL of the designs thread wallets has to offer and I love that they change them out seasonally. Another great feature of these wallets, is that they have a key ring to attach your keys, gym pass, lanyard, etc. Thread Wallets are made out of tightly-knit elastic. Your cards will remain secure while your wallet maintains a slim profile which sits comfortably in your front or back pocket. Nervous your card or money are going to fall out? Watch this video and thank me for introducing you to this awesome company later ;)

2. Blenders Eyewear | These shades are awesome! We are loving the quality of them and are so excited that Hunt has an awesome pair of sunglasses to bring to California. We're loving the shape, the fit, and the design. I'm also loving the story behind Blenders! Being a Southern California native and going to the beach often growing up, I was so excited to see that this company started in California! They have so many different designs of sunglasses to choose from so you're guaranteed to find one pair you love, however, I'm sure you'll find more ;)

3. Jigsaw Furnishings | Okay, this thing is SO cool! I've never seen anything like it and I'm so excited I was able to find this company! This really is a great gift for men! It's a valet for your phone, wallet, keys, pen, watch, glasses, etc. The assemble is SO easy and it is great for travel! 
The Catchall™ is designed to provide a place for several items. It has slots for key chains, glasses, sunglasses, necklaces, bracelets, bluetooth headset, or headphones. It can be used as a charging station, and there is no need to unplug the phone and thread the charger through a hole. Just slide the cable through the slot. There is also a slot directly below the phone charging area to allow your charger cable to pass-through. The Catchall™ can easily be stored or packed. Assembly is also as easy as just sliding the two pieces together. The Catchall™ is not a permanent fixture that you have to screw to your wall. It goes wherever you want it to go! It has made keeping all of Hunter's things together SO easy! I also love the simplistic design.
4. Arvo Watches | I think we all know by now that Arvo is one of my favorite brands out there! I seriously wear my watch every single day and Hunter LOVES his too. I love the style of these watches as well as the great quality. Hunter and I both continue to get excited every single time we put our watches on. They are so classy and look great with anything. They can easily be dressed up or dressed down. Every single time we wear these watches we get compliments and people asking where we got them. They are very affordable, especially for the quality you are getting! However, my favorite part is that the band can be switched out! Seriously, how cool is that?! So, when you buy one watch, you're actually buying like 20 different watches because you can easily switch out the band to create a whole new look! I could go on and on about how much I love Arvo but I'll leave it at this: You NEED one of these watches!

5. Rade Menswear | How classy is that tie?? We all know that one of the best gifts, and most common gift for men is a tie! However, there are millions of styles out there and so many brands to choose from. So what makes one tie stick out from the other? It's all in the quality and design. I'm loving Rade for both of those reasons. We are loving all of the ties from Rade and couldn't be happier with how they look on! They also sell tie bars, lapel pins, and pocket squares. The one stop shop for your needs of dressing up.

6. Simply Skinny Ties | Since we're on the topic of ties, I just had to let you all know about another one of my all time favorite brands. I did an entire post a bit ago on Simply Skinny Ties and I meant every word! These ties really are amazing quality and the designs are like nothing I've seen. Every time Hunter wears one, he tells me how great the knot looks and how easily it ties. One of the coolest parts of Simply Skinny Ties is the back. There are different pieces of fabric that really make them stand out. If you're looking for a unique and great quality tie, head over to Simply Skinny!

7. Waffle Love | I've already talked about how much we love Waffle Love quite a few times but I just have to say it again! Hunter is obsessed with this place and could probably eat one every single day! He is obsessed with Biscoff and cannot get enough of the Biscoff and cream waffle! I'm pretty sure like 3 people in this world actually know the recipe for these waffles and I've never tasted anything even a little bit similar! They are made with dough instead of batter and are all around incredible!

Like what you see?
How would you feel if I told you that you could WIN everything above?!
Pretty awesome right??
That would take care of Christmas completely for the man in your life!
So how do you go about winning all these items?
You know the drill...
Head over to my instagram account to enter ;)

What is the man in your life asking for this year?

All my love,
Aleigh Joy


Women's Holiday Gift Guide

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Friends! I am SO excited about this gift guide right now!
It's pretty much my Christmas list...
I love EVERYTHING on it, and I know you will too!
If you're stumped this year trying to figure out what you want... I have you covered! 
And the best part? These are all very affordable gifts!
Cause let's be honest for a sec... Christmas is so great, but it can get pretty overwhelming with the amount of money being spent.
So, here's a list you won't feel terrible handing to your mom, boyfriend, or husband ;)

1. Rad Swim | I LOVE everything over at Rad Swim. Like seriously... everything. I love all the unique designs and I especially love that they are modest! This black suit is a dream! The fringe and the aztec design are so incredible. I get it... it's winter. All you can think about right now is a scarf and mittens, (except my SD friemds!) but winter is the best time to by a bathing suit! It gives you something to work towards wearing over summer ;)

2. Zella Leggings | I'm obsessed with these leggings! I wear them more than I should admit and they are beyond comfortable! Not only that... but they are the best quality. Stop buying your $10 walmart leggings and wondering every time you wear them if you can see through them. These are the best quality. And... they definitely beat lulu's price ;)

3. Waffle Love | I can't get over how good these waffles are! I find myself craving them allllll the time! If you really wanna surprise your loved ones, stick a waffle love gift card in their stocking! Maybe, they'll even take you with them ;)

4. Piper and Scoot | Ever since finding out about this online shop, I've been completely obsessed. It's so dangerous following them on instagram because I seriously want everything I see! Then I have to talk myself out of it ha! But the times that I don't, I'm so happy with my purchases! I'm especially loving this plaid peplum! It's so entirely dreamy! Oh, and it would look great with some Zella leggings and black booties ;)

5. Anthro Mug | THIS MUG! Uhm, it's amazing. I'm obsessed with all things gold and this gold lettering is killin it! I can just picture drinking cocoa in it next to the tree! I'm obsessed with mugs as it is, but this one has been my absolute fav so far!

6. Black Booties | Every girl needs a cute pair of booties. Every girl also needs a cute pair of booties in both black and brown ;) I have brown, and I'm now swooning over this black pair! Forever 21's booties fit me really well and black just goes with everything! Please get me these Santa! *cough, cough... Hunter

7. Faux Fur Vest | Another thing every girl needs is a faux fur vest! I'm dying over these! I can just picture it with that plaid peplum! I would totally insert a heart eye emoji here if I could! You really can't beat Target prices, and I tried this one on so I know it's worth it!

8. MAC Lip Glass | I'm going to be honest here for  a sec... I don't buy expensive brands of makeup. It's never been worth it to me because I don't wear a whole lot very often and you just wash it off at the end of the day anyways, so like, what't the point? Right? Then, I got married and decided to splurge a little on wedding makeup. I went to the MAC counter and have loved everything I got but this lip gloss is absolutely on my top 5 favorite makeup products ever! It's the most beautiful shade and works with all neutral looks! It also stays on surprisingly well! So worth it. 

There ya have it!
Those are my 2015 Christmas picks!
I hope you love them just as much as I do!
Stay tuned for a men's gift guide and a children's gift guide!

What's on you Christmas list this year??

All my love,
Aleigh Joy

Fallin' in Love With Waffle Love

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Hunter and I basically had our whole lives planned out by the time we were 15 and 16 years old.
We would get married, move to Provo Ut. where Hunter would go to BYU (probably play football), and we would start a little family there.
After life in Provo, we would move back to San Diego for the rest of our lives to be surrounded by family.
I'm pretty happy to say that all of that has so far come true ;)

Before getting married I used to fantasize about our young married life in Provo, dream up fun date nights, and how I would decorate our little home.
I began to follow different Provo clothing stores and food places on instagram just so I was ready once we got there ;)
Provo is seriously THE best place to find the best, and most unique shops and food joints.
One day, upon my research of good 'ol Provo, I came across and instagram account called Waffle Love.
I probably spent a good 30 minutes on their page just eyeing every single waffle.
It looked amazing and my mouth was already salivating.
I made it a goal for Hunter and I to go to Waffle Love once we got married.

I remember the day we first came into this little condo as husband and wife so clearly.
Hunter carried me across the threshold and we were giddy beyond belief.
Hunter was on the BYU football team at the time and was in the midst of Spring ball and the middle of a semester.
He was gone all day every day and took our only car with him. (because it was stick shift and I hated driving it)
Therefore, I did a ton of walking and exploring our surroundings!
One day, as I was walking, I noticed a cute little shop with the brightest walls.
I was thrilled to find out it was waffle love!
It was literally right down the street!

Hunter and I went pretty quickly after that discovery and could not believe our taste buds.
I wish I would have recorded how quickly Hunter downed that waffle and the adorable smile on his face after the first bite!
Since then, we have literally taken every single person that has come to visit us, because it really is that good! And of course, they all agree!
I got Hunter a gift card to Waffle Love for Father's Day and I don't think I've ever seen him so happy about a present!
We literally went the next day!

Because my whole family loves Waffle Love SO much and we guarantee that you all will too, we have been working on a secret little collaboration with them to bring to all of you that I am SO excited about!
I've been working on a Men's Holiday Gift Guide that will be coming out very shortly with a giveaway to follow and Waffle Love is being featured on that gift guide because seriously, your husband will be SO thankful to have a gift card to the best waffle shop around!
However, Waffle Love deserves it's own post and giveaway because I just can't tell you all enough how amazing this place is, so the winner will have to find out for themselves!

Waffle Love is giving away TWO $25 gift certificates to two lucky winners!
All you have to do to enter is head over to my instagram and follow the steps listed!
You do not want to miss out on this giveaway!
Especially because it will make the perfect gift for any family member, friend, spouse, or boss!

Want to know our favorites?
Hunter: Biscoff and Cream (he could literally eat an entire jar of biscoff!)
Aleigh: Nutella love, and a specialty a co-worker once recommended! Ask for a churro waffle, biscoff, cream cheese icing, and cream on top!

Head on over to Waffle Love today to send your taste buds to heaven and experience the cutest restaurant you have ever seen with the most cheerful and helpful employees!
And afterwards, let me know you went and leave me a comment with what you tried!

All my love,
Aleigh Joy