On the First Day of Christmas

Saturday, December 1, 2012
Yeah I get it, it's technically not the first day of Christmas...
For ABC family it is though!
Here's to Christmas movies every single night! :)
I can't help but feel extremely giddy and happy!
I just want to make hot chocolate and Christmas cookies, and watch the Polar Express all day long!
But I have other things to do. 
Now nobody can nag me for wearing my Christmas socks and singing holly jolly tunes throughout the day.
I have had Hunter's package done since the middle of November but have tried my hardest not to put it together yet, now I can! :)
I LOVE Christmas cards.
It is so much fun to see everyone's creativity and their little families get together.
I got extremely jealous this year that its not quite my turn to send out a Christmas card.
So, I just played around and made one anyways
No, I'm not sending it to anyone... obviously
But lucky for all my blog readers, you get to see :)

I'm actually quite proud :)

So happy first day of December and last month of 2012! :)

All my love,
Aleigh Joy

PS thank you Dyanna for making me obsessed with this sweet tune

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