On A Sunday

Monday, February 29, 2016

When Hunter and I were just a family of two, Sundays meant a day for us to snuggle and be lazy all day long. 
We would sleep in, go to church, eat dinner, watch a movie, and snuggle. 
That was about it, but it was exactly what we needed.
We both worked, Hunter went to school, Hunter played football, and life was just busy.
Sundays were a breath of fresh air.

When we became a family of three, Sundays were just a tad different.
I'm sure you have all heard before that when you become a mama, you don't get any days off.
Oh, how true that is!
Sunday included...
While I still love Sundays, they have proven to be a bit challenging with our sweet Oaklyn girl.
Church is a game of chasing her around, finding ways to entertain her, standing in the hall with her, and trading off who gets to listen in class and who gets to take her. Ha, its the truth!
I believe they call this the..."countdown to nursery" age.
Once we have made it through church, we usually go home to eat some lunch.
After we're all fed, Oaklyn still has a couple hours before nap time.
Those can be the hardest hours...
If it were any normal day we would go run errands, but we're LDS, and don't run errands on Sunday.
So, here are a few things we do to keep the Sabbath day holy while also entertaining a baby ;)

1) Go for a walk. 
Yes! Go! Walks are the greatest family activity, I'm convinced. We are loving the sunnier and warmer weather we're getting right now and taking walks together has been so great for all of us. We love sticking oaks in her jogging stroller with some snacks. She loves watching the cars drive by, and Hunter and I love getting uninterrupted conversation in. We'll occasionally stop at the park and go down the slide or swing on the swings also. 

2) Have a family picnic.
This can be indoor or outdoor, near or far. You can even pack it up on your family walk
and just go set up camp at the park while the kids play. It'll get all their energy out too! There's just something about a picnic. I just love the whole feel of it. Fresh fruit, juice pouches, sandwiches, and chips make the perfect picnic lunch.

3) Watch a movie.
I love watching movies. but this usually happens AFTER we put Oaks down. Or else I'll get nothing out of the movie ;) We love watching church movies on Sundays but we also enjoy several others. Before we even had Oaklyn, one of our favorites was Tangled ha. I'm so not ashamed to admit it, it's a pretty cute love story ;)

4) Have a family talent show/fashion show
I can't wait until Oaklyn is a little older so we can have these all the time! It'll encourage your kids to try out new talents and it'll help them have good confidence in themselves. I would recommend not having "judges" but hey, to each his own!

5) Go through old photos, journals, yearbooks, home movies, or anything else sentimental.
I wrote in a journal almost every day in high school about me and Hunter's relationship. We LOVE going through those journals and laughing about our teenage drama. We also love watching videos of Oaklyn in her first year, watching our wedding video and Hunter's homecoming video, as well as looking at our photo books. I'm so glad I've recorded so many memories for Oaklyn to have later on.

6) Call or facetime a friend or family member
Since we have so much extra time on Sunday to just hangout. we like to facetime with family. It's a great way to keep them updated on Oaklyn's life as well as see all the new things she is doing. We love talking and catching up while the camera is facing her. It's like they are right there with us :)

Those are just a few things we love doing as a family on Sunday but there are so many more out there! 
Such as head rubs and foot rubs, family history work, "makeovers" with little girls, baking a treat, or playing a board game.
What are your favorite things to do with your family on Sunday?

This past Sunday I wore one of my all time favorite dresses from Pink Desert.
I LOVE this company and their cute clothes!
No only is this dress adorable, but it is beyond comfortable.
It is the perfect length and gives the perfect stretch to chase Oaklyn all through church ;)
I love the floral and stripe combo. Mixing patterns is just so fun to me.
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All my love,

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