Who am I, and who do I want her to be?

Monday, September 14, 2015
This morning I was making some scrambled eggs in the kitchen while also feeding Oaks breakfast.
I really enjoy mornings with her, she's so happy right after she wakes up.
I usually giver her an assortment of foods she can eat/play with while making silly faces at her because that gummy smile kills me every time.
I usually turn the music from my iTunes library on shuffle and dance along while my little girl watches and moves her little body to the music as well, smiling away.
I love that we get to be silly together and I love that she brings out the best in me.
Occasionally I'll look at my phone.
I'll scroll through instagram, catch myself up on snapchats, or check Facebook.
Oaklyn entertains herself pretty well for the most part, but once she notices I'm in a completely other world after not seeing her all night long... she gets kinda frustrated and lets me know it.
She reminds me that I need to live in the present better. That I need to cherish these moments with her.
When she's older and I'm picking her up from school, so excited to see her and talk to her after being apart all day, I sure hope she's not consumed by her phone instead.
Anyhow... I was making scrambled eggs.
My phone started playing "Whatever you like" by T.I.
Flashbacks of my freshman year in high school came through my mind quickly and I started to occasionally singing along between making silly faces at my baby.
It wasn't until about halfway through the song that I realized how terrible it was.
Like really, I was letting my almost 7 month old baby listen to this?
Not like she understands at the moment, but I really don't want her singing those lyrics when she's 3 years old and entering her first sunbeam class...
I picked up my phone and sure enough the Red "E" for explicit was right next to the song title.
Ugh, I really have this on my phone?
I pressed next and we moved on but the thought stuck with me.
I'm a mom now.
I'm the teacher of this child.
I won't be teaching her math, reading, and writing (props to you home school moms) but I am the one teaching her values, correct principles, morals, self worth, and right from wrong.
The only way I can expect her to make correct choices is if I am the one teaching her to.
"I want to be just like mommy when I grow up."
The words every mother wishes their daughter will say...
If I want her to be just like me, it's time to make sure I'm acting like the person I want her to become.
I'll start by going through my iTunes library and removing the songs that aren't appropriate for her... or me for that matter.

Here's to becoming the mom I want to be, learning experiences, and growing up!
All my love,
Aleigh Joy

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