Tuesday, March 25, 2014
I really enjoy cooking for my sweet husband.
It makes me so happy seeing his face light up when he eats a warm meal that really didn't even require that much effort from me.
I love when he comes home to a clean house, laundry done, bed made, dishes done, and a candle burning.
I love the few decorations we have and that hanging our stuff up makes this condo feel like home. 
I also realllyy enjoy crafts!
That part he might not totally enjoy though haha.

Anyhow, I'm really enjoying this wife thing. 
It makes me feel important and special in my husbands eyes and I'm so grateful that he recognizes and appreciates what I do and in turn, that makes me want to do Moore :)
I'm loving the newlywed life!

Oh, and here's a few pictures of a wreath my Lauren friend and I made yesterday!
Each time I walk through the door I can't help but smile :)

Happy Tuesday!

All my love,
Aleigh Joy


Bridesmaid Gifts.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014
I was going through my old pictures today and came across a few quick ones I snapped of my bridesmaid gifts, so I decided I would share!
I really enjoyed planning and making these little guys.
The necklaces were purchased early on and the color was absolutely perfect.
They ended up looking adorable with the dresses and they will look cute paired with any outfit in the future!
Just like the dresses, I sure wish I would have gotten myself one. 

Wrapping these babies was quite fun.
I got all my supplies at Micheal's and went to town.
Each bridesmaid got a box with their necklace inside.
The outside had their nickname on a gift tag and a card from me.
The inside of the card said 
"I said yes, I'm glad you did too because I need you there the day I say I Do
My sister was my maid of honor so the inside of her card said 
"I'm such a lucky bride to have my sister right by my side."
I definitely teared up writing each card and loved the way the wrapping turned out :)

All my love,
Aleigh Joy


The Bridal Party: What They Wore

I've had a lot of people ask me how I chose my bridesmaids and if I was afraid I would offend anyone by not choosing them. 
Hunter and I both decided we would stick with strictly family.
Using family alone, we had 6 bridesmaids and 6 groomsmen. 
I could have kept adding on, but then Hunter would have had to add more as well.
It seemed easier to keep it just family and I really love each person we had in our bridal party.
Family members are always willing to help, and want the best for you. 
We had a group message going between the bridesmaids discussing things from nail polish to hair and each time they were all so willing to help and excited for Hunter and I. 
The pairing of bridesmaids to groomsmen worked perfectly because most of the bridesmaids were married to the groomsmen and the ones that weren't, were siblings!
No awkward picture taking involved :)
Everyone was so comfortable around each other already and it made for some fun memories :)
Let's talk about what the bridal party wore.

Oh bridesmaid dresses...
I didn't want them too fancy, but I didn't want them too casual either.
We went from a pencil skirt option that ended up only having large and xl by the time I said yes to them, to a dress that looked nothing like it did online, in person. 
One day my Sister in law, Michelle came across a dress on Jane that I absolutely loved and it was bought within 15 minutes. 
I LOVE those dresses!
I wish I would have gotten one for myself 
They looked flattering on everyone and were paired perfectly with the necklaces I gave them as their gift. 
They each wore Essie's Fashion Playground on their nails and chose any style nude shoes they wanted. 
I wanted each of them to do their hair and makeup as they felt best and it all worked perfectly. 

In the very beginning I wanted charcoal suits. 
Hunter switched it up to light grey suits.
Then he got a suit that so wasn't light grey at all.
Men's warehouse tried to sell me on tuxedos.
I don't like tuxedos, and they're overpriced.
So, we went with black suits because it was 10 times easier, looks classy, and just made sense. 
All they really had to worry about was bringing a white shirt and getting their peach bow tie we ordered off amazon. 
Life is so much easier as a guy.

Flower Girls:
Oh man, I gained the cutest nieces in the world.
These 5 pretty little girls wore mint and white striped dresses from Carters.
Their mommies put them in white tights and had them in white shoes.
Michelle, my talented sister in law, made their cute bows.
She has an etsy shop that you should check out! 

Ring Bearer:
Landon was a heart stopper in his khaki suit from Target.
Everything on him was actually from target and he looked SO precious.
Michelle made his cute bow tie.

The Bride:
My dress, oh my dress...
I thought I knew what I wanted, but I guess I had no idea.
The day my ring was purchased I walked into a bridal shop.
Everything with lace caught my eye but sleeve length, gown shape, and everything else was up in the air.
One of the first things my mom and I did was go to David's Bridal. 
Since I was getting married in such a short amount of time we had to purchase a dress off the rack.
I got SO lucky with that.
I only tried on 4 dresses. 
All of them were completely different.
I wasn't sold on the one I chose at first, but as I kept looking in the mirror I couldn't get myself to take it off. 
It was strapless and trying to envision it with sleeves was hard, but lucky for me my best friend's mom is a seamstress and said she would work her magic. 
It had a corset, some beading, and of course lace!
Not to mention, it fit perfectly and all that had to be altered was the length. 
I rang the bell as I said yes to the dress and both my mom and I cried.
Once it came back from alterations the jacket was underway.
I was terrified of a jacket.
But, I LOVE the way it turned out.
The sleeve length was perfect and I personally loved it paired with the dress.
I wore a pearl and rhinestone headband with a matching bracelet. 
My earrings were teardrop rhinestones with little rhinestones outlining. 
My shoes were the same ones I wore to prom my junior year.
I wore all MAC makeup and my hair was done by the lovely Karen Mace that works out of her home. 
I felt like a princess :)

MY Groom:
I couldn't stop staring at my new husband on our wedding day.
I was in newlywed bliss as the thought "he's finally all mine" kept reoccurring. 
He wore a 3 button black suit, with a bow tie, no vest, and of course his new ring ;) 
It was simple, and that's what I loved about it. 
His bow tie was amazing, if I do say so myself.
I knew I wanted him to have a polka dot bow tie pretty much forever.
When I found this one from OTAA I died.
When I saw it on him, I swooned.
It was perfect, and it's from Australia!

And there ya have it!
Great Success :)

All my love,
Aleigh Joy


The First Look

Wednesday, March 12, 2014
You know that new trend all over pinterest to have this big "first look" moment where the groom first sees his bride in her white dress?
I kinda love it. 
We won a couples photo shoot when Hunter was on his mission.
Since life happened way quicker than anyone could have guessed, we used that free shoot to take some bridals/groomals/first look pictures and a few fun ones out in the pouring rain.
It was a really fun experience because not only did we have one photographer there, but we had our actual wedding photographer as well.
I love the idea of a first look shoot.
It's a moment I definitely wanted captured on camera and I loved the way they turned out!
I was so excited to show Hunter what I looked like as HIS bride and his reaction was priceless. 
I know tradition says the groom shouldn't see you in your dress before the big day, but I really don't mind because these pictures are beyond worth it to me :)
We went to several high school dances where we got all dressed up together but we only dreamed of what each other would look like for our wedding.
I swooned over him in his polka dot bow tie and he twirled me around in my white dress. 
I'm so glad I'll never forget this moment :)

photography by: Morgan Rupp


One Week of Marriage

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

As of Saturday, we have been married for one whole week :)
That's one week out of hundreds of blissful weeks to come!
I took a "preparation for eternal marriage" institute class the semester before Hunter came home from his mission.
I LOVED that class and strongly encourage every young adult to take it.
Maybe I just had some really great teachers, but it really helped me understand how important it is to do all you can to make your marriage last for time and all eternity and not just for the short time we have on earth.
I am planning on making another blog post with my remembrance of our big day but that's a post for another day. 
Especially because I already hardly remember the day anyways...
Funny how that works isn't it?
All this planning, hard work, money, and preparation goes into one day out of your whole life and it's hard to even remember. 
Wanna know what I do remember though?
The way that Hunter looked at me as we knelt across the altar of the temple and were not only married, but also sealed for time and all eternity. 
I looked into his eyes and saw true love and happiness through the tears we were both trying to push back. 
My heart was completely full and I knew he was all I will ever need on this earth. 
Well, until little mini's begin running around our home. 
Anyhow, I might forget what the centerpieces looked like, how the cake tasted, who came, what presents we got, or how I felt in my dress...
But, I'll never ever forget the calm, loving, happy feeling I felt inside the temple on our wedding day. 
That was the beginning to our eternal marriage, and I couldn't have asked for a better start. 

In celebration of our little week-iversary we had a lovely little weekend together.
It began Friday night when we decided on getting Dairy Queen Blizzards and watching Pirates of the Caribbean. Too bad we made it a whole 30 minutes into the movie before we fell asleep. On Saturday our day started at the Provo temple where my heart grew two sizes bigger for that handsome man of mine. We went back home for lunch and started to plan out our night. We went to dinner at chili's (I highly recommend their chicken crispers) then watched a cute musical at BYU that happened to also count for points in one of Hunter's classes. Score. We both have a hard time sitting still but really enjoyed the show. On the way home we stopped at Macey's and got cookies and cream ice cream which I ate right out of the carton :) On Sunday we both received callings and were asked to give a talk next week!
It was a good weekend indeed :)

And now, we're on to our second week of marriage and life couldn't be better.
Minus the fact that I woke up to snow on the ground this morning...
I'm slowly adjusting to Utah life, and easily adjusting to married life with my best friend :)

All my love,
Aleigh Joy


Mrs. Moore

Wednesday, March 5, 2014
Hey there! 
We've been married for 4 days today!
 It has truly been the best 4 days of our entire lives. 
I had no idea my love for him could grow this much, this fast. 
We already feel like we've been married forever because it feels so perfect and natural to be spending every moment with each other.
Married life is a dream come true. 
A dream we have both been dreaming of for almost 6 years. 
He comes home from a long day of football and school and kisses me like a scene from the notebook. He snuggles me in bed until we both fall asleep in each others arms. He lets me wake him up in the middle of the night just because I missed him while I was sleeping and I want to snuggle, even when he has to wake up at 5 in the morning. He tells me I'm beautiful when I just wake up and tells me he's the luckiest man in the world. He prays for me and thanks our Father in Heaven for our love every night we pray together and it brings tears to my eyes each time. He loves when I cook for him and he tells me I'm the perfect wife. We snuggle up next to each other when we read our scriptures each night and my love for him sky rockets each time.
 Our wedding day felt pretty perfect, and our reception was lovely but that really isn't what matters to me. Of course your wedding should be a dream come true but all that really matters in the end is that I married the right person, in the right place, by the right authority. I'm so grateful that I am sealed to the man of my dreams for time and all eternity. 
So here's to being a newlywed! 
I'm loving every second :)

All my love,
Aleigh Joy