Oh Martha, Ohh Christmas!

Sunday, December 30, 2012
Was Christmas really almost a week ago already?
Is 2013 really right around the corner?
What the, weird. 
Like always, time just seems to zip on by.
More so now than ever!
Everyone is home!
Everyday has been non stop, and I am loving it :)

This Christmas was my favorite of all time.
I think I say that every year...
But really, it was :)
I wish my camera wouldn't have died so fast, but I still got some pictures :)
It was a long day, it was the best day of the year.
I hardly slept the night before.
It wasn't because I was on an air mattress though, it was because I knew I would be talking to my high school sweetheart the next morning!
Talk about the best Christmas present :)
My heart was beating a million miles and hour and I had an entire family of butterflies in my tummy. 
Hearing his voice, laughing at his jokes, listening to the man he is becoming, hearing about the amazing experiences he is having, all made being apart for the past year completely worth it :)
I am so proud of him :)
The rest of the day was spent cooking dinner, opening presents, visiting with family, and eating more than I could handle.
'Twas a grand Christmas.

This year more so than ever before, the story of Christ's birth hit me hard.
I felt so close to my savior this entire month.
I'm so grateful for his birth and all that he has done for us on earth.
What an amazing Heavenly Father we have to send Christ to us :)

Some of us chatting with Hunt!

Father dear and I before the presents

wrapping perfection :)

Homemade ginger snaps, Absolute favorite.

The boys with the new shirts

Christmas at the Moore's.


Breakfast casserole :)

present time!

Oh, and I made sure Hunter knew I would be thinking of him on New Years :)

Time to begin Twenty Thirteen! :)

All my love,
Aleigh Joy

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