Thursday, June 20, 2013
First off,
The construction scene is close to being done on the blog.
If you look up here ^^ you will see a tab labeled "Aleigh Joy" which is now updated!
Another thing to check off the list :)

In other news:
Thank you to everyone that has asked so many great questions!
If you look over here >> you will see a little button to press to get there.
Keep asking my friends :)

And lastly,
I had some fun yesterday taking pictures of darling kittens.
They belong to my best friend's brother.
I am allergic, but seriously I couldn't resist.
It's been really cool to see nature take its course with these little furr balls.
Just a week ago they were stumbling so clumsily over their paws and now they are full speed running!
Which also made it hard to photograph them...
But, I love the blurry pictures just as well as the still shots :)
Take a look at the sweet little guys.
Caution: your heart is about to melt :)

I seriously could have taken a million more.
... but then they got hungry, and so did I.

All my love,
Aleigh Joy

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