Colder Days

Monday, January 11, 2016

It was 27 degrees outside today.
That's really cold for me!
It's still a good 65 in San Diego.
The last day we were there, Hunter was cleaning out the car while Oaklyn and I sat on a blanket on the grass playing.
The skies were perfectly blue with a few scattered clouds.
The sun was shining and Hunter was in shorts and a t-shirt.
I sat there and thought, "What are we going to do when we go back to Utah?"

It was easy to stay inside most of our days while there because both our parents have yards so if we needed a bit outside we could just pop out for a few minutes and come back in when ready.
We also had tons of family around so it was fun to just sit around and visit.
But the biggest of all, their houses have a whole lot of natural light.
We live in a basement condo that I like to call "the dungeon" because it seriously has zero natural light.
There is one room that has a little, but the others are almost depressing, ha!
Also, if it's just me and Oaklyn inside all day, she totally drives me nuts.
We need to be outside of the house!

So what do we do on these cold days that we can't just play outside?
We go run errands of course!
I'm using the word "errands" very very loosely. 
We really don't have much to do every day other than grocery shop and get a few home items during the week.
So, we go anywhere and everywhere!
I love exploring new places with my girl.
If it wasn't fun, then we just don't go back.
However if it was fun, we get to go back with daddy!

A few of our favorite places we've been during our exploration dates are:
  • Blickenstaff's at the Shops at Riverwoods
  • Target (obviously)
  • Costco (another obvious one. Samples. Duh)
  • A drive up the Provo canyon and ending in walking around beautiful Sundance.
  • Provo Beach Resort at the Shops at Riverwoods
  • Provo Rec Center (or any rec center for that matter)
  • Visiting family and friends
  • Thanksgiving Point in Lehi
  • The fun center at the mall
    The local library
  • Walking through craft stores to discover new projects
  • Looking at Model Homes
And this is just the beginning of the list!

I can't wait to see the other fun places we find during this freezing winter ;)
Oaklyn was wearing her adorable sweat suit from Cara Loren.
I'm obsessed with these joggers (that are on sale!) and the way they fit on her little legs.
Not to mention they even have the cutest little back pocket!
I also loved that it was comfortable, stylish, and kept her warm getting in and out of the car!
Check out Cara Loren's shop for more cute prints and colors!
All photos were taken during one of our days spent looking at all the fun toys and books at Blickenstaff's. 

Where are your favorite places to hang out on cold days?

All my love,
Aleigh Joy

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  1. We love finding new spots and things to do during "winter" as well. Oaklyn must get compliments all the time on her contagious smile and cute hair.