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Saturday, January 19, 2013
Not blogging in an entire week?
I'm quite proud of myself, that means I've been busy!
I like being busy, I like having a long list of things to do.
Did I mention I'm now a list maker?
What the heck! I've never been a "list maker"
I love it though, a lot.
I have a little notebook that I keep in my purse. On each page I write down the date and make a list of things that must get done. Or else, I WILL forget. 
I thoroughly enjoy crossing things off and seeing all I have accomplished in a day's time :)

2013 has been good to me so far. 
I'm feeling 120% more optimistic and happy this year than last year.
It could very well be due to the fact that sweet Hunter friend/lover left last year in January.

I've been so inspired and motivated lately.
Definitely praying this will last.

 As of lately:
-I have decided I am going to be done working at Jamba by May. I will make it happen.
-I got a new side job! I'm kind of like a "personal chef" if you will, for some family friends. They are very hard workers and by the time they get home at night fast food is the first option. Therefore, they called me :) I now plan their meals, go grocery shopping, make the food, and deliver with instructions. I love it already!
-As far as New Year's resolutions are going, they are holding true! I have stayed strong with them and I'm so very happy :) (as a side note: this working out 4 times a week is the best decision! I feel so good all the time and I'm already feeling better about myself! I bought new workout clothes to motivate me and it is really working!)
-Last Friday I was walking through good 'ol Target. when I spotted a pillow I fell in love with. All of a sudden I had an itch to redo my room. So, I did! I love it so much! Oh, and that pillow was returned. Funny how that works out!
-I bought a "smile" journal. That's just what I like calling it :) On the front it says "How time flies" which I am realizing is so true more and more often. I'm writing down everything that made me smile in a day's time. I put my 2013 quote on the inside to remember to live each day to the fullest. I figured if I keep this journal I can look at it on rough days to cheer me up and remember all is good :)
-While reading my scriptures and pondering in the temple the other night I read a verse about arising early and I have been motivated to become a morning person! Slowly, but surely :)
-This list made me laugh quite loud to myself, This talk is perfect, and This song is too cool :)

That's about all the new info I have for now :)

I'm a picture person if you haven't figured out by now, without further adieu:

New running clothes make me smiley before runs, and the sunshine makes me even happier :)

I told you I redid my room, I just love it so much! Now if I could get the desire to paint the walls a very light grey...

I invented a delightful cookie the other day! Hot chocolate double chocolate cookie with toasted marshmallows and then I drizzled a chocolate sauce over the top :)

Mother got me Nike Frees! I am so in love with these! Running has never been more fun :)

White chocolate toffee nut steamer with mixed nut and berry oatmeal while grocery shopping for my side job. I could get used to this :)

My favorite time to dress for church is when it is chilly outside. sweaters, long skirts and scarves :) Oh, and I have fallen in love with my sweet new sunbeams!

ONE YEAR down on the countdown! oh and as of right now, I'm on the last row of the "T" eeekkkk! :):)

I celebrated Hunt's ONE YEAR with a delightful snowball roll :)

YAY! Don't mind the fact that I look well, like that ha.
Temple Thursdays with these lovelies! :)

As Madeline would say:
"That is all, there isn't anymore"

All my love,
Aleigh Joy

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