Oaklyn's Picks! Ages 3-6 months

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Now that my little Oaks is 8 months... I figured I should probably do this post that I have been meaning to do!
Every single baby is different, so is every mama. So, each list will be very different as far as "must haves."
Some babies like to be swaddled 'til they're like 8 months.
Others hate it from the start.
You just never really know until the baby is here.
So, my advice to all you expectant mothers would be to not buy everything you "think" you need right away because it could end up being a total waste of money.
There are definitely some essentials you should have like ya know: diapers, wipes, clothes, a place to sleep, food... that sort of thing. But, the little things can wait if money is tight.
I had a list of like 100 things I made when I first found out I was pregnant.
I told Hunter we absolutely needed all of them.
Good thing you only do the "first time mom" thing once because we'll sure be saving some money next time around on all the pointless purchases I've made this time.
There are a few repeats in this post from my "surviving a newborn" post because some of these things are just key in our every day lives.
If you're seeing something repeated, it means it's totally a must ;)
Here we go!

1) Desatin Diaper Rash Cream. I think I've tried all the creams out there. The only close second would be Tubby Todd's all over cream. But, Desatin still takes the cake. Oaklyn got a crazy bad case of thrush around 5 months. It lasted about a month and a half and gave her such a bad rash. We had no idea she had thrush and got so mad when she was waking up a million times at night. Turns out the poor thing was just in tons of pain. Because her rash came from thrush it was a yeast rash and had to be treated with a prescribed cream but in the meantime, this rash cream saved us. It gave her comfort and soothed her pain for long enough that we could all catch some zzz's. 

2) Bumbo Seat. The Bumbo is the greatest invention ever. When your baby isn't quite ready to sit up on their own but really loves being in that position, this seriously comes in handy. You can also buy the multi seat or the attachable tray and it doubles as baby's first high chair. In fact, we still haven't bought a high chair because the bumbo is working just perfect for us. It can be taken with you wherever you go because it is so lightweight and hardly takes up any room. I usually stick it on the counter in front of me as I'm cooking, eating breakfast, doing dishes, etc... Oaklyn loves that she's right there with me and gets to watch all the action comfortably. 

3) Mam Pacifiers. First repeat! I just really like these pacifiers. I love that they are orthodontic approved, that the surrounding mouth piece is big enough to keep it in her mouth but small enough that it doesn't take over her face, and that they are easy for her to grab and stick in her own mouth, It's safe to say I don't leave the house without like 3 in my diaper bag because Oaks is such a paci girl. I also stick like 50 in her bed at night so there's always one close by.

4) Solly Baby Wrap. Another repeat! I LOVE wrapping my little girl! You can read more about the benefits of baby wearing on this post, but I chose a wrap over a carrier because it just looked so much more snuggle and comfortable for both of us. We have an infantino as well and it does the trick but she has never fallen asleep in it. Oaklyn has fallen asleep in this wrap more times than I can count and it has saved our lives time and time again. I'm sure every wrap is just fine but the material of this one is the greatest. Just the right amount of give without too much stretch. It's also super lightweight and folds so nicely.

5) Baby Trend Snap N Go. I get it, it's not the most attractive stroller. Your city select is definitely more appealing. BUT! This thing is hands down THE BEST stroller to have while your little one is still in their infant seat. So I guess your baby has to like the car seat to like this stroller... Oaklyn does and as long as she has her pacifiers and loads of toys for entertainment, she hangs out during every errand I have to run. It probably weighs like 5 pounds and hardly takes any space. It unfolds SO easy and works with every brand of car seat. It is small enough to fit through tiny aisles but has a big enough basket for groceries. I bring this thing EVERYWHERE! It really does not leave our trunk. It makes me wish Oaks could stay in her infant seat forever ;)

6) Munchkin Mesh Feeder. These things are SO fun! Messy but definitely fun. Sometimes Oaklyn doesn't really want to eat anything but she wants to snack, play around, and taste new things. I love sticking mushy foods in here and letting her test them out with this feeder. She loves sucking on it and swinging it around. I also love putting ice cubes or frozen breast milk in it when I can tell her teeth are bothering her. It helps with the pain and provides entertainment. 

7) The Sharper Image Sound Machine. It doesn't have to be this exact brand, this just happens to be the one we have. I love that this one has several different noises. We just use the white noise setting and it has worked great for us. It blocks out all the noises that would definitely otherwise wake her up. We use it for every single nap and bed time. Instantly when I turn it on she starts rubbing her eyes. She knows that that noise means it is time to sleep, Talk about sleep training ha. Since we live in a condo there are SO many noises that will wake her up. Lawn mowers, motorcycles, trash man, the lady upstairs, me accidentally dropping things ha, etc... This way she will most likely get a good nap in. 

8) Bright Starts Links. If you're only gonna get one toy, make it be these. They are easy for baby to pick up, hold on to, and chew on. They are small enough that they can fit in their mouth to chew on, but also big enough that they can't swallow them. Other toys hook on to them very easily so you won't have a toy go flying. I always have them linked on to her car seat to provide her some entertainment. They also come in fun bright colors which babies totally love. 

9. Play Mat. I think ours is bright starts but it's already in storage and I don't wanna walk out there and check. This thing was such a lifesaver during this time in Oaklyn's life! It made it possible for me to pump without her screaming the whole time. It was so fun for her to look at the hanging things and grab them. It helped her develop a few motor skills and taught her how to play on her own. These can be pretty pricey but I got mine at Burlington again for like half the price and it was great!

So, those were our picks from this age! And I already need to do the next post next month! 
I can't believe how much has already changed since this phase, it really does go fast!
Babies learn and grow so quickly.

What are your favorites during this age?

All my love,
Aleigh Joy

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