Touring California

Wednesday, June 5, 2013
Hey Friends! 
Clearly the blog had a bit of a facelift. 
I'm finally figuring the whole thing out so it's on it's way!
Sorry it is a bit of a construction zone at the moment :)

Anyhow I wanted to finally post some pictures and say a little bit about my recent trip with some of my family.
It was so so much fun and it is always good to spend time with family :)
My poor grandpa had to tough it out with 5 girls.
He's a champ, truly one of the most patient men I know.
My mom, my grandparents, my oldest cousin, my older sister, and I all had such a blast traveling through northern California together. 
We loaded up the car and headed towards the Reagan library. (which if you didn't know, isn't really a library. It's a museum)
Then we made our way to a sleepy beach town called Cambria. I fell in love. Truly something out of a Nicholas Sparks movie. 
The next day we drove down the Big Sur coastline which looked like a painting. It's also a recipe for car sickness haha
 From there we made our way To Davis where we found my sister! My cousin, sister, and I had a little sleepover in her house which is super cute!
The next day we ate at crepeville and then drove up to a cabin in Tahoe.
Again. I fell in love.
Wow, so much beauty.
My sister is in a sorority and one of her sisters has a cabin in Tahoe that they rented to us!
It was darling and we loved every minute there. 
After 2 days we drove back to Davis and had a sob fest as we said goodbye to my sister. 
We then took my cousin to LA and I slept the whole way back :)
So many fun memories that were made :)

I reallyy love where I live,
and I reallyyy love my family too :)

All my love,
Aleigh Joy


  1. prettiest pictures!! ah i'm in love. i have sooo many childhood memories of tahoe, and you just brought them all back. thanks for that :). also, it's my dream to stay in a cabin up there! must've been magic.

  2. Looks so fun! And your sissy should be a model. So much pretty in your family