Home for Good

Thursday, January 14, 2016

I blinked and it's been two whole years since Hunter came home from serving his LDS mission.
I can't believe how little I think about that time now.
It consumed so much of my time and life for what felt like forever, now it's just a memory of the past.
Time is funny like that, something that can be so important one day, is so not the next...
Kinda like wedding planning ha.
Oh, how I wish I could re-plan my wedding!

Anyhow, Hunter came home 2 years ago as of the 2nd.
I remember being more nervous and excited than I ever had been. 
It was a crazy feeling, one I'll never forget.
Those two years were hard, but I'll forever tell everyone that they were beyond worth it.
We needed that time apart to learn and grow on our own before we could grow together.
I'll always be thankful that Hunter dedicated two whole years of his life to serving the Lord.

I can't believe all that has happened since he came home.
We've gotten engaged, got married, had a baby, Hunter played a season of BYU football, I started my own business, Hunter got 2 new jobs, we've gone on a few trips together, we've learned more about each other than I thought there was to learn, we've had some amazing ups, and we've had our fair share of downs. 
This time every year, I love reflecting on that time we spent apart.
I kept a binder of every single letter and email I sent him.
I included the pictures he sent me and it's so fun to read them.

I had never felt as in love as I did the day Hunter came home.
Then we got married.
Then we had a baby.
And now we're here, just living our day to day lives.
But, we're living it together and life has never been better.

So would I say that waiting was worth it?
You betcha I would!
I haven't regretted that decision for one second.
"I'm so glad I waited for you."

Read more about Hunter coming home here, and see all the packages I sent him here!

All my love,
Aleigh Joy

Welcome Home Elder Moore! from Aleigh Mellinger on Vimeo.

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