The Seventh Month

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

My baby is seven months old!
What? HOW did this happen?
I want to freeze time and keep her at this age for so much longer! 
I'm loving (almost) everything about this age.
My little girl has truly become my best friend. I can't handle how much I love her! 
I'm constantly in amazement at how beautiful, smart, funny, and amazing she is. 
She's the perfect little addition to our family and fills our lives with an incredible amount of joy. 
I just can't believe we're now in the "older infant" stages. That's how I like to think of it ha. 
Stay my baby forever Oaklyn Joy! 

She Loves to growl and scream on occasion and when we say no no, she gives the cheesiest grin. She knows she's funny.
Her favorite toy is trash. Ha. Really though. She has all these colorful toys but would so much rather play with a wrapper.
As long as she isn't hungry she'll play quietly in her crib after a nap until I hear her growling or practicing crawling. 
She could live off of puffs and my milk but she also enjoys sweet potato fries, select purees, toast, and gnawing on cucumbers. 
She LOVES having all eyes on her. All the time. 
She is incredibly smart and attentive and learns something new every day. 
She can put her self to sleep now. Thank goodness! And though she cries occasionally after I set her down its a million times shorter than it used to be.
She can stick her own paci in her mouth when she wants it and it just makes her look like such a big girl. 
She always taps her left foot. We call it her little nemo fin ;)
Her favorite stores to be in are target and costco. Or my favorite stores? She just seems do good in those two stores! 
She loves to be wrapped on mama and that's usually the only way our active girl will for sure snuggle, but lately she's just been quite a bit more snuggly in general and I LOVE IT! My heart bursts every time she rests that sweet little head of hers on my chest. 
She loves, loves, Loves Going for walks. She's so calm and just stares at everything around her. It's almost like hunter and I are on a date ;)
Back to hating having her hair washed. But loves splashing in the bath. 
She Loves to grab daddy's ears ferociously ha! It's so strange. 
She really loves when we sing to her or make animal noises. 
No teeth yet but still gnawing on everything like a wild beast. 
She's Trying so hard to crawl but can't quite figure it out. She usually ends up frustrated and just rolls to wherever she wants to go. 
She sat in a high chair at a restaurant for the first time and in a cart at the store! So much easier than hauling around the car seat! 
She takes two pretty good naps a day and gets so happy when she wakes  up!
She's sitting like a champ but LOVES standing even more.
She's wearing size three diapers and is all over the place with clothes. She's able to fit in some of her 0-3 clothes still but hardly can squeeze into some 9 month pants. Different brands = different sizes.
She absolutely hates when the sun is in her eyes. Who doesn't? 
Her hair is half way down her back when it's wet. It really is insane how much hair she has.

She's just really so perfect and adorable. 
I love her more than any words can say.
I'm so beyond happy that she chose me to be her mama :)
I thank Heavenly Father a thousand times a day for her.
Oaklyn Joy, you're the best choice we've ever made (other than getting married of course) 

All my love,
Aleigh Joy

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