Don't Blink

Saturday, October 17, 2015
Today after breakfast Oaklyn and I headed into my bedroom. 
I set her on the rug just outside the bathroom with toys surrounding her.
I turned some music on and began doing my makeup just as always.
This is part of our routine every morning.
I am able to get ready for the day while Oaklyn plays and wears herself out for her first nap.
As I was applying mascara a song I hadn't heard in a while came on.
Instantly a feeling of nostalgia hit me.
I pictured myself driving back to the high school with the windows down, cheer uniform on, big bow in my hair, pom poms in the front seat, and singing along to the radio.

I looked over at Oaklyn who was grinning away at me and practicing her clapping.
I glanced in the mirror where a sticky note from Hunter hung "You are Beautiful! -Love, Hunt"
I turned towards our bedroom where wedding photos were hung above our bed.
Then I thought to myself... "How did I blink and get here?"

I took a moment to re-live the memories that were playing in my head.
I saw myself walking to the ASB room to get the run-through banner for the football players while stopping to talk to friends on the way.
I pictured standing on my box with my pom pom over my heart as the National Anthem played.
I pictured Hunter throwing the game winning pass and my best friend giving me "the look" and my teenage heart bursting. 
I re-lived standing in the parking lot after the game, Hunter holding me tight, while day dreaming of the life we're living now.
I saw myself slow dancing with Hunter at his senior prom and thinking "how could life get better?"

Time is a crazy thing, it also seems to get shorter with age.
I swear I was just meeting Hunter for the first time. I can just see him diving into that pool right as I walked in and thinking to myself "I want him."
Weren't we just going to prom together?
It feels like yesterday that I said goodbye to the love of my life for two whole years anxiously awaiting his return with mascara stained cheeks.
I can remember every detail of his return and still love reliving that day thanks to this video.
I could've sworn we were just driving away from our reception, two giddy newlyweds.
Wasn't Oaklyn Just born? How is she almost 8 months?

Like I said, I blinked and got here.
Time is short and memories are precious.
That song tugged at my heart strings a bit and for a moment, I really missed those days.
Then my eyes got teary as I thought "I'm so glad I blinked and got to this spot and not anywhere else."
 I now have a sweet little family of my own with my high school sweetheart and life could not be better.
I can't imagine how much more our little life will have changed the next time I think to myself "How did I blink and get here?"

All my love,
Aleight Joy


  1. This is SO sweet! I may be crying over here! Isn't it crazy how fast time goes? Parker will be 8 months tomorrow and it feels like just yesterday her dad and I were at Homecoming (in 1999!). I don't even want to do that math! :)

  2. For some reason this post kept giving me chills!! haha I'm such a sap. I love when you just sit and think wait... how is my life here already? How did time fly so quickly?! Lots of songs bring me back to me immature high school days of trying to be cool and figuring out how to be more outgoing. And before you know it, your little girl will be getting dressed for high school and making mental memory notes. So crazy how fast time goes!!
    xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants

    1. k obviously I got chills because I love this so much, I reread my comment and realized I didn't portray that very well ^