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Wednesday, October 21, 2015
Oaklyn is completely attached to her pacifier, so it would only make sense that it's attached to her too... right?
Thanks to her adorable Madeline's Box braided leather pacifier clips, they always are!

I wanted Oaklyn to take a pacifier right from the start.
I just wanted that option if she was fussy while we were out and about.
I gave her one literally the day she was born.
It took a little while, but suddenly she couldn't get enough of the thing, she always wanted it in her mouth.
I decided on using MAM pacifiers and never really tried anything else, I just liked them a lot.
However, there were hardly any pacifier clips that actually worked with these pacifiers and the MAM clips were super bulky and made the paci fall out of sweet Oak's little mouth all the time.
Once Oaklyn was strong enough she was able to easily take the clip off her shirt and start waving the paci around and it always ended up on the ground.

So... we did away with a clip all together and I was constantly picking her pacifier up off the ground and just hoping she didn't get sick from the germs all over the floor.
I would lay her down on the ground and spread out like 20 pacifiers around her so there was always one in reach. Seriously.
I always kept like 5 extra in my diaper bag because she was constantly throwing them out of her car seat and we never could find out where they ended up...

I started seeing these cute pacifier clips all over instagram.
I checked out the numerous colors and fell in love with how trendy and cute they were.
I also noticed they worked with MAM pacifiers!
After the mailman delivered our clips to the wrong door (ugh, darn postal service) we finally got them and tried them out the second they were out of the packaging. 
I LOVED them immediately!
The colors are dreamy and they clipped securely on to her shirt, no yanking them off anymore!
But, they also didn't ruin her shirt from pinching too hard.
They also tied on perfectly to the paci and didn't bulk out so it was easy for her to keep in her mouth.
Now that Oaks is mobile and moving all over the place, it is so nice to know that he paci won't ever be too far from her. If she wants it, she can just reach down and grab it.
I'm also loving knowing that I can keep her on my hip without worrying about the paci falling on the dirty ground.
It also clips on so perfectly to her car seat straps so her paci doesn't get lost in the midst of all the toys she requires while in the car. 
Anyhow, I LOVE these clips and I'm just so happy we have them!
I can't wait to add on to our collection so she has a clip for every outfit ;)

Madeline's Box was started by a sweet mama, Heather, that originally made these clips for her darling little boy. She opened her shop soon after and has since added some other awesome things to her shop such as these wooden teethers, emergency contact temporary tattoos, earring temporary tattoos, and natursutton pacifiers. The shop is named after her adorable little girl, Madeline with her son being the inspiration.

Anddd, lucky for all of my readers, you can get these pacifier clips for 20% off until Saturday night at midnight 10/24 by using the code aleigh20 at checkout!
So click here to get shopping :)

Thank you Madeline's Box for making my life that much easier as a mom :)

All my love,
Aleigh Joy

ps. MOM TIP: If you're like me and hate the tacky designs on the MAM pacifiers... just take some acetone and rub them off. Then wash it with soap and water to get off the acetone remains and ta da! cute-ified. 

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