All I want for Christmas is you.

Friday, December 7, 2012

This year I have had an overwhelming amount of Christmas spirit. 
As in, it's only the first week of December and I have already watched all of my favorite Christmas movies... Twice (at least) it's such a joyful time.
 I can't get enough of all this holiday has to offer! 
I blame planning Hunter's Christmas package for this year since the day he left as the cause of my unhealthy obsession with all things Christmas. 
Just for the record though, it's never too early to start buying things for a missionary's package. That is, until you buy too much stuff. Now I'm sending two packages filled to the brim.
 Oh well, I'm seriously more excited than he probably is :)
I decided this one needs to be special, because who knows if he will be home for Christmas next year!
Wouldn't that just be marvelous :)
Anyhow, I took lots of pictures to show all the goodies and to remember how much fun I had doing this :)

Okay so here's the rules of his two packages. The medium one has stuff in it he can use now. Ya know, a little bit of home while he is away like his stocking he can hang :) The second one is strictly for Christmas morning. His presents and stocking stuffers are in that one :) 
So without further adieu:

The First Package!

The stocking! I'm so proud of this cute thing! Easiest thing ever! I just got the stocking at Target and a little kids tie as well. I cut the white part to look like a shirt and hot glued the tie in place. Then I made the tag and printed it on photo paper. I hot glued that as well :) See, easy!

Package number two!

The stocking stuffers with cheesy little notes attached!
Wrapping everything in shiny ribbon is a must!

The presents!
1) The ties. A real tie, and napkin ties!
2) A framed picture of me with the words "All I want for Christmas is you"
3) A Book of Mormon with my testimony written inside. I told him to hand it to someone. And, a Christmas talk by President Monson.
4) My favorite present! A Shutterfly photobook! Ahh so obsessed with this!

The picture in the frame :)

Oh wait, wanna see that photo book??
I had everyone in his family write a little something to him and send me pictures.
I organized everything into a little book! This way when his companions ask about home, the book will do the talking.
I even had a few extra pages to add even "Moore Memories"

The final wrapped presents with homemade tags :)

The super fun part was decorating the flaps of the box!
I came up with cheesy little sayings and even with my kindergartner handwriting, attempted to make it cute :)

The completed package :)

And here are the two boxes! 
Yay! So excited!!

PS in the mean time, my room looked like this:

I had so much fun with this package!
I can hardly wait to send it!! :)
I seriously can't wait to hear his voice on Christmas!!! :)
Call me crazy, but now that this one is done, I'm already thinking about Valentine's day...

Merry Christmas Everyone :)

All my love, Aleigh Joy


  1. Wayyy cute!! You're so creative Aleigh!

    1. Thanks Tracy! :) I sure hope I get to see you for Christmas!!