Valentine's Weekend

Wednesday, February 24, 2016
I have quite a bit of catching up to do on past events.
Planning Oaklyn's birthday party took over every bit of my energy the past few weeks. Or months. I've practically been planning since the day she was born, ha!

So, let's start with Valentine's Weekend, shall we?
As many of you know, if not all, my husband and I are LDS.
On Sundays we don't do much other than go to church and hang around our house.
Often times I'll make a big, yummy dinner and we'll watch a movie.
It's a day of rest where we refrain from doing the things we usually would throughout the week.
We spend time with family and "keep the Sabbath Day holy" by not working, spending money, intensely exercising, etc...
I'm sure a lot of you are thinking, "How boring!" but I'm feeling happy just typing this.
I look forward to Sundays.
I love going to church and I love spending the rest of the day at home with my family. 

That being said, Valentine's Day this year fell on a Sunday.
So, all of Utah celebrated on Saturday haha ;)
We started the day by sleeping in, my favorite!
When I woke up, Hunter had a bouquet of flowers on the counter for me. I love fresh flowers!
We don't really exchange gifts on Valentine's Day and I'm okay with that. Flowers are perfect :)
We then got ready for the day, ate some brunch, and went for a walk with Oaklyn.
We love going for walks because she is so content in the stroller and Hunter and  I get to talk the whole time.
Later, we put Oaks down for a nap and got ready for our date night!
Savannah, Hunter's sister, watched Oaklyn for us while we went out to Olive Garden.
Not only was everyone eating at Olive Garden in Provo, but there was a school dance that weekend too... it was an hour and a half wait!
We made the most of having a baby sitter by going to Provo Beach Resort and playing arcade games together.
It was actually tons of fun and we won lots of tickets that we used all on candy ;)
It was fun to laugh and focus all our attention on each other.
We held hands the whole way back to Olive Garden and then enjoyed a yummy meal.
I think Hunter had like 15 bread sticks haha!
After dinner, we headed home and played with our little Valentine until she went to bed.
After putting her to bed, Hunter and I watched the movie Valentine's Day snuggled on the couch.

On Sunday, we went to church per usual and just spent the day together.
Around 5 our friends Isaac and Kiely came over and we made homemade heart shaped pizzas!
It was so fun! And pretty darn good.
Kiely also brought strawberries and cupcakes and we played with Oaks all night. 
We then played the game Heads Up when Oaks went to sleep.
I really enjoyed this year's Valentine's Weekend.
Next event, our anniversary!

What did you do this Valentine's Day?
I hope it was a great one!

All my love,
Aleigh Joy

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