The Perfect Beach Day with Rosie Luv

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

I love Provo, really I do.
I actually just love Utah in general.
I love how family oriented it is, I love that there are so many free or cheap dates, I love the one of a kind restaurants, and I even love the different seasons!
However, Utah is not on the coast. Therefore, there is no beach.
The beaches of Utah Lake come somewhat close but it's just not quite like going to a Southern California beach.
You walk up hearing the waves crash on the shore, ocean spray on your face, and sunshine filling the sky. 
I took having the beach so close to me for granted growing up, and I'm now regretting it.

Every time we go home to visit family I just have to go to the beach once. 
Whether it's to watch the sun set, walk the shoreline, have a picnic, tanning, or playing in the water... I just have to go.
Once most of Hunter's family left we decided that just our little family would go have a fun beach day in Encinitas. 
Moonlight beach and the La Jolla cove are hands down my favorite beaches. If you visit San Diego, these two are musts. 
We really didn't have any plans other than walking the shoreline. 
We brought sweaters but quickly took them off and hung out in our T-shirts.
It was seriously the perfect day.
It was in the high 60's, the sun was shining, a slight breeze, and my family right by my side. 
We stopped at D Street and chased the birds with Oaks.
She loved chasing the birds!
She thought they were fascinating and would giggle every time we ran by them and they would fly away.
She couldn't take her eyes off them!

We played around and then got hungry so we walked to a local favorite, Swami's Cafe.
Another place you must visit if in the area is Swami's!
You cannot go wrong with their acai bowl and just about everything else on the menu!
Oaks sure approved ;)
We loved sitting outside in the sun and talking together.
After our meal we walked back to the car and made our way home where Oaks fell asleep for almost the whole drive.

Something about the simplicity of the day just made me so happy.
I loved having my little family all together at some of my favorite places.
When Hunter was on his mission, I would often drive to the beach just to sit and read or write letters. I would day dream of our future and reminisce on our past.
I'm so glad we get to do these things together now, forever :)

Oaklyn and I wore our matching Rosie Luv shirts that I seriously LOVE!
My tees from this shop are the comfiest I own and fit perfectly.
Oaklyn looked adorable in hers and I loved the fit on her too!
I take every chance I get to match my baby girl and I was so excited about these tees!
They are darling and the graphic is so trendy!
I love lounging around the house in it on a lazy day or dressing it up for a day out.
I hope Oaks let's me match her forever, but if she doesn't I'll treasure these photos forever of me and my girl :)
Want these shirts or any other cute shirt from Rosie Luv? Now is the day to get them! Use code JOY at checkout to receive 15% off your entire order! 

All my love,
Aleigh Joy 


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