Deck the "walls"

Saturday, December 8, 2012
I'm a happy camper today.
 Father and I picked out the Christmas tree last night.
Its short and stubby. Like REALLY stubby.
As in, it took 3 MEN to get it through that netting stuff. 
Ha. I love it.
Father and I got hot cocoa and scones before we went and listened to a jolly Christmas CD in the car.
Mother is using burlap as ribbon on the tree this year.
She wins.  
I love Christmas.

When I got home I found a letter waiting for me on the counter from the sweet boy.
He makes my heart melt. 
I read it 10 times.
I think I have it memorized. 

Right before I went to bed I looked at my room.
Its still a mess since post package tornado hit.
However, I looked at all of my decor.
I am not a fan of the color of the walls, that shall be changed eventually...
Anyways, I saw all of the little decorations I had hanging on the walls.
I got really happy as I looked at each one and realized I MADE everything hanging on my walls.
It's not perfect but I am pleased. 

I cannot stop listening to this song. Holy mother of pearl is he a steamy man. It would be a crime not to have it on repeat.
My sweater I ordered a month ago from said website finally came. 
Does anyone have any wise words about nike frees? I want some but have been told they will hurt my chubby feet. 
The amount of adorable chunky scarves and sweaters in all the stores are killing me. I want them all.
I just wish it would snow in San Diego. They have snow at legoland i hear, maybe I'll go...

Every single one of those frames I created. 5 were thrifted and painted . 3 were scrapbook paper mod podged . I'm happy with the end result. (Don't mind the crooked hanging job)

I found this hanger thing at goodwill for $2. It used to have some farming print on it in terrible old time colors. I made it my own. 

A little ribbon and baby clothespins= a cute little decoration :)

Easiest earring hanger ever. I thrifted the frame and mother and I staple gunned burlap ironed with spray starch to it. We then stenciled the a. Done.

This used to belong in the frame with the clothespins. I like it here though :)

A piece of wood, chalkboard paint, regular paint, and ribbon for this baby.

Thrifted a $2 corkboard. Chalkboard spray painted it and got this beauty. 

Wait, did you take a look at this countdown... every single sticker in called is filled! Yayaayyy!!

Ahhh! Tonight I put a sticker on "to" :)

Oh, and not to mention today marks the first day out of the 400's. Told you I was a happy camper :)

Now I'm off to the mall.
Have a lovely day!

All my love,
Aleigh Joy


  1. ah i remember reading the letters over and over until they were practically memorized :). i plan on doing the same with the navy letters haha. you're adorable.

    1. Aww Kelsey you are so strong! I seriously look up to you :)