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Monday, August 11, 2014


Deciding when to have a baby, is kind of a serious thing.
You get married, and suddenly everyone is asking when you're going to start adding on to your family.
Most of the time, my answer was... "oh, when we feel like the time is right." or "we'll just have to wait and see!" because really 1) That's nobody's business but you and your husband's and 2) Everyone seems to have an opinion and you never know if their opinion will be in your favor.
So, I decided that the baby making thoughts, plans, and excitement would be left between Hunter and I.

A week before Hunter and I got married all I could think about was what we were going to do about the rain, what dress I should run out of the reception in, what props I should bring to our first look photos, how the sealing ceremony would go, and of course my excitement of becoming my high school sweetheart's wife. Hunter on the other hand, was thinking about something much different...

We were talking on the phone, you know the lovey dovey we're engaged and life is perfect kind of talk.
There was a little silence and Hunter broke it by saying: "So, when do you want to start trying for kids? Like a month after we get married?"
"Hunter, let's think about that once we're actually married" I said both shocked but also not at all. 
We moved on from that conversation but it lingered on in my mind. We're getting married. We can start a family together now. Finally. After years and years of dreaming about being parents together, it's happening! Well, it can happen.
And, it was both terrifying and SO exciting at the same time. 

Once the wedding was over and it was just us two up in Utah, I couldn't imagine life getting any better. 
Of course that conversation still popped into my mind every now and then, but most of the time I just pushed it away because we were having fun and I just wasn't ready.
Sometimes, Hunter would say things like "Sundays will be so fun when we have kids running around, I'm so excited!" or "I can't wait to come home to you and the kids and have them jump on me."
Each time it made me smile as I could see those same happy visions too, each time my mind wandered back to our conversation about starting a family. 

I began working at a daycare. Which now, I can see was Heavenly Father intervening on my behalf.
My boss worked really well with the older kids so I was constantly on baby duty.
I was nervous, like so nervous, each time one would cry.
I didn't have much baby experience but I couldn't let their moms see that. So, I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and one by one fell in love with each baby as they slept so sweetly and peacefully in my arms.
Oddly enough, I started to miss those babies once I got home. 
And once again, my mind thought back to our conversation a week before getting married.
"Is it really time? This soon? Everyone will think I'm crazy. But... I want one of my own."

I got super sick the first month I worked at the daycare.
Not only that, but I got super sick from my birth control.
The two combined left me feeling miserable constantly.
One Saturday morning I woke up and threw up everything in me.
Then it happened the next Saturday.
Then again the following Saturday, on my birthday, while on vacation in St. George. 
I was fed up and told Hunter we were going to Target to buy a pregnancy test. 
I knew I wasn't really pregnant but still took the test. 
When only one line appeared, I sat on the bathroom floor and cried.
Not because I was relieved, but because I secretly hoped it would be positive.

The next weekend we decided to go to the temple.
I sat there, knowing I needed to pray. Knowing I needed to ask Heavenly Father if it was time. Knowing I needed to stop pushing my doubts away and see if it was my time.
If it was HIS time.
When my answer came, full throttle, my eyes welled up with tears and a huge smile came over me.
Hunter looked at me, "Aleigh, what?"
"We're going to have a baby Hunter, it's time."
We both left happy as could be and agreed that I would take my last pill right before my time of the month. 
"Hunter, I'm going to stop taking my birth control, but we are not trying. I'm not going to cry every month if I'm not pregnant. We're just not preventing it anymore."

I woke up on June 11th, more tired than I ever had been. Even after 10 hours of sleep.
Hunter was getting ready for school in the bathroom.
I sat up to talk to him and my body ached... especially my chest
I knew I was pregnant this time. And if I wasn't, something was seriously wrong with me ha.
My test was in the bathroom Hunter was in.
I made conversation with him until he went to go make a sandwich.
I ran into the bathroom, grabbed the test, and secretly went into the other bathroom.
I closed the door and turned the fan on so he couldn't hear me open the wrapper.
I took a deep breath, and my eyes were already welling with tears.
I turned the test over, waiting for the results.
It was the longest 4 minutes of my life.
But then those 4 minutes were over and I waited one more because I was so nervous.
I flipped it over to see two very clear pink lines!
Those tears were overflowing at this point.

I wanted to tell Hunter in a fun way, so I kissed him goodbye for the day and watched him walk to the car before I danced around the kitchen with joy.
I kept holding and feeling my tummy, there's a baby in there. 
OUR baby is in there!

I told Hunter later that day and I am SO glad I captured it on camera! It took some serious sneaking around to make it so he didn't know I was filming. His reaction was priceless. It went from the "Oh. My. Gosh." face to "I'm SO excited" so quickly. 

We are seriously thrilled about this new journey!
I'm 13 weeks and so anxious to find out what the gender is in just a few short weeks!
We love this baby to pieces already.
Hearing the heartbeat for the first time had me in tears in seconds.
I'm not showing yet.
Nor have I thrown up...
But, I absolutely know this baby is there and I cannot wait to meet him or her!
We're going to be parents in February! Yayyy!!! :)

All my love,
Aleigh Joy


  1. Your blog is adorable! Congratulations again!

  2. Cute blog girl! I'm so happy for you guys and his reaction was perfect. Good thing you filmed it!

  3. Everything is funny, as long as it's phenomenon to somebody else at the end of the day, all you can hope for is to go on. The mature I get, the more I realize that just maintenance on keeping on is what life's all about.