How I Lost the Baby Weight + Lean Cuisine

Thursday, January 7, 2016
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I know I'll never see my pre-baby body back exactly how it was.
My skin is looser in areas that only plastic surgery can fix and I have a few stretch marks that are there to stay. 
However, I made it a goal to lose all the baby weight and get toned.
With Hunter's help on making a doable workout at home during nap time and eating healthier, I'm happy to say I'm back at my pre-baby weight!

I definitely indulged a bit over the holidays and didn't work out like... at all... but I'm excited to be back at it and feeling a whole lot better!
It really is true that you feel so much better when you eat well and exercise.
Once I began doing those two things I noticed my PPD disappearing right before my eyes. 
My days were happier and I slept significantly better. 

I try to eat a healthy breakfast that also fills me up.
I like to make scrambled eggs, a bowl of oatmeal, or even something as simple as cheerios with almond milk.
I also love that I can share all three of these things with Oaklyn and she loves them all!

For lunch I'm usually rushing around because we're trying to get out the door before Oaklyn gets fussy and needs to take a nap.
I found myself grabbing chips and other random snacks that first off, weren't good for me and second, didn't even fill me up! Because of that, I was constantly snacking throughout the day on unhealthy foods.
I love eating a Lean Cuisine for lunch! It's quick and easy and I can make it while I'm getting Oaklyn's lunch ready as well.
By having Lean Cusines stacked in your freezer and ready to be put in the microwave you can feed your food mood by choosing exactly the dish that sounds good on that day. No more eating something you don't like!
Lean Cuisine provides so many protein packed options that are perfect for a nursing mama or anyone just trying to get extra protein in without supplements.
Flavors are made with organic ingredient options and non-GMO options as well!
Lean Cuisine has so many good for you options to introduce into your balance and your life.
For this post I was eating the LEAN CUISINE® MARKETPLACE Vermont White Cheddar Mac & Cheese and it was so delicious! I had a salad on the side and was full all the way until dinner time.
I buy all of my Lean Cusines at my local Target and I'm happy to share that they are on sale for only$2 each right now! 
Head on ever and stock up today!
If you forget, make sure to check out this coupon for $1 off any 5 that started on 1/3.

For Dinner we really just eat whatever sounds good as long as it has protein and a vegetable or two. I usually include a starch as well though.

If I need a snack throughout the day I love eating granola bars or veggies with hummus.

I try to work out around 5 times a week for at least 30 minutes.
This can be anywhere from a hike or walk, to time at the gym or a workout at home as long as I'm active. 
Hunter and I started going for walks very quickly after Oaklyn was born. It calmed her down and helped me get out of the house. It also got me back into the swing of working out gradually.
After being cleared on my 6 week check up I jumped back in to working out.
If I'm not going for a walk or going to the gym, here is my at home workout either while Oaklyn naps or after she goes to bed!
It may seem a little hard at first but it will get much easier and your body will thank you!
If you feel like you're pushing too hard you can modify each of these exercises by cutting them in half and working up to the full workout.
I do the whole circuit over and over until I've reached 30 minutes of exercise.
Also, make sure to stretch before and after!

  1. Jog in place for 1 minute to get heart rate up and going
  2. High knees 30 seconds
  3. Lunges 10 each leg
  4. Squats 10 times
  5. Plank 1 Minute
  6. 50 regular crunches
  7. 50 butterfly position crunches (works lower abs!)
  8. 50 bicycles
  9. 25 side crunches right
  10. 25 side crunches left
  11. 10 push ups regular or girl 

There ya have it!
This is how I've created a healthy lifestyle and lost the baby weight!
I still have a ways to go as far as reaching my goals goes, but I'm very happy with where I am 10 months PP!
Whether you had a baby or not, this is a great workout for everyone!

Remember to check out the Lean Cuisine Marketplace options for your lunch and you are sure to create the healthy lifestyle you've been wanting!

What is your favorite at home workout and Lean Cuisine option?
Let me know in the comments!

All my love,
Aleigh Joy


  1. Here is me giving you a big high five for getting back to that pre-baby weight! You look amazing, and, more importantly, it's great that you feel amazing now, too! I love the workout video you included, I usually go for walks/jog/run but I definitely need to add some strength moves into my life so that I get more toned as well and this one looks perfect! also the new Lean Cuisines are soooo good--I had one for lunch, too! ~ client

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