The Twelfth Month

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

If you follow me on instagram, you are probably well aware that baby Oaklyn turned a year old yesterday!
Today we had her 12 month appointment so it is time to end the "Monthly Oaks" posts with her stats by the month and what she is up to.
I really can't believe the first year has come and gone.
We are well on our way to toddlerhood over here and it's just beyond me that this time has come.
I'm currently turning into the mom that constantly has crackers and cheerios in the diaper bag, looks for "bribes" or "trade offs", and has to say "sit down" every 30 seconds while grocery shopping haha. 

At 12 months Oaklyn Joy is up to and in to absolutely everything!

-She loves oatmeal in the morning
-Is obsessed with holes. That may sound weird but she loves sticking her little fingers into any sort of hole. She'll lift Hunter's shirt up just to play with his belly button ha!
-LOVES books! She loves flipping the pages, and eating them... ew
-Her favorite foods are quesadillas, corn, and dill pickles. 
She is a bottle lover. Forever and always.
-Her paci is attached to her at all times and she wouldn't have it any other way.
-She gets into everything and makes pretty big messes haha.
-She throws tantrums if she doesn't get what she wants. Saying no is hard, but we're trying to stay strong.
-Her favorite word is definitely still dada but she's working on other words.
-She's walking all along furniture and goes pretty fast now. She occasionally stands on her own, but is too nervous to take a step on her own.
-She loves music and has some pretty awesome dance moves ha!
-She steals our phones every chance she gets and loves when it lights up.
-She points at everything all day long. She will point to what she wants but usually just points because she likes to.
-She has about 6 teeth and is working on a few more. The pediatrician said her molars will be coming through soon too. Uh oh!
-Ripping paper is a favorite of hers. Eating it is too.. gross
-One of her favorite activities is folding laundry with mama. aka messing up all the piles haha.
-She still isn't a huge fan of the car unless she has a whole bunch of puffs or cheez its
-She sleeps with a pink blankie and snuggles it with her bum in the air and it is the cutest thing I've ever seen.
-She's not a huge TV watcher. She prefers to be moving around.
-She's pretty shy around strangers but warms up pretty quick.
-She interacts so much more now and loves to play games. Peek a boo around furniture, building blocks, and being chased are her favorites.
-She thinks body functions are hilarious and does the motion for stinky every time she burps or toots. It's pretty hilarious!
-She shakes her head "no" constantly. Even if she means yes.
-Prefers sugar over almost everything, but cheese is always her first option.
- She finds other babies and children very intriguing. Especially when they walk.
-And, she finally snuggles a little bit before bed. 

As for me, I'm happy I completed my first year of motherhood!
I'm not ready for a second child any time soon, but I do often miss having a tiny newborn, Which is crazy... I kinda hated the newborn stage ha.
I'm excited to one day give Oaklyn a sibling but it'll be a little while.
Being a mama is so great and even though most days are exhausting, they are also so wonderful. 
I love my little Oaks more and more each day and I'm so thankful for her sweet spirit.
She's sassy, fun, happy, loving, and energetic. I really love her little personality.
I'm working on a little video of her first year and every time I watch it, I cry. 
I'm still in denial the first year has already passed. 

And just like that... the monthly posts have ended!
I really don't know what I'll do now as far as updates go... maybe every doctors appointment?
We shall see, but I'm sure you'll be seeing several more pictures of her :)

Stay tuned for her party post!
I swear the birthday posts will never end ha!

All my love,
Aleigh Joy

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