Monday, October 5, 2015
General Conference happens twice a year in my church.
It's a time when we are able to hear from the general authorities and leaders of our church.
They give us inspired guidance and council and it is broadcasted all over the world.
So, we get to have church in our pajamas twice a year ;)
I look forward to this time every year.
Somehow, it always comes right when I need it most.
And somehow, there is at least one talk that really hits home for me.
This year it was hands down Elder Holland's talk on mothers.
No matter what religion you may be... I truly believe that every single mother would benefit from listening to or reading this talk.
General conference takes place in downtown Salt Lake City.
Across the street from the beautiful Salt Lake Temple is the conference center.
This conference center holds 21,000 people! It's huge.
It is the best feeling being inside that building, if you ever get the chance to go, GO!
You don't have to be Mormon to do so :)
This weekend left me feeling uplifted and inspired, and it was so good to be surrounded by family the whole time
I already can't wait to read over and listen to each of the talks and study them more in depth.
Guess what!?
You can too!
Just follow this link and you can listen to every single talk given in general conference :)
I already can't wait until April!
I made a some prints of a few of my favorite quotes.
I can't wait to hang them up around our home :)
Prints found here, here, here, and here
All my love,
Aleigh Joy

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