Oh Martha, Ohh Christmas!

Sunday, December 30, 2012
Was Christmas really almost a week ago already?
Is 2013 really right around the corner?
What the, weird. 
Like always, time just seems to zip on by.
More so now than ever!
Everyone is home!
Everyday has been non stop, and I am loving it :)

This Christmas was my favorite of all time.
I think I say that every year...
But really, it was :)
I wish my camera wouldn't have died so fast, but I still got some pictures :)
It was a long day, it was the best day of the year.
I hardly slept the night before.
It wasn't because I was on an air mattress though, it was because I knew I would be talking to my high school sweetheart the next morning!
Talk about the best Christmas present :)
My heart was beating a million miles and hour and I had an entire family of butterflies in my tummy. 
Hearing his voice, laughing at his jokes, listening to the man he is becoming, hearing about the amazing experiences he is having, all made being apart for the past year completely worth it :)
I am so proud of him :)
The rest of the day was spent cooking dinner, opening presents, visiting with family, and eating more than I could handle.
'Twas a grand Christmas.

This year more so than ever before, the story of Christ's birth hit me hard.
I felt so close to my savior this entire month.
I'm so grateful for his birth and all that he has done for us on earth.
What an amazing Heavenly Father we have to send Christ to us :)

Some of us chatting with Hunt!

Father dear and I before the presents

wrapping perfection :)

Homemade ginger snaps, Absolute favorite.

The boys with the new shirts

Christmas at the Moore's.


Breakfast casserole :)

present time!

Oh, and I made sure Hunter knew I would be thinking of him on New Years :)

Time to begin Twenty Thirteen! :)

All my love,
Aleigh Joy


Holiday cheer/the world didn't end.

Friday, December 21, 2012
Today I woke up and thought I was going to go on a reallyy long run.
I made it downstairs and thought, well maybe a walk would be good.
I put my shoes on and got to talking to Aubrie and Audrey. 
Then I ate a cupcake, for breakfast. 
Its now 3:40 and I still haven't gone on that walk/run that I intended to go on. 
Plus, there are 3 ghiradelli chocolate wrappers on my bed.
'Tis the season! To gain a few pounds...
At least I woke up today, wasn't the world supposed to end??
The Aztecs meant to say they were going to lose the Poinsettia bowl.

This week has been far too amazing. 
Today is the first day I've been able to be lazy, and I am so thankful for that.
I love that the holidays bring everybody together.
Here's to shopping, a Christmas concert, loved ones coming home, eating more sweets than necessary, festive nail polish, sleeping in footie pajamas, movies, long talks with friends, busy malls, wrapping presents, getting colds, going to the temple, sprinkles cupcakes, and love letters.
Oh Christmas, I'm not ready for you to be over.

I have no doubt in my mind that Taylor Swift most definitely wrote this song entirely for me.
Every. Single. Word. 

I mean what better way to spend the night before the world ends

Thank you for coming home Samantha :)

Sunday's best, a messy room, and lipstick

Eating lunch with our middle school "daughter"

My girls in the Christmas program! We sang Deck The Rooftop by Glee :)

This is what gets me through the middle of the night coughing attacks and runny noses.

Hot chocolate on the stove is the very best.

Just another DIY Christmas decoration :)

Oh and the cute boy being all festive :)

Merry Christmas to all :)

All my love,
Aleigh Joy


I've seen better days.

Monday, December 17, 2012
It's only 11:30 and I already want this day to be over...
Never a good sign.
I woke up at 6:45 in the am to make sure brother was awake for school.
It was raining on the way there.
The traffic was terrible.
I was sleepy, mornings are so not my thing.
Then I hit a car.

I think I told her I was sorry 50 times.
I even hugged her.
She seemed nice.
She was in a hurry to get her boys to school so she got my info and left.
I've never gotten in a crash, or pulled over for that matter, so I didn't know what to do.
When I called my mom she told me I should have gotten her info and looked at her car...
Oh. Duh. 

I looked at my car.
It really isn't thattttt bad. 
I just wish I would have seen hers.
Well, we'll see what happens.
I sure hope she's honest.

Oh, and I'm sick.
I feel achey.
I get hot flashes and then freeze every minute or so. 
Its just great.
The best part is the wet cough I have.

I needed a little pick me up and this gave me a good laugh.
I also took a bath.
And Hunter sent a lovely email.
Alright, time to endure the rest of this day.
Here's my motto for the remainder...

All my love,
Aleigh Joy


Words of truth and love

Friday, December 14, 2012
My heart is sad today.
Have you heard about this tragedy?
Why are there such sick minded people out there?
I can't imagine how the parents of those innocent little children are feeling at this moment.
Their entire world has been turned upside down.
Clearly, I don't have kids of my own just yet.
However, I feel as if I already know them.
There are certain moments that I keep moving for their sake, I love them already.
As I close my eyes and imagine their sweet squishy cheeks, precious giggles, and tiny hands I can't help but shed a tear.
I haven't even welcomed mine into this world and I feel the most amazing love for them, my heart hurts for those poor parents that had to say goodbye all too soon. 
I realize Heavenly Father has a plan for all of us, I realize they are in a far far more amazing place, but it still saddens my soul. 
I just keep picturing tiny children meeting our savior with smiling faces. 
That dulls the ache a smidge. 
My prayers are truly going out to those sweet families. 

With that being said I just can't help but plead with everyone to give the gospel a chance.
The plan of salvation provides so much comfort, I can't stress how important it is. 

I love you all and I can guarantee that I will be hugging everyone dear to me extra tight from now on.

All my love,
Aleigh Joy

Dancing when the evening fell.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012
Eleven Whole Months!!!
Time for the happy dance!! 
Eleven is like a realllyy big number.
Last night before I went to bed I thought about how tomorrow would be the eleventh month mark.
I thought to myself, "ugh its exciting but there is still so much time to go. Its such a small number in the grand scheme of things."
When I woke up, my mindset was completely different.
We made it to Eleven months!
All of a sudden that number seemed huge to me. 
Its another month closer to being reunited :)
Distance truly can't separate two hearts that really care. 

It was quite a good day.
I went to work and for the first time ever my boss asked me if I have a boyfriend.
Ha. What a day to ask!
As my cheeks got rosy I smiled and said yes.
He wanted to know all about sweet Hunter and I told him how we haven't seen each other in 11 months today.
He was shocked and said he was extremely impressed.
Yeah, that is pretty impressive George :)
I got home and went for a long run where I reminisced over the past four years that Hunter and I have been "together" 
I took a shower and got some amazing ideas for his birthday :)
Then I made my favorite, tofu and veggies, with pilsbury biscuits haha. 
Now I am watching Home Alone happy as a clam :)

In Hunt's last email he mentioned how he is "lucky" to have me.
I kinda giggled when I thought, "noo I am lucky!"
I guess that's how it should be though, right? :)
So here's to eleven months of being extremely lucky!
I can't wait to see what's in store for the next 11 :)

All my love, 
Aleigh Joy


Deck the "walls"

Saturday, December 8, 2012
I'm a happy camper today.
 Father and I picked out the Christmas tree last night.
Its short and stubby. Like REALLY stubby.
As in, it took 3 MEN to get it through that netting stuff. 
Ha. I love it.
Father and I got hot cocoa and scones before we went and listened to a jolly Christmas CD in the car.
Mother is using burlap as ribbon on the tree this year.
She wins.  
I love Christmas.

When I got home I found a letter waiting for me on the counter from the sweet boy.
He makes my heart melt. 
I read it 10 times.
I think I have it memorized. 

Right before I went to bed I looked at my room.
Its still a mess since post package tornado hit.
However, I looked at all of my decor.
I am not a fan of the color of the walls, that shall be changed eventually...
Anyways, I saw all of the little decorations I had hanging on the walls.
I got really happy as I looked at each one and realized I MADE everything hanging on my walls.
It's not perfect but I am pleased. 

I cannot stop listening to this song. Holy mother of pearl is he a steamy man. It would be a crime not to have it on repeat.
My sweater I ordered a month ago from said website finally came. 
Does anyone have any wise words about nike frees? I want some but have been told they will hurt my chubby feet. 
The amount of adorable chunky scarves and sweaters in all the stores are killing me. I want them all.
I just wish it would snow in San Diego. They have snow at legoland i hear, maybe I'll go...

Every single one of those frames I created. 5 were thrifted and painted . 3 were scrapbook paper mod podged . I'm happy with the end result. (Don't mind the crooked hanging job)

I found this hanger thing at goodwill for $2. It used to have some farming print on it in terrible old time colors. I made it my own. 

A little ribbon and baby clothespins= a cute little decoration :)

Easiest earring hanger ever. I thrifted the frame and mother and I staple gunned burlap ironed with spray starch to it. We then stenciled the a. Done.

This used to belong in the frame with the clothespins. I like it here though :)

A piece of wood, chalkboard paint, regular paint, and ribbon for this baby.

Thrifted a $2 corkboard. Chalkboard spray painted it and got this beauty. 

Wait, did you take a look at this countdown... every single sticker in called is filled! Yayaayyy!!

Ahhh! Tonight I put a sticker on "to" :)

Oh, and not to mention today marks the first day out of the 400's. Told you I was a happy camper :)

Now I'm off to the mall.
Have a lovely day!

All my love,
Aleigh Joy


All I want for Christmas is you.

Friday, December 7, 2012

This year I have had an overwhelming amount of Christmas spirit. 
As in, it's only the first week of December and I have already watched all of my favorite Christmas movies... Twice (at least) it's such a joyful time.
 I can't get enough of all this holiday has to offer! 
I blame planning Hunter's Christmas package for this year since the day he left as the cause of my unhealthy obsession with all things Christmas. 
Just for the record though, it's never too early to start buying things for a missionary's package. That is, until you buy too much stuff. Now I'm sending two packages filled to the brim.
 Oh well, I'm seriously more excited than he probably is :)
I decided this one needs to be special, because who knows if he will be home for Christmas next year!
Wouldn't that just be marvelous :)
Anyhow, I took lots of pictures to show all the goodies and to remember how much fun I had doing this :)

Okay so here's the rules of his two packages. The medium one has stuff in it he can use now. Ya know, a little bit of home while he is away like his stocking he can hang :) The second one is strictly for Christmas morning. His presents and stocking stuffers are in that one :) 
So without further adieu:

The First Package!

The stocking! I'm so proud of this cute thing! Easiest thing ever! I just got the stocking at Target and a little kids tie as well. I cut the white part to look like a shirt and hot glued the tie in place. Then I made the tag and printed it on photo paper. I hot glued that as well :) See, easy!

Package number two!

The stocking stuffers with cheesy little notes attached!
Wrapping everything in shiny ribbon is a must!

The presents!
1) The ties. A real tie, and napkin ties!
2) A framed picture of me with the words "All I want for Christmas is you"
3) A Book of Mormon with my testimony written inside. I told him to hand it to someone. And, a Christmas talk by President Monson.
4) My favorite present! A Shutterfly photobook! Ahh so obsessed with this!

The picture in the frame :)

Oh wait, wanna see that photo book??
I had everyone in his family write a little something to him and send me pictures.
I organized everything into a little book! This way when his companions ask about home, the book will do the talking.
I even had a few extra pages to add even "Moore Memories"

The final wrapped presents with homemade tags :)

The super fun part was decorating the flaps of the box!
I came up with cheesy little sayings and even with my kindergartner handwriting, attempted to make it cute :)

The completed package :)

And here are the two boxes! 
Yay! So excited!!

PS in the mean time, my room looked like this:

I had so much fun with this package!
I can hardly wait to send it!! :)
I seriously can't wait to hear his voice on Christmas!!! :)
Call me crazy, but now that this one is done, I'm already thinking about Valentine's day...

Merry Christmas Everyone :)

All my love, Aleigh Joy

All of the lights

Thursday, December 6, 2012
I love to see the temple
Especially this time of year when the lights put you in a trance. 
There are few times I still consider myself a youth, but when baptisms come up I take full advantage of the fact that I'm still 18. 
The temple is such a beautiful place.
It truly is the House of the Lord. 
What a lovely night :)

All my love,
Aleigh Joy

PS I realize I mention Hunter way too often but cut me some slack. He's almost been gone an entire year kay?
As soon as we pulled up to the temple and I saw the pretty lights, I just couldn't help but reminisce on this wonderful time last year only a month before he left: