Make it Last.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013
After much debate and review, I have finally made a decision.
The winner of 2013's quote is:
drum roll please...

I'm so very pleased with this one!
It's actually song lyrics, but oh how perfect!
There were some pretty close runners up, and every single one of them were along the lines of living each day to the fullest.
Hmm I was definitely on to something...
One day as I was driving and finally got my temperamental ipod cord to work this song came on and I was reminded of how much  I love the tune and her voice.
Then the chorus came and I actually got a tear in my eye.
It was like a slap in the face. 

I am beyond guilty of "just getting through" every single day.
Now, there's no fun in that!
Every single day has something to look forward to, something to smile about.
I'm learning how to take my life day by day instead of week by week or month by month. 
It's time to live for today.  

As of right now, I can't wait until sweet hunter comes home.
But I will, I have to. 
So I might as well find joy within this journey apart. 
I have about 4 different countdowns leading up until he comes back. 
I don't want to count down the days anymore. I want to live each day as if tomorrow the world really was going to end. 
(disclaimer: I'm still putting a sticker on the chart every day. It makes me so giddy. I just won't let it take over my life.)

I get so sick of my boss and my job frequently.
I get impatient with customers far too easily.
I spill smoothies, I mess up, and I get cranky without fail.
I continue to wonder what the next job is in store for me, but the time will come.
As for now, this is a time to create memories. 
I will always remember this as my first job. 

Today I did everything I could to look for the beauty around and find reasons to smile.
I went for a run and was thankful for a body that allows me to exercise.
I took note of the scenery that surrounded me and felt thankful for the country I live in.
I ate a delicious lunch and remembered how often I take that for granted.
I went to work and spent a bunch of time deeply discussing life with my manager. I'm thankful for others insight and how many people out there care about me.
I went through a box of Hunter and I's old letters. I smiled reading each one and died looking at the dates. I'm so thankful I had so much time with him before he left. 

I just have to keep remembering that one day the future will come, and when it comes, I will be so happy because I made it there whole-heartily not half. 
Sure there will still be rough days and I am aloud to stay in bed all day pinning my heart out on my wedding board via pinterest while the notebook plays in the background, but there will be less of those if I take each day and make it last :)

I'm going to start a new journal with this quote on the front.
I'll record all the reasons I felt especially happy and why I'm thankful I got to live another day :)
I'm feeling inspired.
I'm loving a new beginning, a new year :)

All my love,
Aleigh Joy

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