Little Miss Oaklyn 6 1/2 months

Thursday, September 10, 2015
I actually took my camera out of the camera bag the other day!
Without Hunter even being the one to tell me I should!
It's a miracle ha.
I can't quite figure out why... but after Oaklyn was born my passion for photography was put far far to the side.
Oaklyn was being extra cute the other day and I wanted to waste some time before her 6 month shots (sad, so so sad) so I decided to take some pictures!
What a little model we have!
She loved the camera!
Let's hope she stays that way.
I was oohhing and ahhing at all her adorable pictures and she told me she thinks I should start doing shoots again and she promised she wouldn't cry to much for daddy.
I agreed!
Sooo Utah friends, whatever your photography need may be... let me know and I'll happily schedule a shoot for you :)

Gosh... I love her

All my love,
Aleigh Joy

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