Time flies.

Thursday, June 27, 2013
Did somebody say we are out of the 200's?? 

Yep! That's right, we are officially done with the 200's.
Can I get a hallelujah?
Guys, this number started at 730...
and here we are at a measly 199.
This is possible.
This is SO possible :)

Can I have a bragging moment for a second please?
I think I deserve it.
(also, this doubles as a journal and I wanna remember these things)

So, Monday is P-day. Meaning, Monday is email day!
This week I got an email that I was not expecting, but shoot it made me love him that much Moore :)
He started off by saying "So, I know this is going to be hard, but..."
Oh shoot... any girl that lives through letters and emails knows what's coming at this point.
He proceeds to talk about one of his darling investigators that has been soo excited to get baptized.
There is one slight problem though... she cannot seem to quit smoking.
She wants to though!
Like reallllyyy bad. It's just really really hard.
Therefore Hunter and his companion decided they wanted to understand how hard it is to give something  up that you cannot seem to fathom giving up. 
They wanted to feel a piece of their investigator's pain to help her along, that way they can do it together. 
Being a missionary, he doesn't have much to give up haha.
But then he knew. And, the spirit confirmed it.
"absolutely nothing else would even be hard for me to give up except for writing and emailing you."
Cue tears. Of sadness right at first. A selfish little wimper. Then...
"I love you with all my heart and i know that our relationship will only get stronger because of this. as we rely on the Lord and trust him, we will be greatly blessed."
And now, the tears turn into happy tears.
Tears of being so incredibly proud that I found a man that is willing to put the Lord before me.
One who is willing to help someone enter the kingdom of God by all means possible. Not matter how much it may hurt him.
He is amazing, and I really really love him. 

This letter/email fast will last 3 weeks long. 
And I am so pumped!
I can't wait to help one of his investigators together :)

All my love,
Aleigh Joy


You Are My Sunshine

Monday, June 24, 2013
Once upon a time I met Hunter Miles Moore on a lovely summer evening.
One summer later the first kiss occurred.
One summer later he told me he loved me.
One summer later we swore we would do everything in our power to one day end up together forever. 
Summer is kinda a monumental time for us I guess. 
Therefore I decided it was only appropriate to let him know that the summer spark is still there, in a package :)

This package was very much summer/sunshine/beach inspired
...and I'm kinda loving how it turned out :)

The Conference talk "Catch the Wave" by Elder Russell M Nelson
The Hymn "Scatter Sunshine"
A Few pictures
And a darling card :)

Snacks are a must
so are the cheesy sayings ;)

GUYS! I realllyy limited the treats this time!
He is going to be so happy with me :)

Because a missionary can never have enough ties!

(bubbles, water balloon launcher, water guns, flarp)
I just thought they were summer appropriate.
We will see if they get used, but if not I'm sure the kids of some of the families in his ward will love 'em haha.
I also found a little bottle and stuck a scroll in it with a little note.
There is also a picture of the two of us at the beach in it :)

The whole thing put together :)

As I was putting everything in the box I noticed this little guy hiding!
So it gets its own little picture :)

Of course the cheesy box flaps :)

Take any ideas you wish! :)

All my love,
Aleigh Joy


Ohh La Jolla

My lovely Lauren friend came and visited for a bit this June!
It went all too fast and she is now back in Utah, which makes my heart hurt.
Soon enough I will join her :)
We spent a delightful day at the La Jolla cove where the rocks made a perfect little shelf for our bags to rest.
We laughed at self timer fails, bonded over sprinkles cupcakes, and indulged in Whole Foods goodness. 
I truly do love good ol San Diego.

All my love,
Aleigh Joy


The Del Mar Fair

Living in San Diego has numerous perks, which I am beginning to realize more and more...
But one of the best perks is the Del Mar Fair. 
It has been around for as long as I can remember and has always been the indicator that summer has arrived in SoCal!
Numerous famous folks come to play, the rides give such a thrill (even though they totally feel like they are about to break), the lights flash all around before your little eyes, everything is deep fried, the carny's have numerous missing teeth, they have a whole food booth dedicated to all things bacon, they have pigs that race each other (quite comical), and it is in beautiful Del Mar right on the racing grounds!
This year I was able to go with dear friends Lauren, Todd, and Audrey!
Audrey just had surgery on her elbow and swore she was okay to go on rides.
We had a blast!

All my love,
Aleigh Joy