You Raise Me Up

Sunday, January 20, 2013
Happy Sunday!

Really though, today I feel really quite happy.
I slept in, ate honey bunches of oats, curled my hair, emailed Hunter, listened to a conference talk, put on a maxi dress and was off to church. 
The sun was shining and I had my best friend beside me. I'm so lucky to have the best friends ever that believe the same as me.
Sacrament meeting was awesome. I received my young womanhood recognition today. I started that journey as a sophomore. I love that I have made it this far. 
In primary the lesson was about missionaries and ours came in to talk to the sweet children. I missed my sweet missionary in Ohio but it helped me feel close to him.
During third hour I asked the kids if they knew where we came from before coming to Earth. Emily responded, "The North Pole!" I giggled and my heart felt warm. I love my sunbeams. 
They have such a special spirit about them. I can't help but just want to squeeze their cheeks and hug them all day long.
We took them for a walk and the sun felt warm on my skin. Weston fell on his knee. I kissed it and he gave me hugs. My heart was warm once again.
There is something so magical about watching these sweet three year old's running around in the grass with the sunshine making their eyes twinkle as they collect pine cones, flowers, and chase each other around :)
I'm now sitting here in happiness, in peace.
I love my church with all my heart. 
I love Sunday's. I look forward to them all week.
So Happy Sunday friends!
I hope you have a lovely day and remember why we set aside one day of rest :)

All my love,
Aleigh Joy

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