The Rivas Wedding!

Thursday, September 18, 2014
I had the privilege of co-shooting a wedding last weekend!
Actually, there was another wedding the week before that too!
I can't believe my pregnant body survived, but I'm sure glad it did because I had SO much fun!
Goodness what an adorable couple this last wedding was. 
She is originally from Venezuela and that's all it took for me to be so excited for her wedding day.
Their families sure know how to party, and it was such a gorgeous day.
I had hundreds of pictures to go through but I narrowed it down so I could share a few of my favorites.

Also, if you would like to arrange a shoot to help me build my portfolio, I would love to work out pricing and get going!
I'm in the Utah Valley but would be willing to travel to the Salt Lake area as well!
email me at

All my love,
Aleigh Joy


Time To Add a Little Moore

Wednesday, September 10, 2014
We've got all sorts of fun recipes going on over on the Moore sisters blog!
You should probably head on over and check it out!
Like check this out:

Plus a green smoothie recipe, and a chicken cordon bleu casserole.
CLICK HERE! for your next dinner recipe!

All my love,
Aleigh Joy


It's A GIRL!!!

To start this post off I'm going to say that I am completely SHOCKED that this little one is a girl!
I completely thought it was a boy.
For whatever reason, so did everyone else.
All those old wise tales about your cravings, sickness, the heartbeat, how low the baby is, etc... led to this child being a boy.
Not to mention, every time Hunter saw me he would say "How is HE doing today?"
And so, I just got used to the fact that it was a boy and didn't even really have a girl in my options.

But now I get to say, I am SOOO happy this sweet little thing is a darling little GIRL!
Seriously, I am SO excited!
You better believe that I bought a fluffy mint green dress and a little cream coat that same day we found out. 
I can't wait to dress her in a Christmas dress, find a pretty white blessing dress, decorate the prettiest little nursery, and maybe just maybe she'll even get my curly hair!
I love this little girl so much already.

So, my doctor only has someone come in to do the early gender ultrasound on Saturdays.
Lame. That so doesn't work with Hunt's football schedule.
Then we finally figured out a Saturday that would work!
Then they didn't have any openings...
So I got online and searched trustworthy places to go in Provo.
There was a place right down the street that did SAME DAY appointments.
I made the appointment within 5 minutes of finding that out.
When I told Hunter we would be finding out the gender that day, he was just as excited as me and it felt like an eternity waiting for that appointment.
Luckily, I had Morgan here with me to help make a cute little reveal.
We found a cardboard box and bought both blue and pink confetti.
We decided Hunter and I would get to see the ultrasound pictures up until she typed the gender.
At that point, we anxiously closed our eyes as Morgan and Savannah (Hunter's sister) found out so they could stuff the box. 
The ride home was a complete guessing game!
I was so happy I had the rest of the ultrasound pictures to look at.
That was the first time I've had one and it was incredible to see her.
She was so wiggly and hyper, and she even waved to us!
Once we got home they stuffed the box, we grabbed a camera, and we went to the nearest park to find out what this baby was.

Both of us were super anxious.
They had us yell out our guess right before we pulled the string and surprisingly both of us said GIRL!
Well, we sure were right but that didn't mean we both weren't shocked!
Haha it was so fun finding out this way!

Hunter of course wanted a little boy at first.
Especially since we both thought it was a boy.
But, he said a prayer that night and was finally able to ask Heavenly Father to bless our little baby Girl and he just couldn't help but tear up.
The idea of having a little daddy's girl quickly grew on him.
He even had a dream last night where he got to meet her.
He said she loved him, and of course he adored her.
So needless to say, we are beyond excited to actually meet our baby girl in February.
We're having a girl!!! Yay!!!

All my love,
Aleigh Joy

p.s. it is a terrible idea to listen to this song if you are pregnant with a little girl. Your makeup will be ruined. I bawled. But I can't stop listening!


My Happy Wall

Thursday, September 4, 2014
We were married for just a little over a month before any of our wedding presents arrived. 
For me, it was torture.
I would pace around the condo with ideas in my head of how I would decorate, but I didn't want to buy anything because I had no idea what would be underneath the wrapping of our wedding gifts. 
When Hunter's parents arrived with our truckload of gifts, I was giddy!
They filled our floor and we (well more me but that's expected) anxiously opened each gift. 
We received so much stuff, doubles, and triples of things.
I had so much fun placing things around our home and watched it suddenly feel like it really was our home. 
I'm still trying to finish all the ideas floating around in my head, hopefully before baby comes, but we shall see. 
I've decided to post some pictures of my favorite wall. I like to call it my happy wall.
I searched numerous stores for a white table like that.
The suitcases, frames, and apothecary jars were actually used as decor at our wedding!
I started piecing everything else together and decided all that was missing was some sort of decoration for the sides of the mirror. 
I finally found these lanterns and I was so excited to hang them!
Now, the happy wall is complete :)
Next stop, Fall decorations!

If you have any questions about where anything is from you can either comment below or email me at!

All my love,
Aleigh Joy