Living Life in Color

Thursday, June 30, 2016

I'll admit it, after having my daughter, I noticed my closet slowly transitioning to having more and more black.
While I actually love black clothing and don't think there is anything really wrong with owning it, I did notice I became afraid of patterns and fun colors. 
It's just something about the new body I had to learn to love that made me think black was my only option.
Slowly, I tried to change that with each new day.
I became okay with the fact that my hips were permanently a little wider and I accepted the fact that my ever-growing black wardrobe, just wasn't gonna cut it. 
I know you've heard me say it before, but I'm going to go ahead and say it again... I struggled with PPD after Oaklyn was born and getting dressed became such a chore when it used to be something I looked forward to each day. 
I love that the clothing we all choose is a perfect expression of our personalities and that there are tons of different styles out there to be tried.
I'd like to hope that others think that I have a "colorful" personality.
I strive to bring light and happiness into any room I enter and I want my clothes to reflect that.
Thankfully with LulaRoe, they can!

I'm sure this has happened to just about everyone reading this post... you log on to Facebook and you notice someone has added you to a new group.
You enter the page and the first thing you notice is a whole bunch of bright and colorful clothing.
You keep scrolling and you notice people rapidly writing "SOLD" on an item and after they pay the group owner, the item is all theirs!
Wait, did you get that... You log on to Facebook, look at the pictures of clothes, decide what you like, and purchase it straight from there!
No getting out of your jammies, no putting makeup on, no crying from the kids in the back seat as you head over to the mall... you literally get to stay home and have the item delivered straight to your doorstep!

So what's the craze over all this brightly colored clothing and leggings being referred to as "buttery soft?" 
Well, you will quickly find that the LulaRoe items you purchased are just about the most comfortable clothing in your closet.
Comfy and cute? Sign me up!
Not only that, but these clothes are modest and fit like a dream.
Every bit of my postpartum self feels comfortable in my LulaRoe clothes, so much that I may never take the leggings off ;)
LulaRoe offers several different styles of clothes so you are bound to find something that fits your preference.
From flowy dresses to pencil skirts, and cardigans to t-shirts, your consultant has got it all!
Once you find the style you like, the next huge decision is which print you like!
I am constantly amazed at how many prints LulaRoe has to offer. 
So if you like one, act fast, because your consultant will never get that same print twice!

LulaRoe is unlike most businesses in the sense that they are not sold on store fronts.
LulaRoe was founded off the idea of wanting to encourage woman to run their own businesses.
When you become a consultant with LulaRoe, you now own your own business that you get to run on your own.
How cool is that?
"LuLaRoe exists to provide an opportunity for people to create freedom by selling comfortable, affordable, stylish clothing, and offering its consultants the independence to set their own pace and schedule. This creates the time to spend with those closest to them, the very thing DeAnne had once desired for herself!"

Have I sold you on these clothes yet?
If so, let me now help you find a place to buy them!
I was able to work directly with Jamie Eberle, a LulaRoe consultant, and have loved my experience with her!
She has an awesome selection to choose from and is right there if you need any help or have any questions.
Here's a little about Jamie:
"My name is Jamie Eberle and I live in Broken Bow, Nebraska with my husband Troy and our 2 boys, Maclin & McCray.  I was introduced to LuLaRoe from a good friend that was an consultant and purchased some items from her and I immediately fell in love with their clothes. It helped me branch out of my comfort zone of black and white solid colors to fun and unique pattern. Not to mention all the amazingly soft fabrics.  I love the variety you get of patterns so your always different.  I wanted to bring this clothing to where i live so i became a consultant so other women in my community could have the fun i was having with the clothing."
I love that Jamie really believes in this brand and is so excited to sell it!
Everything I am wearing (and constantly wear) in these photos are from her Facebook group.
I loved that she packaged the items super cute, and even wrote a sweet note!
So head on over to her Facebook group to purchase your first item from LulaRoe!
You can also stay up to date on the new merchandise she is receiving by following her instagram account.
I'm also super excited to let all of you guys know that if you make a purchase with Jamie and mention my post, you will receive 15% off your order and have a chance at winning a free pair of leggings!
So, run! Don't walk ;)
One more time... the link to her Facebook group to shop is right here :)

I hope you all fall in love with these clothes just as I have!
Don't forget to always dress and live colorfully :)

All my love,
Aleigh Joy

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

One of the best parts about growing up in a vacation spot is all the exploring we get to do when we go home!
If you follow me on snapchat (aleighjoy) you probably saw we took a little vacation to San Diego a week and a half ago!
Hunter and I are high school sweethearts and my parents just moved, so our parents now live literally 3 minutes away.
It is so perfect because we get to see both families in just one trip!
Even though we grew up in San Diego, it is even more fun going back to visit because we get to act like tourists and explore places we didn't all the time while living there.
Before moving to Utah, I had a full time job which hardly left any time to explore like I would have wanted to.
We have made it more of a goal to do fun things while there now and one of the super fun activities we did this time around was go to a Padres game!

Hunter loves baseball and the whole atmosphere so he was super excited to go.
We knew it would be a little difficult with our busy body toddler so we brought grandma and grandpa along too ;)
I had forgotten how beautiful the ballpark is!
It is literally right in the heart of San Diego.
It is right downtown and you can see the San Diego Bay, all the sky scrapers downtown, the Coronado Bridge, and Coronado island.
Is that not the coolest location?
The park also has a grass field where you can sit and have your kids run around.
There is also "the beach" where there is sand to play in. So cool!
You will also find mini fields for children to play on during the game!
Petco Park is both family friendly and adult friendly, I just love that there is something for everyone. 

Now let's talk about food!
I couldn't believe all the different food options!
When I think of a baseball game I think of hotdogs, popcorn, peanuts, and you know... cracker jack ;)
However, there was literally something for every single tastebud.
I still stuck with my (yummy) hot dog but the street tacos, ice cream sandwiches, and philly cheesesteaks were all super tempting!
Oaklyn stuck with popcorn and water and seemed to really enjoy it ;)

It was so fun to be there as a family and to meet up with one of Hunter's best friends while there!
Oaklyn and I did a whole lot of walking around the park and I loved exploring all of it... as did she ;)
Hunter and his dad were also super excited to see a home run from the Padres!
Baseball games are such a fun family activity, we will definitely be headed back another time!
Thank you San Diego Padres for an awesome afternoon!

All my love,
Aleigh Joy


A Little Kindness Never Hurt Nobody

Monday, June 20, 2016

I've been thinking quite a bit about this topic lately and it just so happens that I made a guest appearance on Steffanie's (from The Urban Haremocktail periscope series and the topic was on being kind.
This topic has been on quite a few mother's (or parents in general) minds lately based off the current tragedies that have made the news.
(If you are unaware please refer to the articles here and here)
It is interesting, and quite frankly, annoying, that the parents of these children have become the subject of ridicule online as they mourn the loss of their child.
No parent wants to outlive their child. Ever.
The thought alone makes my heart ache.

So what's interesting to me, is that others can't seem to offer their condolences to these families but instead feel the need to tell them that the death of their child was their own fault.
Seeing the cruel remarks of those hiding behind a computer screen makes me sick, and it needs to stop. Now. 
These words are harsh and unfair, and truly will do nothing beneficial in the end. 
You see, It’s easy to throw other parents under the bus when something horrific happens because we want to believe that we are somehow better. 
It's easy for parents to believe that their "superior parenting" can prevent a tragedy and that bad things can only happen to an "irresponsible parent."
Want to know the truth?
Bad things happen to good parents, good families, good people... and when those bad things strike they deserve our empathy, and never our judgement.

I want to share a quick story with you:
Somewhere around 10 months ago, when Oaklyn wasn't quite mobile, I was able to set her on top of my bed without worry.
In the mornings, she would lay next to me as I would relieve myself from the night and pump to supply food for her. 
She would smile and grab her toys as we laid there together.
One morning I got bored while pumping and turned my head for a split second to grab my phone. 
When I looked back she was already off the bed, in mid air, about to fall on the floor.
Her little body hit and she instantly began to scream.
I jumped off the bed and frantically grabbed her.
We spent the rest of the morning rocking on the rocking chair as I probably whispered "I'm sorry" 100 times in her little ear.
The reason I share this story with you, is because it is an example, though far less tragic, that resembles what is currently happening.
I'm sure it would be easy for a lot of you to say that I should have just kept my eyes on her and that wouldn't have happened. 
I'm also sure that some may say I shouldn't be so glued to my phone and that my daughter wouldn't have fallen.
But what I'll tell you, is that it was an accident.
It was an accident I wish would've never happened, but it did and accidents happen often.
Especially when you are a parent balancing a million things every single day.

There is no such thing as a perfect earthly parent.
So to all of you other imperfect parents out there, I beg you, to stop shaming and blaming all other mothers and fathers that are just trying to do their best daily. 
My heart breaks for all of the families that lose their children to bizarre and horrific accidents daily.
We all often point fingers, but try instead, to take the high road and show kindness to those in need.
Instead of criticizing and ridiculing, try uplifting and rallying around others.
It's much easier to smile than frown, and it is much easier to share a good thought than to deny it. 
Try your hardest to be soft and kind instead of letting the world make you bitter and hard. 
If the words you wrote on social media appeared on your skin, would others still think you are beautiful?
We all say that we want to teach our children to be kind and uplifting, well the best way to do so, is to practice what you preach. 
So I encourage all of you to back up other parents instead of tearing them down.
Parenting is hard enough, we don't need bystanders making it harder. 
And always remember, a little kindness never hurt nobody.

All my love,
Aleigh Joy 

Here's to You Dad!

Saturday, June 18, 2016

I've always adored my dad, and I've always been excited to see my husband become a dad, but I didn't really understand everything that dads do, until I became a mother.
I think we can all agree that dads are pretty awesome.
There really isn't anything quite like a hug from your daddy.
And from the motherhood standpoint, they always seem to walk in at the perfect moment.
You know... that moment when you are at your wits end...
And, they play with the kids.
They ask you how your day has been.
They pretend to be a trampoline, a superhero, and a basketball hoop all as he listens to you rant about the 10 poopy diapers you changed that day.

From a child's eye, it seems that you can always count on your dad to be the first one to say no... (haha) and the first one to catch you when you fall.
Dad's are tough, they support, encourage, love, smile after a long day, give you ice cream and cereal for dinner, and supply the absolute best hugs. 
Dads offer protection and instill confidence.
My dad always had words of wisdom to offer and made sure there was a roof over our heads.
I didn't know it at the time, but he dealt with the stress of bills, work, and you know... taking care of us.
In my mind, he was already a superhero.
But, now that I see my husband doing those same things, I am even more blown away by all the unnoticed things my dad did for us growing up. 

I want to paint a scenario in your head.
It's 5:30 and you haven't even thought about what you're going to feed your family for dinner.
The baby has been throwing tantrums more than ever today, you dealt with and cleaned up yet another blow out, you managed to get the grocery shopping done in [almost] one piece, you watched the same Disney movies over and over again, you thought you might get a break during nap time but today the toddler decided she doesn't want to nap, there's spilt milk in more places than you can count but if you clean it it'll just magically appear again, and there's a mountain [or two] of laundry piled up on the bed.
You're about to pull your hair out, or run away, because it has just been one of those days...
And then, the door opens.
The kids run to the door and the toddler isn't far behind saying "dadadadada" over and over as you take a deep breath and realize your help just arrived. 
As you flash a relieved smile, he scoops the kids up and they tell him all about their day. 
You watch from a distance as he pretends he didn't just have another hard day at work, because he knows and expects there is still more work to be done.
He plays with the kids as you prepare dinner, he washes the dishes as you dry, he helps with bath time, he sings the little songs and reads the tiny books, he prays for his babies and he hugs you tight.
And you mama? You just smile and thank The Lord for dads.


It's easy, especially for me, to overlook all that dads actually do.
They have endless jobs they are performing and roles they are fulfilling, yet, they still make time for family and raising their children.
They are their daughters first love and their sons first hero.
Behind every great child, is a loving dad that supported them the whole way.
So here's to you dad!
To my dad, to the dad of my child, to my grandfathers, to your grandfathers and husbands... to dads everywhere, thank you!
For loving, protecting, serving, providing, encouraging, simplifying, rescuing, exemplifying, and smiling.
Happy Father's day to dads everywhere, you are and will always be, a superhero.

All my love,
Aleigh Joy


Modern Modesty

Monday, June 13, 2016

Every single day when I get dressed, I choose to dress modestly. 
Dressing modestly can vary based off your own outlook, religious views, and the way you've been raised, but for me it means making sure I am covered where I need to be.
We're currently living in a world where dresses at knee length, and anything other than strapless bridesmaid dresses are hard to find. 
I often hold up what is supposed to be a "dress" while shopping and mistake it for a long tunic.
And don't even get me started on trying to find a pair of shorts that actually cover my bum...

Now that I have a child, and a daughter nonetheless, I feel even more obligated to dress modestly! 
I know it is possible to look and feel good in what you're wearing without being revealing.
It can even be fun!
You really don't have to show your goods to get people to notice you.
Instead, wear a midi skirt that has a beautiful pattern or a top with gorgeous butterfly sleeves.
I find that when I'm wearing something that actually fits, I'm more confident. 
I have a pair of new eyes watching me at all times now, my little girl, and I'm determined to teach her that dressing modestly should not be a hassle, but instead fun and will show class.
I want to teach her that fashion is a way to express herself and can tell a whole lot about a person.
My hope is that she will care for her body and attract a man that cares for her just the same, not just her figure. 

I'm constantly on the lookout for beautiful clothes that are also modest.
I get so excited when I find a boutique that meets all my fashion requirements and I love sharing them with all of you!
Dainty Jewell's is an online boutique with gorgeous and modest clothing.
I guarantee there is something for everyone on their site because there are so many flattering styles!
I was beyond impressed with how accurate their measurement guide is and the great quality of the clothes. 
In a nutshell, here is what Dainty Jewell's is all about:
"Dainty Jewell’s got our start when young Charity began simply upcycling tops, skirts, and dresses by adding embellishments. These bows, ruffles, and attention to dainty details on these garments were the start of a signature line that continues to the present in all of Dainty Jewell's original designs. What began as a creative outlet for a young girl to make beautiful yet modest clothing to fit her own godly lifestyle, has grown into a full ministry for women across the world who strive to present themselves as intentional ladies."

I fell in love with the Serendipity Dress  the moment I laid eyes on it!
It has a vintage feel and fits like a dream.
Not to mention, polka dots! All the heart eyes for polka dots ;)
I'm also loving all of their bridesmaid dress options. 
If I could redo my wedding I would totally pick this dress!

It's so rare finding a company that sells classy and stylish clothing without showing too much skin.
Thank you Dainty Jewell's for standing out amongst the others!
Check out their full site here.

All my love,
Aleigh Joy

Guest Post: Off the Shoulder Dress

Friday, June 3, 2016
Happy Friday Everyone!
I'm so excited to have Annie on the blog today!
I'm really loving this entire look she put together because I've always loved white and I have thing for pairing it with a pop of red.
Annie's blog is darling and her family is even cuter!
Make sure to follow along to catch more of the cuteness!
Next week I'll be on vacation with my little family, but I still have some fun posts planned for you.
Can't wait!
All my love,
Aleigh Joy

I am The Real Housewife of Fresno; I am a wife, mama, Realtor, and lifestyle blogger.  My blog is about family, friends, food, fashion, and my favorite finds.  I was born and raised in Fresno, CA and I truly love this place I call home.  I married my high school sweetheart, Kevin in 2009 and we welcomed our first bundle of joy, Emily Grace in 2011 and our second baby girl, Madison Anne in 2014.  I wear a million different hats a day but typically love all my roles.  My obsessions include reality tv, anything sweet, high heels, handbags, arm candy, sunnies, lip gloss, buffalo chicken salad, hot tea (I hate coffee), Instagram, Pinterest, and a good book, a pool, and a cocktail!

Speaking of my obsessions, fashion and especially this look are on that list.  Don't think I'm giving you the cold shoulder in this look.  It's just my favorite trend of the season- the off the shoulder dress.  This dress combines so many of my faves- off the shoulder, crisp white, sweet eyelet, and flirty and fun.  Not only is it fashionable but it's also comfortable and it didn't break the bank; that's a triple threat.  This dress is perfect for a casual summer bbq or even dressed up for a charity event or fun night out.  What is your favorite trend this summer?

You know me I've always loved a pop of color and that hasn't changed for me this season.  My favorite pop right now is coral.  I also love a wedge especially with this look.  I found these coral wedges at my local Forever 21.

 It's all in the details....

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Guest Post: Beautiful Boho Dress

Wednesday, June 1, 2016
Happy Wednesday friends!
I have another fun guest post for you today with Rema, the writer behind Jewelry & Jeans!
I'm obsessed with the dress she is wearing! 
I thought it would be fun to add in some guest posts every now and again to introduce some other bloggers to all of you guys.
I hope you enjoy and have a wonderful week!!
All my love,
Aleigh Joy

Hello, I'm Rema.  A wife and mom to two little men and the writer behind Jewelry & Jeans. I am a fashion enthusiast and beauty novice, who loves playing with new styles. I enjoy design and exploring my creative side and its an added bonus when I can do so without breaking the bank. I began blogging as a way to share my style with family and friends but I love that I have been able to connect with people from all over. Stop by and say hello at, I love meeting new friends.  

I love a good dress and this printed gypsie style dress is a definite win in my book.  The flowy sleeves and effortless style make it easy to live in.  I've been pairing all my boho dresses with my go-to fall booties.  I love to incorporate pieces from different seasons into my wardrobe year round if possible and shoes are an easy one to add. Once it gets really hot here (100+ degrees) I can easily throw on sandals or wedges and get an equally great look.  Plus, I recently wore this dress to the Carrie Underwood concert and it looked great with my cowboy boots! So many options make this a versatile must have!