These Things/Summeerr!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Oh hey there blogging friends of mine, it's been a while!
Sorry I've been MIA. I've had a few "things" that just "came up."
Gosh, that line just sounded like I broke up with all of you...

I'll probably find a way to blog about these "things" separately at some point. 
Well, probably not, but wishful thinking is generally my state of mind.

Thing one:
I get to cross something of my bucket list! 
Well, more like my grandparents but I'm sure one day I'll make a bucket list, put it on there, and cross if off :)
I was honored to join some family in touring the California coast as we made our way up to Northern California. 
I always thought California was gorgeous and practically the best state ever (biased I know) but now I'm convinced!

Thing Two:
My first day back to work after said trip, 2 managers got fired as I was there.
It really shook me up.
Not so much because I was there from 12-9:30 but more because I really adore them both and became good friends with them individually.
I watched both of them walk away with tears in their eyes as my boss seemed like he was about to cry too.
The guy from corporate wants to keep it confidential and I respect that but I would really like to know the real story....
It truly was an eye opener to me.
I tend to live in this little bubble of mine and I don't particularly like when someone pops it and snaps me back into reality.
Well, here's to way more hours than I want!

Thing Three:
Welcome June!!!
...and summer, and beach days, and snow cones, and shorts, and popsicles, and sunburns!
You have surely been missed.
However, I still can't wait for Christmas ;)

Thing Four:
You didn't really think I would end this blog post before talking about the sweet boy did you??
He's just as handsome as ever and as perfect as could be. 
(that could be a biased opinion as well but I'll overlook that)
The talk of him coming home is becoming so much more frequent.
Wowee, it is approaching so quickly :)

Thing Five:
Prayers are currently needed for sweet baby Rylie Ann Moore.
This is Hunter's niece, who was born far too early.
She wasn't due to be birthed (haha it works) until August but came on my birthday.
She isn't doing so great right now so please add her to your prayers :)

Well, that's about it for the updates.

I'll be back soon :)

All my love,
Aleigh Joy

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  1. Yay summer! hope you're having fun soaking up those wonderful california rays!