It's Time to Meet Your Mom

Monday, February 16, 2015
Go for a really long walk, eat spicy food, go on a bumpy car ride, drink castor oil, think positive labor thoughts, do jumping jacks, rub your belly clockwise, do squats, gallop like a horse, do lunges, bounce on an exercise ball... I've heard it all and, done quite a bit of it. 
We are SO anxious to meet this little girl!

My due date is Tuesday, so I'm not yet over due... But I just don't think she'll come Tuesday. 
Thinking about waiting any longer is killing me. 
My doctor has to remind me every week that she has no idea her due date is the 17th.
She doesn't have a reminder or an alarm set on her iPhone, she'll be here when she is ready.
Problem is, her mommy is getting impatient ;)

Tonight after dinner hunter found me on all fours on a rug (because I read on Pinterest that someone's water broke while doing that... Yes I'm desperate) and feeling discouraged that the contractions I was feeling while making dinner, had suddenly disappeared. 
He asked me what I wanted to do, and I responded "I just want to meet my baby girl!" 
So we got in the Jeep and drove over speed bumps. 
I'm writing this post so it clearly didn't work but it was worth a shot.
Well, while in the car we heard the sweetest song and I'm a big pregnant mess listening to it again. 
The lyrics are just so sweet. 
So little baby O, please come soon. 
It's time to meet your mom :)

All my love, 
Aleigh Joy


Valentine's Day 2015

Hunter and I are going on 7 years of knowing each other.
Of those 7 years, this is the first Valentine's Day that we have spent together.
In high school there was either a basketball game we had to be at or it was on a school night and just not that big of a deal.
Then he served his mission and that's two more years apart.
Last year we were engaged but I was in San Diego and he was in Utah.
So, it was sooo much fun to finally be able to spend this day of love together :)

We really didn't plan much being that our little one is due any day now, but it was still the most perfect day.
Hunter woke up early, as always, but let me sleep in a little longer.
He did homework, unloaded the dishwasher, and went to go help someone move.
When I woke up I saw a white board with a little message from my Valentine and it made me giggle and smile because he's such a sweetie.
I then found a rose and some reeses! He knows the way to my heart ;)
It was the fist time I have ever gotten a flower on Valentine's Day and I felt so giddy.
I made a huge brunch for Hunter because food is his favorite gift and wrote him a sappy card.
We then went for a nice long walk and snuggled.
Around 5 we decided to head out to grab something to eat.
A yummy pizza place in the mall was doing a Valentine's buy one get one free special. 
It was delish and cheap ;)
We then walked around the mall and every single store we went in, was for children.
Ha! But, it was so much fun looking at the little clothes and Hunter admitted that little girl clothes are so much more fun and cute than boy clothes haha
Dessert was coldstone ice cream, and we finished the night by watching the notebook in comfy clothes with a big bowl of popcorn and my mascara dripping down my face because seriously... I forgot how sad that movie is at the end!
It was a low key day and so perfect and special to both of us.
We love celebrating holidays and really enjoyed our first Valentine's Day together :)

And to my Valentine this year and every year after:
I love you Moore than anything in the world and I could not have chosen anyone better to spend eternity with. You are my better half and my very best friend. I'll love you always and forever :)

All my love,
Aleigh Joy


A Thought or Two

Thursday, February 12, 2015

It's an interesting thing that the second you look at that pregnancy test and see two pink lines, every thought, chore, dream, errand, and action, changes. 
Your world isn't just "your world" anymore.
Your heart grows a size bigger and suddenly, without even realizing it, you're learning to think about someone other than yourself all the time.

It doesn't matter what store I walk into, I always end up in the baby section.
My routine seems to be the same everywhere I go.
Survey the baby gear wondering what else is necessary, feel for the softest blankets, picture a sweet baby playing with all the colorful toys, and ALWAYS end in the clothes section picturing my princess in every dreamy dress and pair of sparkly shoes.
I had no idea how girly I was until I started shopping for a little girl of my own.

It's funny, the circle of life is...
You go through phases, everyone does it.
Well, every girl does it.
Or at least me and my friends did it...
Anyhow, I remember being in middle school dreaming of dating the perfect guy in high school and him taking me to prom so I could get all dressed up in a pretty dress and maybe just maybe, he'd kiss me goodnight.
I got to high school and found someone that made my heart beat extra fast. 
He literally was that dream guy I had imagined in middle school.
I began to only want to watch mushy love movies and read all the Nicholas Sparks books. I craved slow music that told a story of a boy and a girl falling and staying in love.
I spent a majority of English class day dreaming of my wedding day and what the future held for Hunter and I.
He left on his mission and my world revolved around writing letters and making packages.
The thought of him coming home and finally being able to make our dream a reality consumed me.
When he came home, my mind looked like the perfect pinterest board of all things wedding.
We got married and I began feeling giddy over being a homemaker and creating a pretty home that we felt happy with calling ours. I took it upon myself to make a home cooked meal every night. My greatest accomplishment was making sure my football-playing husband's tummy was full.
Then one morning, I saw those two pink lines... and once again everything changed.
It didn't take long at all for me to spend countless hours looking for the best deals and reviews on strollers, diaper bags, clothes, car seats, bottles, and all things baby.
I probably drove Hunter nuts with the once a month breakdowns feeling inadequate to give this little girl everything she deserves in life.
I stayed awake at night planning out her nursery in my head and every moment I was awake I was making lists of things we needed to be ready.
My world had changed, because I became a mother.

I've always been pretty emotional.
I've also always hated crying in front of people.
It always makes me feel awkward and I don't like when people try to run to my rescue.
I even have a hard time crying in front of Hunter still.
So I tend to get that dry lump in my throat quite often as I try so hard to push the tears back.
But, something about motherhood changes your insides and suddenly you find a reason to cry over anything and everything.
Especially now that I'm at the very end of this pregnancy.

For example:

  • Father daughter dances. It doesn't matter which song or who is dancing, you can catch me in the corner crying my eyes out and trying so hard to wipe my tears before anyone sees.
  • Hearing her little heartbeat now compared to the first time. I remember that first appointment so well. It took a good 5 minutes to even find the heartbeat. Now, the second they put it on my belly I'm able to hear her happy, healthy heart beating away. At this last appointment I tried my hardest to hold back my tears when her heart started beating faster than usual after I said something to the nurse. She said "oh, she must know your voice!" and I just about lost it. She was excited. She was excited to meet us and join our family and that brought me all the happiness in the world.
  • I walk into her room every morning and just pause at her empty crib. I try to picture my little girl just waking up with sleepy eyes all snuggled with her animal friends. I'll sit in the rocking chair and imagine reading her a bedtime story. I always stop by her closet and match pretty dresses with her darling bows. I fold and re-fold her onesies and leggings and pay special attention to the difference in size between newborn and 6 months. And that, is when the tears start. She's not aloud to grow up. Ever. 
  • Any and every song that talks about a family really gets to me. I love my little growing family. I'm beyond excited for the three of us to do any and everything together.
I began feeling a little sad around week 36.
The reality set in of life being not just Hunter and I anymore.
I love our little one but I'll always cherish these memories of just the two of us, and I'm so grateful I've chosen my best friend to spend forever with.
I was listening to the song "Then" by Brad Paisley the other day.
It brought a flood of emotion and memories.
The first time I ever heard that song was on a bus ride over to a high school basketball game.
I was in my cheer uniform and Hunter was sitting behind me in his warm ups.
He tossed one head phone over the seat and that song was playing.
It made me cry back then, but it now has so much more meaning.
"And I can just see you, with a baby on the way..."
It truly is crazy to think about how far we have come.

And on that note, I think I've gotten everything in my mind typed out.
So I guess I'll stop here!
So I'll end by saying, I really really love this little life I'm living and I'm just getting more and more anxious to meet our little girl:)

All my love,
Aleigh Joy


It's 2 am...

Friday, February 6, 2015
...In your car. windows down, you pass my street the memories start.
Anyone else start singing that?
Alright, bear with me here because it's almost 2 am and I have no clue as to why I'm still awake.
Okay yes I do, it's because of the child inside me but I blame everything on her these days and maybe that's why she hasn't come yet. Because her mama is talking behind her back.
How rude of me.
But while we're at it, "she" had me craving a peanut butter, chocolate, banana, and maybe even a hint of white chocolate milkshake around midnight tonight.
I seriously considered driving around to find something that would satisfy that craving.
But I didn't.
Instead I got out the blender and mixed up creamy peanut butter, a frozen banana, milk, and oreo pudding mix. Yes, pudding mix. 
Before you go judging me, just try it.
And drink it in a matter of 15 minutes or less, otherwise your milkshake will turn into a pudding like consistency... ha!

Alright on with it...

I made mini BBQ chicken pizzas tonight and they were quite delicious.
I should probably blog about them.
Speaking of which... have you looked at the new recipes going on over here lately?
You should

I cannot stop wondering what our little girl is going to look like!
It's driving me nuts.
If she looks anything like me she'll have lots of curly hair, big blue eyes, and extremely chubby cheeks.
I've watched this video I made for my mama quite a few times lately.
I had quite the round little face!

I've developed a severe case of restless leg syndrome and I'm done with it.
It seriously makes me so frustrated.
I've resorted to taking baths every single night because of it.
My little lady loves bath time.
She splish splashes around in my stomach and I get a kick out of watching the water ripple when I'm not the one doing it. 

Some friends of mine threw me a surprise baby shower last weekend.
We got so lucky with such great friends here.
I got ready to go to an "early dinner" with a few other couples.
Hunter was sick so I wasn't even sure if we'd end up going.
But he then puts on a nice shirt... a nice shirt?
That should have already given it away.
So we get to the house, I walk downstairs and hear "surprise! happy baby shower!"
I have never ever had a surprise party in my life!
It was so much fun and I'm just so grateful for the wonderful people in my life.

I had my 38 week appointment yesterday.
It was depressing.
Absolutely nothing new. Ugh.
So I went and walked around all of Target and Ikea.
Because if I'm going to go for a walk trying to induce labor it might as well be entertaining too.
I definitely had some braxton hicks and a sore back but this babe is taking her sweet time.

I'm really emotional these days.
Like realllyy emotional.
I've done pretty well staying stable throughout this pregnancy, but these past few weeks have gone down the drain.
I cry. And I cry a lot. Over some things that make sense, and others that really really don't.
I actually have more thoughts on this topic that should be shared.
I'll try to come up with an organized post about it though when I'm fed, bathed, and have slept.

My favorite place to hang out is in the nursery.
Hunter finds me in there a majority of the time when he gets home.
Doing... who knows what.
Anything and everything to give me a reason to be in there.
I have gone through our hospital bags twenty times... I need to stop that because I just keep adding more stuff that we probably don't need.
I did just make some cute bows for the crib!
I will dedicate a post completely to the nursery details but the only thing missing is the cushions on the rocking chair that happen to be in California.
And well you know, I can't post pictures unless there's cushions on the rocking chair ;)

Lastly... where the heck do I find a perfectly adorable, beautiful, and classy blessing dress that is everything I'm dreaming up in my head for less than $70.
Seriously though... WHERE?!
It's driving me nuts.

I finally figured out the whole bloglovin buzz.
Yeah, it's pretty great.
All my favorite blogs in one space?
I think that's all for now because I might actually be getting sleepy!
Pregnancy insomnia is a real thing my friends. Really.

All my love, 
Aleigh Joy

Thirty Eight. What?

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Somehow, time flew by and I'm 38 weeks pregnant today.
I know, I can't believe it either!
Everyone told me that being pregnant is the slowest thing in the whole world.
I disagree, I feel like this pregnancy FLEW by!
I oddly found myself sad that soon, I won't be feeling her little kicks and hiccups inside my tummy anymore. 
However, I'm so happy and excited that I get to trade those kicks felt on the inside for baby snuggles and kisses on the outside :)
Her nursery is complete, the hospital bags are packed, her name is confirmed, the car seat is in the car, everything is checked off my list, her clothes are all washed and put away, and I truly don't believe we could be more ready for her. If you ever really are "ready" ;)
So little Miss O, we're ready when you are :)
I had an appointment on Friday.
 I was dilated to a 2, her head is down, and her heartbeat was MUCH lower than usual.
The nurse brought it up with Dr. Jones and they decided a non stress test was in order.
Insert first time mom panic.
I immediately began praying that all would be well and couldn't take my hands off my tummy.
Sitting there for 30 minutes listening to her little heartbeat was music to my ears, but seeing that it wasn't accelerating at all like it should be had me, and the nurse, a little worried.
We tried numerous things to get her to move but sleepy head was not at all interested in showing off.
The nurse left the room and said we would wait a little longer before we tried the "taser" I like to call it. (a little zappy thing that makes a noise to wake up sleepy babies)
I didn't like the idea of it so I started talking to my little girl asking her to please show them that she's a healthy little one.
A few seconds later, she woke up.
And we were out of there in 5 more minutes :)
We have a special bond already ;)
I thought we were in the clear and my worrying stopped, but I got a call yesterday from a nurse telling me Dr. Jones felt it necessary for me to do another test at the hospital. 
Though I was flattered that the receptionist thought I was there to visit someone and not for myself, I was still worried. So this time, I brought her daddy.
She must have inherited some stubbornness from her mother because once again, she was doing nothing. Like at all.
After seeing almost flat lines for much too long, another nurse came in and turned me on my side.
She wasn't as comfy that way because she began wiggling away and after an hour and a half of trying to get her to move, we were able to leave.
She's already scaring me and her life hasn't even began!
But the nurses assured me there was nothing wrong.
Oh, I also really enjoyed watching my contractions that I can't seem to feel.
One more story...
Last night I had the best dream I've ever had.
I dreamed that my sweet baby girl was born.
The dream fairy was nice enough to skip the whole labor part and fast forward straight to the first time I held her.
She was a little pink bundle with lots of brown hair and big brown eyes.
I loved her instantly and thought she fit absolutely perfect on my chest.
I have never woken up happier.
Except maybe the day after our wedding, but that's different.
I cannot wait to meet her!
And to see how much truth that dream holds :)

How Far Along: 38 weeks! And feeling it...
Maternity clothes: Same as always. Maternity jeans are a lifesaver. I'm really gonna miss them.
Weight Gain: Ha! The nurse asked me what my current weight is today and I told her I hadn't looked at the scale in longer than I can remember. She smiled understandingly. 
Showing: YES! I have a baby girl baby bump!
Sleep: I wish :( I guess it's time to say bye bye to sleep for like... the rest of my life. I wake up about every 2 hours and can't fall asleep again for another hour. 
Best moment this week: Completely finishing her nursery and seeing progression at my appointments :)
Weird pregnancy moment: Crying. Like all the time.
Movement: Less and less. But tons around 2 am. She likes to move, just not when she's supposed to ha.
Food Cravings: Rubios fish tacos, Cafe Rio/Costa Vida grilled chicken salad, smoothies still, in n out with lotsss of extra special sauce, peanut butter and chocolate, and bread. yuuumm
Anything making you queasy: No! Hallelujah!
Gender: All things girl. and if they're wrong, we're gonna have a serious problem because she has a whole lot of pink.
Best advice learned: Baby Wise. 100% Thank you thank you thank you mom!
 What I'm looking forward to: My baby girl! Not delivery, I'm actually becoming more and more nervous about labor. But holding her, yeah that sounds dreamy :)

I almost wanna make this my screen saver. Weird? It just melted my heart while doing laundry the other day. Baby, mommy, daddy! A family of 3 :)

A snuggly, pretty, pink, car seat for a little baby girl :)

Seeing daddy carrying her car seat to the car may have made me a little teary eyed. He looks so good as a dad ;)

That red line, that's her heartbeat. See how flat it was at first? That blue line, that's my contractions. That can't seem to be felt...

And that's all for now!
Maybe just maybe this will be my last update until she's born! :)

All my love,
Aleigh Joy