Fall Favorites: Playlist

Monday, September 28, 2015

I love Fall!
But, how is it possible that it's still super hot outside and the beautiful colors in the mountains are already close to gone?
Not Fair.
I've had to kind of make it feel like fall in other ways on my own since the weather isn't quite cooperating yet.
I'll be doing a few different "Fall Favorites" posts and this one is my playlist that Oaklyn and I have on repeat ;)
She prefers pretty and calm over loud and crazy, so here are some of our favorites.
Some are old, some are newer but they have all been Oaklyn approved ;)
I love that she's starting to recognize some of these songs!
If I turn on Stitches she looks at me with a huge smile and starts dancing.
It's the cutest and I love her SO much!
Have I mentioned lately that this age is my favorite age yet?
Because it really really is :)
What are your favorite songs lately?
I'd love to add on to the playlist Oaklyn and I listen to!
Comment below :)
All my love,
Aleigh Joy


  1. Catch & Release (Deepend Remix/ or the original slow version) by Matt Simons :)