Auld Lang Syne

Saturday, January 5, 2013
Well hello there 2013!
I would just like to let you know, I'm welcoming you with complete open arms :)

I can't believe we are already here. I can't believe how far I have come since last year at this point in time. I can't believe Hunter has been gone for almost an entire year. I can't believe I'm just now writing this post. I can't believe I'm still rambling...

This past year was one of my most favorite years ever. It was also one of the most hectic and life changing. There were so many days I went to bed thinking "I cannot wait for this year to just be over."  There were so many weeks that ended with me saying, "This year is going by way too quickly." I clearly am not the best at making up my mind :)

I thought back to everything that occurred this past year. I can't believe how monumental it was for me. It was a year of change. It was a year to remember.

Every year for the past 4 years, I have chosen a quote to live by. In years past, they didn't mean nearly as much as 2012's did. I picked "Do more of what makes you happy" and never could have imagined how much I would need it throughout the year. I'm really really good at being a doormat. I'm really good at being non confrontational and keeping my opinions to myself. I'm really good at doing things to make OTHERS happy. This year, I learned how to make myself happy. I am slowly figuring out that you cannot make everyone else around you happy, there will always be those that think they know better than you. Well, newsflash, I know myself better than anyone else out there. I know what makes me happy, and I'm going to do more of it. It breaks my heart to see those I love disapprove or unhappy, but I just can't live my life trying to please everyone else. I'm the happiest now than I ever have been, and that is because I followed my heart. You wanna know where your heart is? Look where your mind wanders, I promise you will figure it out. I have, and I needed this year to finally live for myself, to finally make myself happy :)

January: Sweet Hunter leaves to serve a mission for 2 years for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I cry. Basketball Season begins. I find out I have a hernia and have to get surgery.
February: Hunter turns 19 years of age. I begin my million doctors appointments. Basketball season continues, and I can't cheer. I send my first package to Hunter.
March: I finally get surgery. I filled out my first March Madness bracket. Went to my last cheer banquet for high school ever.
April: Mother's birthday. AP Tests. Aubrie and Kyle get married. Michelle and I make their wedding cupcakes. 3 beautiful babies enter the world. I sent Hunter's second package.
May: I turn 18 years of age. Mother's day. I get to hear Hunter's voice for the first time since he left. More birthdays. I have my first massage. I receive my cap and gown. Sweet friend Anthony passes away.
June: I graduate. I get baptized. I move out. I go to Catalina for girl's camp. I feel overwhelmed.
July: Hunter finally reaches six months of being out. I go on a trip to Utah. We see  the Beach Boys at the Stadium of Fire. We go on the trek. I get a new job, for a week. I learn the importance of listening to the Holy ghost.I did baptisms at the temple for the first time. I feel less overwhelmed.
August: I get promoted. Dad turns Fifty. Football season begins. It's still ridiculously hot. Sam leaves for college. Almost all the Moore's move. I receive a calling in church.
September: Football season continues. It's STILL hot. I learn to love my calling. Hunter is now 8 months out. I send him a third package. I get my patriarchal blessing :)
October: Halloween is here. My Christmas spirit arrives. Halloween boat dance. Long hours at work. Brother's birthday.
November: Thanksgiving comes and goes very quickly. Hunter is now at Ten whole months. Brother's football team goes to the CIF championship. I'm diagnosed with IBS.
December: Christmas parties, Christmas concerts, Christmas presents, Christmas lights! Friends come home. I get in my first car crash. I get to talk to Hunter, the best present ever. He is now out for eleven whole months. I send him a Christmas package that I spent far too much time on. Christmas leaves, and it is now time for a new year!

So there it is my 2012 review.

As for 2013 I am not making resolutions because I don't like the word and I am less likely to keep them. I will make goals.

1) Get toned, lose this "winter coat"
2) Floss every single day
3) Work out at least 4 times a week
4) Keep my room a whole lot cleaner
5) Get a new job
6) Learn to save my money
 7) Be better about journaling
8) Learn to read music

This is probably a very boring and long post, but it is for my own personal documentation :)

Happy New Year Friends!
My best friend could be coming home this year! :)


  1. loved reading all this! you had an amazing year, so many big things. i can see why it would be overwhelming!