The Feminist Evolution

Saturday, January 28, 2017
When opinions of any sort, unless very light hearted, are brought up... I usually remain quiet. 
It's generally the safest bet in a world that has some seriously strong opinions.
On occasion though, I get this weird courage inside that I'm not exactly sure how to contain and I come here to write about it.
Opinions should be shared, whether or not they are the popular vote. 
So, this opinion isn't very light hearted... but let's try to remember that it is my opinion, and we all have one.

Yep, I just dropped that bomb!
Let's not get our panties in a wad just yet ladies, I have something to say...

By definition feminism is, and I quote: "the advocacy of women's rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes."
That being laid out for all to read, let's agree that all women are in fact feminists then...
In some way or form, I'm sure you want men and women to be equal.

Whether the things you want equality on have happened already or have not, if you want equality, you are a feminist.
It could be in pay, it could be in voting, running for political offices, education, opportunity to have a job, buying a home, having a credit card, being able to buy a car, and the more controversial issues... the list goes on and on but we'll leave it at that and let your mind do the rest of the thinking.

Now that we've established that, I'd like to explain why many cringe at the very mention of being a  "feminist" nowadays. 
Feminism doesn't quite mean what it used to.
To some it does, but to quite a few... there's an unwritten new-age definition that makes it hard for the rest of us to associate with.
To put it bluntly, new-age feminism is full of supremacy and entitlement. It is full of women that like to argue just about anything that to them, appears unfair. Because in the world we're currently living in, everything is "unfair", and everything is a "touchy subject."
So the way I've seen it, if you don't agree whole heartedly with every single thing these new-age feminists believe in, you can't identify as one...
Let's get something straight before I continue... I did not say that this is everyone who identifies as a feminist currently.
In fact, did I not say earlier that by definition, all women can probably proclaim to have a feminist mindset in some shape or form?
What I will say however, is that I cannot associate myself with what feminism has evolved into.

It's insane to me that there now seem to be different forms of feminism or degrees if you will.
Shouldn't there be one definition that we can all agree on?
I think that would make my facebook feed a whole lot less tense. 
The thing is, I really want to ask all of my lovely friends to please stop calling me a "shame" and a "disgrace" to all women out there because I decided not to march in the feminist protests last week. 
Just because I am pro-life, don't have a job outside my home, love my husband, am religious, enjoy being a homemaker, and don't hate Trump with a fiery passion (not that I like him, but hate is strong)... does not mean I don't think men and women should have equal rights.
However, I cannot stand behind what I don't believe in and so much of what I don't agree with was also being marched for. 
So, I respect the feminist movement so much as it stays true to it's real definition and can be ya know... inclusive. 

While I may appear as an embarrassment to many of you modern day feminists for my conservative and "old fashioned" views, the feeling became mutual when I saw photographs of you with tape in the shape of an x across your ta-ta's and vulgar signs with very uhm... unintelligent sayings. To put it nicely...
To all of you women that marched with a cause other than just hate towards men and did so peacefully, I say... You go girl, you must know what feminism really is ;)
And to all of the women feeling a whole lot of confusion based off the different articles you are reading, I'd like to say:
No, being a feminist does not go against your religion, it does not mean you have to hate men, and you absolutely don't have to stand for something you don't believe in!
It means you want equality of the sexes, and you can want that without marching in a protest you can't fully agree with. 
You are NOT a shame or a disgrace, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. 
Especially if they have a hat in the shape of lady bits atop their head...

To conclude, I'd like to say one more thing.
I personally believe that women need to stop saying we are not equal to men because we actually are very much equal in God's eyes, He loves each of us just the same.
 But He created us to be different.
We as women need to understand that difference and realize that God has given us an incredible thing as women.
If you want respect, you must first respect yourself as a woman.
We are genetically different, and Thank Goodness!
Men need women just as women need men, but we wouldn't need each other if we were created the same.
We do not need to unite AGAINST men, we need to unite WITH them. 
Please, from one woman to another... try to understand that the world has enough hardness, cruelty, vulgarity, and obscenity. 
Be the woman that our maker created us to be and stop thinking that is an "old fashioned" thought.
Go be a lawyer, go be a surgeon, be a rock star, or own your own business... but don't try to be "like" a man while doing so.
We can be strong without being abrasive.
The world could really use some more women that truly understand our divine roles and virtue. 

All my love,
Aleigh Joy