You Are My Sunshine

Monday, June 24, 2013
Once upon a time I met Hunter Miles Moore on a lovely summer evening.
One summer later the first kiss occurred.
One summer later he told me he loved me.
One summer later we swore we would do everything in our power to one day end up together forever. 
Summer is kinda a monumental time for us I guess. 
Therefore I decided it was only appropriate to let him know that the summer spark is still there, in a package :)

This package was very much summer/sunshine/beach inspired
...and I'm kinda loving how it turned out :)

The Conference talk "Catch the Wave" by Elder Russell M Nelson
The Hymn "Scatter Sunshine"
A Few pictures
And a darling card :)

Snacks are a must
so are the cheesy sayings ;)

GUYS! I realllyy limited the treats this time!
He is going to be so happy with me :)

Because a missionary can never have enough ties!

(bubbles, water balloon launcher, water guns, flarp)
I just thought they were summer appropriate.
We will see if they get used, but if not I'm sure the kids of some of the families in his ward will love 'em haha.
I also found a little bottle and stuck a scroll in it with a little note.
There is also a picture of the two of us at the beach in it :)

The whole thing put together :)

As I was putting everything in the box I noticed this little guy hiding!
So it gets its own little picture :)

Of course the cheesy box flaps :)

Take any ideas you wish! :)

All my love,
Aleigh Joy


  1. aww that is so cute, your obviously a creative, thoughtful and caring person. I wish you and Hunter a very happy future :)

    1. Oh, you are suchh a sweetheart! Thank you dear :)

  2. So fun...what a lucky missionary to get such cool packages from you!