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Monday, December 3, 2012
I really like quoting elf, and I probably will quite a bit more in the next month :)

So, I had this saved in my drafts since Friday and haven't posted it because I haven't gotten the courage. However, my quote of the week (look to your left) encouraged me. 
Excuse my rant...

"Dear friend that thinks making fun of my religion is "funny",
Just because I don't drink coffee, does not mean I am crazy.
In fact, I think you are kinda crazy for drinking it. So there!
I was quite offended when you muttered under your breath rude words you and your husband got a chuckle out of. 
But guess what, of course I wasn't going to say anything.
Instead I used every bit of self control not to stand up to you and instead, just to ignore your ignorant remark. 
However, this is what I would have said:
Ohh (insert name here),
Please stop being naive. There is obviously a reason I don't have caffeine.
It wasn't just something randomly decided upon one day.
I would really like to keep my body clean.
And for the record:
So please just take your little coffee cup and turn around while I indulge in my hot chocolate.
Thank you."

Okay rant over. 
But seriously people,
Just because we don't drink coffee does not mean it is the end of the world
I'm debating whether or not to post this again.
Whatever, I'm standing up for what I believe. 
Oh, and I always will :)
Wanna know more about what we believe and the commandments we follow?
Please click here and for those of you concerned about caffeine please scroll down to the category "obey the word of wisdom"
Thank you.

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