Link Up: A Thankful Heart

Saturday, November 7, 2015
Three years ago I decided to do a series of posts during the month of November about all the simple joys in life that I am genuinely so very thankful for. 
Each week, usually on Sunday, I would post a few things that made my heart feel that much more full.
It could be something as small as the meal I ate the night before or as big as my faith and family.
Either way, it reminded me of the many blessings I have been given and somehow my days felt brighter and my heart felt happier.
There are far, far too many things that I take for granted and it's about time they get some recognition.
Although I fully realize that I should be giving each of these things recognition no matter what time of year it is, November just seemed fitting :)
So once a week from now on, you will be hearing bits and pieces about the things that are giving me "A Thankful Heart"

This year I decided to include every other blogger that wants to participate in this series by creating a link up so we can all read each other's reasons to be thankful easier.
All the rules will be listed below my reasons to be thankful for on this same post.
The linkup will go live every Sunday at 12 am MST. 
Bloggers will be able to submit their own "thankful heart" posts each week.
I'm hoping this link up will be a fun place to make friends, reflect on all you have to be thankful for, inspire and uplift, and grow your blogging community.
Happy Posting!

1) My Little Family
Obviously this had to be first. I really do love this little family I created more than anything. Life with two extra people (and it's only going to grow from here on out!) can get pretty crazy and stressful but I really wouldn't change it for the world. I can't believe how much love I have for both my husband and my daughter. I truly believe that the reason we are on this earth is to create families, because my family brings the utmost joy into my life!

2) Our Little Home
Oh hey look, a VERY pregnant (39 weeks to be exact) Aleigh in Oaklyn girl's nursery! I complain about where we live very often. In fact, I don't skip a week telling Hunter how excited I'll be when we get to leave this place. But truth is, I'm so beyond grateful that we are able to live here! The neighbor above us wakes me up every morning because of her loud footsteps, the lawnmower wakes Oaklyn up early from her nap every Thursday, and it is practically like living in cave with zero natural light (basement living), but we have made more memories here than I can count. Hunter carried me across the threshold when we were newlyweds, I saw my first positive pregnancy test here, we decorated for our first Christmas here, we brought or first child home to this condo, and we've had countless dance parties I'll never forget. For now, this is home and I'm so so grateful for it.

3) Seasons
My San Diego friends are either thinking I'm crazy for being thankful for seasons or are extremely jealous ha! I am seriously loving experiencing all seasons. San Diego has summer, summer, spring, and summer... When I came to Utah and was actually able to wear boots in the fall because I needed to and not just to look cute, I had a feeling I'd like experiencing seasons. Not to mention, the fall leaves are just about the prettiest thing ever! So even though the snow is like realllyy cold, I totally love living in Utah for the time being because seasons give me something to look forward to.

For the Joy of Life

Link Up Rules:

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 2) Visit and comment on at least 5 other blogs. This link up is meant to create a blog community so don't be shy!
 3) In your post, please either share The"Thankful Heart" button above by inserting the code or link back to this post on your blog post.
4) Make your post more appealing and creative by adding whatever pictures you please and as many reasons to be thankful as you'd like! (remember that the post you link up should be about what you are thankful for!)
(#5 is optional but, very much recommended!)
 5) Share your post on instagram using #thankfulheartseries (with your choice of picture) and go check out other posts! Be a friend and comment on or like their posts :)

All my love,
Aleigh Joy


  1. Love it!! Okalyn's nursery is so cute!

    1. Thank you! I spent way too much time in there while I was pregnant ;)

  2. I love having seasons too! I sometimes (oftentimes) despise winter when it is winter, but I couldn't imagine not having 4 seasons.

    1. Same here! The first snow is always the best and the last snow is long awaited haha. But I'm so grateful to be experiencing them :)

  3. You have an adorable family! And I love seasons too! Living in Texas, we miss having a true winter season so I treasure the days that I get to bundle with scarves and hats!

    1. I bet! Being from san diego I know how you feel! haha. and thank you so so much! :)

  4. I love love love this whole post! You are gorgeous and have a beautiful family. I feel so blessed to have gotten to meet and know you (a little, hopefully more!).


    1. Thank you SO much! You are the sweetest and I would loveee to get to know you more! We need to figure out some sort of collab soon :)

  5. loving what you have created. you are blessed beyond measure and we love reading about it maam!

  6. I love this idea! Perfect for the month of November! If I can figure out how to install the code for the "Thankful Heart" button I will add my post. It fits right in!

  7. All wonderful things to be thankful for!