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Saturday, September 19, 2015

If you follow me on Instagram you are guaratneed to see TONS of pictures of my sweet Oaklyn with her fountain pony tail and always a bow to match her outfit.
I don't ever let Oaklyn leave the house without wearing a bow.
It's just too fun having a girl and getting to play real life dress up every day with your own personal doll.
More than half of Oaklyn's adorable hair bows are from an Etsy shop called My HeartFelt Bows.
Every bow is perfectly hand crafted by Michelle.
She does numerous craft fairs in Arizona and custom orders online.
Her beautiful little girl was the reason she started her shop.
She, just as most moms of little girls, loved putting bows on her daughter but hated how expensive it got really quickly for bows she didn't even really love.
She makes these bows super affordable, and of course, super adorable :)

"My sweet daughter was born in January of 2013, her name is Chloe, or as my 3 year old son calls her "Chlo Chlo". Being our first girl, I was so excited for all things pink, fluffy, and bows! Loads and loads of bows! After the first few months, I realized I had a hard time finding classic but trendy bows to put on her sweet little head... and I figured I was crafty enough to make some for her! She was dolled up daily in her new mom-crafted bows, and people everywhere wanted to know where they could find these bows. Soon enough, I bit the bullet and decided I would start up this shop so your little darlings can be dolled up daily as well. I make every item in this shop by hand and I absolutely love doing it! I hope you love what you find here at My HeartFelt bows, and continue coming back! 


I'm so excited to announce (like so excited I actually had a hard time sleeping last night) that Michelle and I have teamed up to host my first giveaway for all my Instagram/Blog followers that have helped For the Joy of Life go from being my hobby to a business!
It's just a way for me to say thanks and give back ;)
Simply head on over to my Instagram page to enter.
You'll need to be following me and Michelle's shop on Instagram and tag as many friends as you want!
Simple as that! :)
The winner will receive my two favorite bows from the shop sent straight to their door.
(pictured in giveaway image)

Don't miss out on this awesome giveaway!
And, even if you don't win, head on over to Michelle's shop and check out her awesome collection of bows.
You won't regret it ;)
More giveaways to come! Yay!

All my love,
Aleigh Joy

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