The Moores in Real Life: A diaper explosion

Thursday, October 29, 2015

I saw a quote somewhere the other day about social media and how it can really make others feel down on themselves. 
It is so true that you only really see the good parts in everyone's day on social media.
It's the worst when your day isn't exactly going as planned and then you see your favorite stars or even friends with the best pictures having the most fun.
But what we missed was what led up to that picture.
They could've had to fight their kids to even take the picture, they may have gotten to church 20 minutes late because who knows what happened, the kitchen could be a complete mess but all you see is the corner of clean house in the picture, etc...
I'm guilty of this.
Very guilty actually.
Sometimes I'll post a picture and laugh to myself like "oh if only everyone knew that Oaklyn would not stop screaming right before this was taken." But my caption says something along the lines of "beautiful day with my darling baby!" and no one will ever know...

So, I decided to start a new series on this blog. 
It may not occur every week and it might be on different days, but I will be sharing the "real" of our lives amidst the fashion posts, reviews, recipes, and other posts that were pretty darn staged ;)

My first "real life" post is going to be on our Tuesday night this week. 
Ha, I'm already laughing to myself just thinking back to it.

Hunter had an intramural basketball game that Oaklyn and I went to go watch.
We were late, like really late, because Oaklyn was refusing a nap that I thought she really needed to take.
I finally gave up and left only to make it for like 10 minutes of Hunter playing.
Oh well, at least I got out of the house.
Since I knew I would be going later than Hunter, we took two separate cars. 
Hunter put Oaklyn in her car seat. She was already crying.
He said goodbye to us and we were on our way.
Now Oaklyn is screaming.
We get home and I stick Oaks in her bumbo to give her some dinner while also making cookies and cleaning up from our dinner.
She seemed happy as could be and I was able to get everything done I needed to. 
All of a sudden Hunter looks at me, "EW! did you toot? It stinks!"
I let him know I didn't ha and said "maybe it was Oaklyn."
Oaklyn is currently on day 11 of explosive diarrhea.
Talk about gross. I think you can see where this story is going...
The smell left for the most part and we continued on.
Oaklyn started to get fussy and was trying to get out of the bumbo.
"Hold on baby, I'm almost done with the dishes."
I was thinking she was just really tired because she didn't take an afternoon nap.
I finished the dishes and picked Oaks up. It took me two seconds to see that she was in fact the reason there was a terrible smell.
She pooped.
Like, all over.
It was up her back, down her legs, up her stomach, and pouring out of every inch of the diaper.
She was wearing SUCH a cute outfit and being the mom that I am my first thought may or may not have been "great another ruined outfit."
We've gone through several this week...
No wonder she was trying to get out of the bumbo...
I took her pants off and suddenly felt dizzy.
"Hunter, you need to take her, I think I'm going to throw up."
It really was that bad.
He grabbed her and started making gagging noises when he saw her diaper and everything leaking out of it.
We made a plan.
We would take off the diaper, put it in a plastic bag, and quickly transfer her to the running water in the kitchen sink so that the water could clean her for us.
Hunter took her shirt off and was holding her under her arms as she stood on the counter.
I undid the diaper straps and the diaper dropped in the grocery bag.
I really almost threw up at this point.
It was SO bad!
So, picture Hunter and I making gagging noises looking at each other with terrified faces all while Oaklyn just stands there on the counter like "What guys? You do it too..."
Hunter immediately put her in the running water in the sink and turned his head so he couldn't see the poop going down the drain.
He looked back at her and noticed some of it wasn't coming off.
He was still holding Oaklyn under her arms and she was still just staring at us so confused.
I took the sprayer and sprayed the rest off all while making gagging noises still because EW this was a BAD diaper!
Oaklyn started giggling at the feeling of the sprayed water on her naked skin and it definitely lightened the mood.
Hunter and I looked at each other and laughed a little amidst the chaos of a veryy poopy baby.
Once it all appeared to be off her skin we plugged the drain and let her splash around in the sink happy as a clam.
I took the diaper outside to get rid of it forever, pinching my nose so I wouldn't smell the terrible stench.
After it was all said and done, Hunter and I just looked at each other laughing and said "oh the joys of parenthood."
We then gave each other a high five because it may have taken two of us to get her all clean but we got it done and didn't get any on us ha!
Our little baby was just splashing away in the sink and we stood there in the kitchen laughing and playing with her.
I couldn't help but think to myself, "This. This is my real life. And, it is so hilariously, imperfectly perfect."

Now excuse me while I go figure out why Oaklyn is yet again fighting a nap...

All my love,
Aleigh Joy

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  1. You are such a beautiful family! I have seen that quote before too and it really made me take a different perspective. Of course we only see the good things on social media! Thanks for the reminder. You should definitely come link it up this post at The Style Files Link-Up on my blog!

    xo, Lauryn