A Perfectly Spring Day

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Oaklyn and I caught a yucky cold this week.
We both came down with it on Monday.
Runny noses, coughs, sneezing constantly, soar throats, and messing up sleep schedules.
It has put me in a bit of a funk.
Along with Oaklyn's party I've been planning for ages being over and family leaving town, I just feel kind of... blah.
The past few months we have been rushing around like crazy trying to purchase and put together everything for the party.
I made lists upon lists and loved feeling busy, and after 3 hours on a Saturday, the party was over.
Now, I have nothing to do but the normal stuff and that just doesn't feel fun.

Oaks and I woke up a few different times this morning but couldn't seem to get out of bed just yet. 
We kept falling back asleep over and over and since we had nothing to do today, we just kept letting it happen.
Once we got up and got ready for the day we just hung around the house.
Oaklyn destroyed every inch with a granola bar in one hand and a carrot in the other.
Once I caught her in the bathroom ripping the toilet paper to shreds, I decided it was time to head out.
I knew if we found our way at some of my favorite stores, ie Target, Old Navy, Hobby Lobby, and TJ Maxx I would just buy things we don't need and don't have the money for.
So, I packed up the stroller and headed out for a jog/walk.
Oaks was incredibly content and we both were loving the sunshine!
I've been avoiding jogs the past few months because it has been freezing outside.
Today however, was gorgeous!
The birds were singing, there was a light breeze, the bees were buzzing, the sun was shining bright, and there wasn't a cloud in the sky.
I think it was just what Oaklyn and I needed.
She kept looking up at me and smiling so big and my heart felt so happy.

Often times when the seasons change, I feel a bit of nostalgia and don't feel quite ready.
This time around, I'm feeling every bit ready for warmer weather, blossoms on trees, and picnics at the park.

Oaklyn has the cutest little pair of leggings from Willy Bean Co.
They are such an adorable spring print and I love every bit of the way they fit.
They are so well made and fit just right. 
I love the color of these leggings, they just scream spring to me!
I think Oaklyn is a huge fan of them too, because some of her best naps have been taken while wearing them ;)
Coincidence? I'll leave that up to you... ;)
I love everything about these adorable willybeans and I get so excited to see all the new prints Kambri releases!
Want to get a pair for your little one?
Use code ALEIGH15 for 15% off your purchase until March 1st at midnight!
And make sure to check out her instagram to stay up to date on all the cute leggings!

What is your favorite part of spring?
And more importantly... which pair of willybeans are your favorite?

All my love,
Aleigh Joy

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