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Thursday, January 28, 2016

There are a few trends out there that I don't think I'll ever love.
However, there's a few that I can't get enough of!
Currently, I'm obsessed with all things denim, anything striped, patterned tights, and of course fur vests!
Oaklyn and I have several articles of clothing with each of these trends... but so far Brass Button wins my vote on best striped shirt and denim dress.

First, let's talk about this dress!
It's amazing.
That's really all I need to say but I feel compelled to say a bit more.
It's so comfy! Which is huge for me!
It's also nursing/pumping friendly which is another huge thing for me.
Though I'm not still pumping, I often look at articles of clothing and feel more compelled to get something that would make pumping easier ha.
It paired so perfectly with these polka dot tights and I'm already dreaming up other tights I can pair it with during these colder months.
Once it gets warmer, I'll roll the sleeves up a bit more an style it with some cute summer flats and vibrant jewelry!
I love denim shirts, but this is the first dress I've owned. 
I love everything about it!
I also love that Brass Button styled it as a cardigan look. 

Next, let's talk about this amazing striped shirt!
It is again, SO comfy! I'm obsessed!
I've worn it a few ways but so far my favorite is with my hunter green pants, a fur vest, and booties.
Fur vests look so cute with stripes and I loved it with the length and touch of flowiness (so not a word but oh well) this shirt offers.
I think it would also look amazing with a deep burgundy lipstick in the fall and winter, and a cute pink or purple during the spring and summer.
I have thought of several ways in my head to dress it up for a date night as well.
It really is so versatile!

Make sure to check out Brass Button to get my two favorite picks as well as your favorite picks!
What do you love from this cute online boutique?

All my love,
Aleigh Joy

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