Dancing when the evening fell.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012
Eleven Whole Months!!!
Time for the happy dance!! 
Eleven is like a realllyy big number.
Last night before I went to bed I thought about how tomorrow would be the eleventh month mark.
I thought to myself, "ugh its exciting but there is still so much time to go. Its such a small number in the grand scheme of things."
When I woke up, my mindset was completely different.
We made it to Eleven months!
All of a sudden that number seemed huge to me. 
Its another month closer to being reunited :)
Distance truly can't separate two hearts that really care. 

It was quite a good day.
I went to work and for the first time ever my boss asked me if I have a boyfriend.
Ha. What a day to ask!
As my cheeks got rosy I smiled and said yes.
He wanted to know all about sweet Hunter and I told him how we haven't seen each other in 11 months today.
He was shocked and said he was extremely impressed.
Yeah, that is pretty impressive George :)
I got home and went for a long run where I reminisced over the past four years that Hunter and I have been "together" 
I took a shower and got some amazing ideas for his birthday :)
Then I made my favorite, tofu and veggies, with pilsbury biscuits haha. 
Now I am watching Home Alone happy as a clam :)

In Hunt's last email he mentioned how he is "lucky" to have me.
I kinda giggled when I thought, "noo I am lucky!"
I guess that's how it should be though, right? :)
So here's to eleven months of being extremely lucky!
I can't wait to see what's in store for the next 11 :)

All my love, 
Aleigh Joy

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