Happy Anniversary Aleigh!

Friday, June 14, 2013
Today is June 14, 2013.
...and although I'm sure you already knew that, what you might not know is that as of today I have been a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints for an entire year.
And I have never, ever, ever been happier. 

I could easily ramble on and on about what a crazy year this past year has been.
I could probably type a novel about how much I have learned and experienced.
I could also retype my conversion story and explain more in depth all that occurred.
I could also reflect on the trials and struggles that have helped me get to this point.
I would rather leave you with my testimony.
That is what truly matters. It has kept me going, through it all. 

I testify that the True church, Christ's church, has been restored on earth today. I know without a doubt that our loving Heavenly Father and his beloved son, Jesus Christ, appeared to Joseph Smith in the Sacred grove on that lovely Spring day in 1820 to calm all fears and help him begin the restoration. I was like Joseph, confused and needing guidance from my Father in Heaven above. He knew this, and helped me gain a testimony of the true church after much prayer. I absolutely know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God and that if you read it with an open heart and sincerely ask if the words within are true, you will receive a confirmation that it is in fact all true. I know that the Bible is also the word of God and that both it and the Book of Mormon can be used as tools to help guide us spiritually through our journey on earth. I know that my Father in Heaven loves me and cares for me. I know that he wants me to return to him and I will do everything I can to stay on the path that turns to him. I am assured that he has a plan for me and will guide me and help me as long as I ask. I know that our Savior loves us so much that He died on the cross for each of us so that we may gain eternal life. More importantly, I know that He lives and overcame the chains of death. I know that we have a living prophet on earth today, Thomas S. Monson, and that he has been called of God to lead this church. I know that families can be together forever and just typing that sentence fills my eyes with tears. The temple is the House of the Lord and the spirit dwells withing those walls. The work inside is so very sacred and special and because of it we can live with our families for time and all eternity. I absolutely know that I made the right choice to be baptized a year ago. I am positive that I will be blessed for my decision. I know without a doubt that I am a member of the one true church and I will always be proud to represent it. I am a child of God, I am a daughter of a God, I am a Mormon. I absolutely know it, I will always live it, and I most definitely love it.

All my love,
Aleigh Joy

Ps. Feel free to ask me any sort of questions.
or you can meet with the missionaries and even chat with Mormons online!
We would be more than happy to give you a Book of Mormon as well :)
Also, this video is amazing.


  1. You are just amazing!! Thank you so much for sharing!!

    1. Thank you so much for reading! You are so very kind, thank you again :)

  2. I am bawling like a school girl. You make me so happy and I'm so glad you will be in my family forever. I LOVE YOU!!!!