Tuesday, January 22, 2013
"Sometimes you need to step outside, get some fresh air, and remind yourself of who you are, and who you want to be."

Today I made  This chicken for my "personal chef" (kinda) job.
Seriously so good.  I even made a yummy rice with it.
Too bad you don't lose weight with the more calories you eat.
I would be a twig :)

This talk is absolutely amazing!
I'm really loving reading a talk a week. I feel so inspired.
After high lighting and underlining galore I realized how perfect it would be for the sweet boy in Ohio.
Yep, sending that pronto. 

Today at work a boy told me his name was spongebob.
I gave him a funny look, not being rude, just because I was confused.
I think he was intimidated because well, he ran away.
I drank his smoothie. 

When I run down hills with my new running shoes I feel like I'm flying.
I let my arms flail around in the sunlight the other day, I felt so free.
Then I passed an old man who clearly thought I was a freak.
Especially because Glee's version of "Proud Mary" was blasting on my ipod.
Right at the part where miss thang totally jams out. 
I passed him again on my way back. 
This time, Silent Night was playing and I was so tired I started walking.
He laughed, so did I :)

Best friend turned sister Audrey and I decided we are going to do something fun every month.
We were planning it out last night and found so many fun things on groupon
We will be running This 5k in April and we are so excited!
We also planned out a fun little 2 night get away for March!
Then we found out you have to be 21 to check in to the hotel.
Are you kidding me?
By then I'll have a child.
 Pushing a stroller around by the pool wasn't really what I had in mind. 
We're still hotel hunting though.

This song reminds me so much of the night I last hugged the sweet boy that its hard to listen to.
I don't know when I got so mushy.
I don't know when I got so obsessive.
I really don't know why I'm just realizing this.
Ohhh it is love.

I have come to realize I should never work in a mall ever again. like ever. 
I have more clothes and shoes than I know what to do with.
I just can't pass up a sale and because I'm always there, I always see the sales!
Last week Forever 21 was having a 50% off sale on all their already clearance items.
Say hello to $7 coats.
I bought 4. One was for my mom though :)
I need to get out of Jamba. Pronto.
I sure will miss my 50% off card though.
 See, there I go again with the deals!

I thought my holiday spirit left when December ended.
Nope. I'm still listening to Christmas music.
I love it too much. It makes me happy.
I like being happy :)

Hmm. I think I'm done rambling now. 
Well, for now.
I seem to always have something to say :)

All my love,
Aleigh Joy


  1. I just love your posts! They're always so happy and uplifting. :) I also think it's awesome that you like reading talks once a week, because that's exactly what I do too!! :D
    Your fellow MG,

    1. Aww thanks for reading! You're so sweet :)
      Hope everything is going well with the missionary! :)
      -Aleigh Joy